2013.04.05-07 SL Retreat comments

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    I found this to be a remarkable experience. For one the retreat was "tight", in the sense of spare, but with very strong energy. There was a 1 hour session Friday night, and 1 hour sessions the two next mornings and evenings, at 9 am/pm SLT.

    I was surprised the first night at how quickly the experience cohered, and how strong and personal the voices were. The groupings were a little different each time, as the time zones rolled by, but the continuity was very much there (even though at the beginnings of sessions there was a question of how many would come). Saturday morning was very powerful, an intro to the emotionally devastating poetry session later in the day.

    The format of having a short sit/pause preceded by a reading of a short poem was brilliant. The pause is followed by a sharing, going around the circle talking stick style, and then a final pause. All within an hour.

    Eliza has manifested as an extraordinary retreat master - "her arrows never leave the bull's eye". :=)


    Oh, and how to keep alive something connected with in such a special situation? Keep a symbol of it in a small jar of water, as in one of the poems:


    Not much to offer you, 
     Just a lotus flower floating
     In a small jar of water.



    Next person... :-)

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