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    We are exploring doing group retreats in Second Life.

    The first such retreat was held by Adams Rubble and Eliza Madrigal in August, 2009, at the same time as the RL retreat in California. Then, in December 2010, 9 avatars met in retreat for 3 days, December 15-17. February 12-13, 2011 10 avatars met.

    SL Retreat Patterns and Guidelines


    August 2009 SL Retreat

    December 2010 SL Retreat

    February 2011

    March 2011

    2012.11.09-11 SL Retreat (September 2012)

    2013.04.05-07 SL Retreat (April 2013 - PaB Fifth Anniversay)

    2014.05.23-25 SL Retreat

    2015.07.30 - 08.01 SL Retreat

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