Reports, Sessions, and Comments about the Retreat/Meet-up

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    One night, Mick and Morgano signed into Lumiya (which he showed the Amsterdam group how to
    use the next day), to find Riddle, Raffi, Aphrodite, and Bleu:
    2018.04.03 13:00 - TransAtlantic convos

    Upon returning, Mick hosted a post-Amsterdam session, where the group gave impressions not
    only of the meet-up, but of the feeling of the group going forward:
    2018.04.05 13:00 - Pre Book, post Amsterdam

    Berti pops in on Stevenaia and they talk about PaB and the way traditions have illuminated their lives:
    2018.04.07 19:00 - Reflections the Amsterdam and PaB

    Eden's morning session: Storm and Bert joining with Adams, bleu, Riddle, & Eliza, to talk about the love
    that exists in PlayasBeing, celebrations, and hybridization of realities:
    2018.04.09 07:00 -Still in Love with PaB


    Individual Impressions


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