2013.04.05-07 SL Retreat

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    Stopping, Dropping... to bring forth what we are...

    These retreat sessions followed the wiki retreat of 15 Days of Stopping and Dropping explorations, but were each also uniquely contained and attended, with a few simple poems shared, quiet to open and close sessions, and in the middle anything at all that one wished to offer into the shared circle.

    Participant comments.




    retreat_003.pngThe country landscape spreads out endlessly.
    Opening the door I find the pond full of leaves.
    The monk comes, his clogs bringing rain.
    The fisherman lies in his frost-covered boat.
    In quietude I compile a genealogy of flowers
    and leisurely record recipes for making wine.
    The ambitions I've harbored all my life

    at this moment are totally forgotten.
    -Gao Qu (1336-1374)

    With no mind, flowers lure the
    With no mind, the butterfly visits
    the blossoms.
    Yet when flowers bloom, the butterfly
    When the butterfly comes, the
    flowers bloom. 



    retreat 2_002.png


    Not much to offer you, 
     Just a lotus flower floating
     In a small jar of water.



    retreat 2_006.pngClouds

    Is there no end to your idea of stretching and rolling?
    You hover over the brook and envelop the sky.
    You have a form, but no material burden;
     leaving no trace, you vanish with the wind.
     Don't blame me for always chasing after you --  for you are free and easy as I am.
     -Jiaoran (730-799)




    Even three times a day to offer
    Three hundred cooking pots of food
    Does not match a portion
    Of the merit of one instant of Love. 

    Center of all centers, core of cores,
     almond self-enclosed and growing sweet--
     all this universe, to the furthest stars
     and beyond them, is your flesh, your fruit.
     Now you feel how nothing clings to you;
     your vast shell reaches into endless space,
     and there the rich, thick fluids rise and flow.
     Illuminated in your infinite peace ......
     - Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 - 1926)


    retreat 4_009.pngThis place of wild land
    has no boundaries
    north south east or west

    It is hard to see
    even the tree 
    in the middle of it

     Turning your head
      you can look beyond
      each direction
     For the first time
      you know that your eyes
      have been deceiving you

    The last four poems (translated by W.S. Merwin), are by Muso Soseki, introduced to Eliza by PlayasBeing guardian Hana Furlough. :) When she woke Sunday morning, he just seemed to be there...

    retreat 4_010.pngThe whole world is clear and empty to the ten directions

    There is no end point
    And yet when we
    look carefully
    there is one after all

    You fly out of this world
     looking backward
     riding the giant roc
     into the hollow of a lotus thread
     to live there where heaven and earth were never divided


    The Gate of Universal Light

    The great light of compassion
    illuminates this world
    in every part
    As a boy
    Sudhana stood
    before the gates
    When your eyelids
    have fallen across
    the whole of the empty world
    the gate will open
    at the snap of a finger
    as it did then to let him pass
    -Muso Soseki

    (satori poem)

    Year after year
    I dug in the earth
    looking for the blue of heaven
    only to feel
    the pile of dirt
    choking me
    until once in the dead of night
    I tripped on a broken brick
    and kicked it into the air
    and saw that without a thought
    I had smashed the bones
    of the empty sky
    -Muso Soseki
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