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    With several of us using the Insight Timer app already, and with fond memories of the Droplet wiki app that
    Eos made us before, everyone liked the idea of the group Wester has offered to make, that will allow us
    to check in when we pause. The app includes features to send brief "I see you" type messages, as well as
    other small messages. As Tura showed us, it also has the ability to set a recurring timer every 15 minutes!.


    UPDATE: The group has been created! Please search for Play-as-Being.

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    PS - If you can't open the Droplet page, please email me (, and I'll make sure you have permissions set for the Guardian group. This is not a completely public page.
    Posted 14:32, 6 Apr 2018
    Here's the link for Insight Timer,
    :) We all need to chime in to answer Wester's email question about the group image. edited 22:19, 17 Apr 2018
    Posted 22:14, 17 Apr 2018
    Has the group been set up? I just got the app.
    Posted 22:20, 17 Apr 2018
    I'm not sure. Wester may be waiting to hear from more of us about her questions. There is also a question about what kind of group to have there. She was leaning toward "local".
    Posted 22:25, 17 Apr 2018
    Got the app. Created an account as Storm Nordwind. Awaiting further instructions. :)
    Posted 04:34, 18 Apr 2018
    :) Me too. In the meantime, I can try to add you personally, as well as anyone who is comfortable giving their Insight Timer ID here! edited 13:45, 18 Apr 2018
    Posted 13:44, 18 Apr 2018
    I'm in as Eos Amaterasu. Found Storm Nordwind, btw (but not Eliza...)
    Posted 15:25, 18 Apr 2018
    Might be good to have a kind of "PaB Classic" section, so it's easy to find, and point people to, classic lab experiment instructions such a APA (Appreciate the Presence of Appearance), APAPB (I probably have that wrong, but APA as a Presentation by Being), etc. And maybe another section to roll and share one's own...
    Posted 15:30, 18 Apr 2018
    I found Storm and Eos :-) I have my RL name on the account. I have had the app for a bit of time but mostly use for settling to sleep at night. Will be interesting to use in a new way :-)
    Posted 15:40, 18 Apr 2018
    Oh, I have to find Eos :-) Is Eos, "Eos"?
    Posted 16:00, 18 Apr 2018
    Oh, nevermind, seeing other comments!
    Eliza is under her RL avatar's name, sans the last name. edited 16:03, 18 Apr 2018
    Posted 16:00, 18 Apr 2018
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