2014.05.23-25 SL Retreat

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    May 23 - 25, 2014 SL Retreat

    Friday May 23, 2PM SLT = Check in and Intentions
    This session would be less than an hour, likely 40 minutes plus two pauses to 
    open and close the session.
    Saturday May 24, two sessions of  7AM and 2PM SLT
    Sunday May 25, 2PM SLT = Closing session, update on intentions -
    following similar format to opening session.


    General Guide

    "Second Life" retreat only partially describes it.

    Think of it as both RL and SL, with SL being where we quasi-physically meet together.

    The whole time period is "within" the retreat container.

    Retreat Day 2_003.jpg








    retreat session 3_005.jpg

    retreat session 3_008.jpg

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