2010.12.15-17 SL Retreat

    SL Retreat, December 15-17, 2010

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    From Eos (Dec 25):

    Some observations & reflections:

    I found this retreat in SL to be as "real" and as significant as an RL retreat. We were able to generate and hold a retreat pattern, adapted to both the SL medium and our lives outside of that.

    I think the container for a retreat forms itself from
    - commitment to be with each other
    - over a few days
    - meeting within a particular location
    - holding individual and shared intentions
    - playing as being

    The question of what makes a "retreat" in SL different from attending PaB sessions is a good one. There is a commitment and intention(s) that bind us together as a guardian community, but I think the retreat container outlined above creates a special situation for a few days. That intention of "setting aside" that time period, whatever the RL details are, and then having some continuity of presence with the group through SL, makes a huge difference. Which then later does seem to inform the day-to-day presence :-)

    Having SL sessions bracketing beginning and end is a good idea. I think Europeans and North American East Coasters could probably use a morning session (something like 4 am SLT?)? Maybe earlier as well for Euro time zones? Having at least one session per day that _everybody_ can attend seems essential.

    I liked moving from the building to the fireplace in the evening.

    One thing that occurs to me re future retreats.... Outside of the scheduled sessions, if I'm doing some personal practice at home, I could have my avatar go to a certain place within the retreat area, and let the avatar just be/sit there. No talking or chat required. Others could do the same.

    A weekend retreat would be a good idea, probably essential for many people. Also I think even one-day retreats can work, especially if done periodically/regularly.


    Eos' RL mouselook at SL retreat

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