2011.03.26-27 SL Retreat

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    Eliza Madrigal

    Zen Arado









    A 'bit more structured' Retreat, organized by Zen and Eliza, to take place 
    March 26th and 27th. 'Bit more structured' in this case means that we would
    like to have set times for silent pausing (2 ten minute pauses), and a scheduled
    pause at a few sessions, for getting around our rooms as in some kind of personal
    'walking' meditation.
    We would also like to have a 'light' theme, along the lines of "No Effort" or
    "Not Knowing". Light theme in this case means only that no one will smack
    you if you are 'off topic', hah. It will perhaps allow us to stay 'close' in our
    exploration together. 

    2am SLT (5am ET [US]) - Finish by 4am SLT (7am ET)             2 Hrs (with ten minute stretch 2:50am)
    1 hr break
    5am SLT (8am ET) - Finish by 6:30am SLT (9:30 ET)                90 Minutes
    2 hr break
    8:30am SLT (11:30 ET) - Finish by 10:30 SLT (1:30 ET)           2 Hrs (with ten minute stretch as well)     
    2 hr break
    12:30pm SLT (3:30 ET) - Finish by 2pm SLT (5PM ET)             90 Minutes

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