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    Sessions are unrecorded, but here are some notes.




    A few things we talked about:



    Lucidity and or vs. Control
    Dreaming Cues
    Neuroscience (touched on)
    The role of Influence/Suggestion
    Similarities between dream views and Second Life
    Clarity/lucidity during 'dreamless sleep'
    Tools for remembering dreams (journals, recordings)
    Recurring dreams (touched on)

    Do you have the patience to wait
    till your mud settles and the water is clear?

    Can you remain unmoving
    till the right action arises by itself?
    -- Lao-Tzu

    Importance of sleep (circadian rhythms, adenosine)
    Followed up on week 1 exercise
    Intention and "pillow talk"
    Levels and kinds of lucidity (touched on)
    Awareness of awareness
    Ability to 'surf the dream'
    Recurring themes (houses)
    Setting the stage for good sleep
    "larks and owls" wakers
    "light and heavy" sleepers  
    “A solid answer to everything is not necessary.
    Blurriness influences one to focus.” 

    ― Criss Jami
    Checked in regarding dreaming - progress, patterns
    Recording and Recall
    Sleep cycles (Rapid Eye Movement - 25% of sleep for most people, non-REM)
    SWS (deepest sleep, slow wave sleep) mostly occurs in first few cycles
    Perception of not waking during the night, but most are
    Benefits of waking at night - nighttime/early morning meditation (amrit vela)
    Alarms, and not
    Checked in with ongoing dream reminders
    Combining techniques
    Mental investigation ("How did I get here?")
    Vivid and Lucid
    Intention and Suggestion
    Personal Dreamsigns
    Relaxing Expectations (5% of dreams may be lucid for most)
    Focus intention on the last few hours of the night/early morning
    Allowing rather than trying too hard

    “What if you slept

    And what if

    In your sleep

    You dreamed.

    And what if

    In your dream

    You went to heaven

    And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower.

    And what if

    When you awoke

    You had that flower in your hand

    Ah, what then?”

    ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Complete Poems

    Checking in on lucidity
    "Wake back to bed"
    Attention on the boundaries of sleeping/waking states
    Naps and dreaming
    Sleeping positions, suggestions  
    A few new practices 
    Importance of being relaxed, not forcing

    “Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious,
    and they must be brought into connection with action.
    They must be woven together. ”

    Anaïs Nin

    Dream Sharing Session with a few emergent themes:

    Sound (music, voices/words, nature),
    and whether one is hearing sounds or just 'knows' what they are
    Guidance suggested by dreams,
    Dream inventions (things that work in dreams but would not in RL)

    “If we shadows have offended,

    Think but this, and all is mended,

    That you have but slumbered here

    While these visions did appear.”
    – Wm. Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


    Dream sharing session Part 2, with a few emergent themes:
    Common settings and roles (crowds, houses)
    Fear of looking at dreams too closely
    Responding to fear
    Healing dreams
    Passage of time in dreams
    dreamers of dreams_011.jpg

    Sharing of dreams
    Naps (comparing experiences,
    suggestions for duration, etc.)
    Guidance and trust

    “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming?
    That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

    ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



    Puzzling moments that open to/give way to lucidity
    Waking as soon as lucid 
    RL Movement
    Strong Boundary/Peaky moments
    Dream entities
    RL resolutions/insights
    Nap Zones!
    Nap Aversion 

    “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

    ~Marsha Norman




    Remembering more/less detail
    Fragmentary dreaming
    Hypnogogic events (waking)
    Reminder of SWS (slow wake sleep)
    "Coalescing of a World" (as in SL)
    Flying to stay in a dream
    Walking (?)
    Places of power
    "dipping below the membrane"
    Revisiting times
    Restful dreams without storylines
    Transcendent dreams 
    Dream trickster
    Seeing as a game


    “In dreams no reasons are necessary.”
    ~Ashleigh Brilliant



    This was an interesting, and somewhat undefinable session.
    Still, some themes or overlap of dreams:

    Colors (red and white)
    Being "on the verge" of stable lucidity
    Testing the dream
    Handling an obstacle a new way
    Gender shift in dreams
    Throat chakra
    Memory in waking life
    Levels or Spectrum of lucidity
    Watching the watchers
    Sleep Apps


    "In dreams boundaries don't exist. So in dreams there are hardly ever collisions.
    Even if there are, they don't hurt."      

                                                                      - Haruki Murakami



    Not assigning too much meaning 
    Dream guidance from elders or wise ones
    Physical sensations influencing dream content
    Repressed or shadow aspects (positive or negative)
    Houses and rooms
    Fear of losing one's place,
    Or going beyond understanding
    DIscoveries or breakthroughs/solving in dreams
    Meeting and forgiving people in dreams
    Permission or confidence
    Sleep amnesia and 'Priming'
    Joseph and Biblical dream insight stories


    “In dreams, we see in order to move and we move in order to see.”

    ― William Gibson



    Visitations (such as talking animals, familiars)
    Animals as energies or guides
    Horses, dogs, doves, etc.
    More on journaling, unpacking dreams
    (combine journaling with another morning
    activity, or jot keywords to jog memory)
    Drawing or painting dreams
    New dreams from recalled fragments,
    Continuing a dream
    Returning to a familiar place or feeling
    (bookmarking a dream - "dreammarks" or landmarks)
    Same characters showing up
    (sometimes as someone else)
    Physical symptoms of excitable dreams


    “Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” -- Khalil Gibran



    Dream/sleep gadgets, tech
    Voice recorders
    Verge of lucidity
    Hesitating to go forward
    Fears of unknown, subconscious, or
    making current sense of daily reality unstable
    Noteworthy symbols, numbers
    Keeping track of times dreams occur
    False awakenings

    "The only way you can talk about this great tide in which you are a participant is as
    Schopenhaur did: the universe is a dream dreamed by a single dreamer in which all
    the dream characters dream too."    --Joseph Campbell





    Positive trends of 'nearly lucid' dreams
    Political figures we'd rather not dream about
    Deceased family members
    Getting a call within the dream
    Hearing noises without
    Jolts and "myoclonic jerk"
    Watching someone else dream
    Recurring objects
    Dream books and actions to take/
    people to connect with
    Blurred lines (languages, people)


    "As everything in a dream is false, senseless, and contradictory, except for the feeling that
    guides the dream, so in this sort of communication, contrary to the laws of reason, it was not
    the words that were consistent and clear, but only the feeling that guided them."

