What Does PlayAsBeing Mean to You?

    Session Description by Calvino and SophiaSharon

    Link to the Chat Log for this theme session - here.

    The goal for this theme session started with the writing project for the wiki.  We’d like to collect some statements, some of which might be used in the wiki to give people a feeling for what PaB is “all about” to its members. 


    The idea is to communicate the personal significance and importance of PlayAsBeing – not trying to define what you think It is supposed to mean, but what it means, overall, to You.  So the focus is on You, not It.  We hope to have “I statements” in response to questions like:


    • What would I tell a friend about PaB to recommend it to them?


    • What attracted me to PaB initially?  What keeps me there?


    • How is it important, valuable, or beneficial to me?


    • What do I find most interesting, fascinating, or engaging about it?
    • What makes PlayAsBeing unique and worthwhile?



    I don’t want to suggest too much about this or give the idea that there are “right” kinds of answers.  However I believe there could be a variety of ways to think about PaB participation, or reasons to want to be part of it:


    • Philosophical or spiritual explorations.


    • Relationships with intelligent and interesting people.


    • Participation in creative activities.


    • Enjoyment of the dialogue sessions.


    • Being introduced to interesting ideas and perspectives.


    Suggestions for Discussion
    • Reflect on and express your own personal feelings and experiences.
    • We're not trying to define the abstract meaning of PlayAsBeing as an idea, but to communicate personal perspective and experience.
    • Put the focus on yourself, rather than on responding to what others might say.


    What does the community mean to you?
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