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    I hope we were like Gaya's water stones - our sharp edges being gently worn away but revealing beautiful and unique patterns underneath.

    My memories: Starting with retreat format discussion to adaptibility and giving up preferences...'The great way is not difficult for those who give up their preferences.'

    "Sink into the mystery of the moment and become conscious of being conscious.

    Be awareness….. witnessing a flow of colours, shapes, sounds, and thoughts.

    Let go of the idea of yourself as a “doer” of anything, and instead passively witness everything happening.”


    " Just to breathe feels very good, and I’m pulled into the delicious richness of my sensations.

    I am becoming one with my breath and in love with breathing.

    Starved of my attention, my agitated thoughts begin to quiet down.

     I feel clear and spacious…. relaxed and alert."
    Tim Freke

    Eliza's 55 breaths, prostrations, Thich Nhat Hanh gathas,  Eliza's Ryokan poems -  the clear transparency of a little stream, and the lotus, which Wol really loved and visualized - and Darren's spaciousness.

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