    -- Tolstoy, writing about a character conveying a story (War and Peace)



    Pros and cons/experiences of sleep masks
    "It is nice to have friendly people in our dreams"
    Representations of primal impulses
    Familiar symbols with unfamiliar meanings
    Portion of dreams remembered (usually seems small)
    Time perception in dreams/research/appreciation
    Linear or non-linear, pieces
    Keyword triggers to remember more
    Flash remembering of dreams during the day
    SL and Dreaming, Mouseview or Regular view
    Another self in the dream


    “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

    – Lupita Nyong’o


    We watched the rocket launch on this day, during half of the
    session. The two captures below aren't in sync, but give some idea. :)


    Demanding RL
    "fourth wall" and breaking immersion in the story
     "Is lucidity greater immersion or less?"
    "more agency?"

    Improving recall
    What happens when the dream knows you are consciously observing it
    Identification, or not, with characters (ask in RL too)
    Narratives or not
    Serendipity, overflow, 'quality of magic'
    Re-play dreams
    Interconnection and shared dreaming



    Pema's beer dream
    Preparing for catastrophic scenarios in dreams
    Looking for safe havens
    Compensatory dreams
    Collective living dreams
    Dreaming of people though more solitary in waking life, vice versa
    Not dreaming about familiars
    Observation about journaled narrative becoming about the one met
    Checking on people in dreams
    Finding patterns, revisiting journals
    Eden's "dreaming with an ally" question (from another session)
    HP Lovecraft
    Sleep masks and light/dark patterns
    Jose Silva technique variation  'setting internal vigilance'

    “Dreaming permits each and every one of us to go quietly and safely insane
      every night of our lives.”

       ~William Dement


    Dream signs and Dream themes
    Categorization, classification when journaling
    (emotion> laughter> giggling)
    Shared (sometimes fleeting) moments of lucidity
    (ie noticing what you are not feeling)
    Dreams with ways of thinking that seem quite unfamiliar
    Dreams that can't be put into words
    "How much don't we see" "Or hear"
    Recurring settings
    Narrow or wide spaces
    Filling in gaps but mistaking for memory
    Suddenly remembering dream from years before
    Shift or new dream?


    enter the dream_003.jpg



    Applying qualitative data analysis to journals
    (continuing with themes from previous week)
    Dreams that help work through transitions,
    or see new meanings in loss/gain, debt, obligations
    "Death cleanings" and clutter
    Flying/ airplane/ landing
    "picture of pain"
    What makes a nightmare 
    False awakenings, fear
    "Edge between asleep and awake" as wide and fluid
    Insightful but not lucid
    "fully lucid"


    “To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.

    To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,

    and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,

    and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.”

                                  - - Wendell Berry



    Revisiting the reality testing cornerstone: "Am I Dreaming?"
    Keeping a lookout throughout the day [5 to 10x per day!]
    Disturbing recurring dream themes
    Jekyll and Hyde blindspots
    Shadow selves
    Guilt and blame
    Continuation of revisiting dream journals
    Sharing of dreams
    "spontaneously lucid for no reason"
    Energy levels (x2)
    Dream supplements
    Objects and people talking or being about dreams, within dreams
    Nozick's experience machine
    Importance or non of memories

    "In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream."

                                                                              - Luigi Pirandello



    Persona differences between people in RL/dreams
    Recording dreams on a dream recorder (in sleep or out?)
    "somewhere in the dream world I have a recording of that dream"
    Funny things on the borders of sleep and awakening
    "trickster strikes again"
    Being unsure about lucidity
    (dream where a person was making decisions in dream but about
    waking circumstances, with little sense of boundary)
    Semi-lucid, Shades of lucidity
    PaB dream shared:
    Steampunk clockwork train (that captured hearers' imaginations)
    "All these PaBers, so obsessed with time"
    (mention of Storm's nondual railway)
    Dream self in RL self's clothing
    Discussion of shamanic journeying and drumming
    (two attending have taken workshops and one has continual practice)
    (a few resources added to resource page)
    "upper world, middle world, lower world" traveling
    Travel allies and asking a question
    "You don't even need to take the workshop to do the journeying. It's so natural."

    "Dreams are one way we listen to God. Go worship."   - Jim Butcher

    eden dreaming_004.jpg



    Sharing of several quite complex dreams,
    noticing some momentum, greater lucidity
    Creatures, animals, spirits in realms of psyche
    Themes of homes, lostness, driving
    (recurring themes as dreaming cues)
    Separated selves
    Mixing mediums
    Frightening dreams and sleep paralysis

    We sense that dreams mean well for us, back us up and urge us on, understand us more deeply than we understand ourselves, expand our sensuousness and spirit, continually make up new things to give us … It is like the love of an old man, the usual personal content of love voided by coming death, yet still intense, playful, and tenderly, carefully close.

    — James Hillman, The Dream And The Underworld


    Sessions on break until mid/late April, 2018



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    dream stream_012.jpg









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    Such good news, Eden! We'll look forward to when you can join us. Have a great vaca!
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