Gaya - Band-aid on, band-aid off

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    I'm writing this straight after the retreat before I forget as I won't have time to do so next week.

    Eliza said something really funny as we were leaving for the last time, feeling hesitant to go. I got up first and started to say goodbyes. Zen then stood up:

    Eliza Madrigal: ah, no... Zen for the win

    Eliza was watching and exclaimed as I tped away,
    Eliza Madrigal: :) Gaya rips the bandaid first...


    It was yummy [Eliza speak] to ponder Darren's wise words, to relish Eliza's humour, to paint Wol's 'dream' and savour Zen's enjoyment. In one sitting, I felt so grateful about everyone in SL/RL, starting with those in the retreat group, including those who constantly throw tricky stuff at me. I am very fortunate ...

    Soon after the retreat started, I had to adjust my approach to it and accept. I was there for the whole group, not just for myself after all. I came away with a lot to chew on in terms of negotiating with others about how to share the RL/SL retreat space in the future, that is balanced for everyone. Everyone has different styles so to speak. I am exhausted ... but still, I'm glad I went.

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