2011.03.09 - A melange of dreams, poems, live violin & guitar and singing and more ....

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    Present : Zen, Alf, Sum, Johan ( Sun's SA friend), Yaku and Evelyn, Eden


    Zen got right down to business ...



    Warming up with some colors ...



    Eden : What do I do with this rainstick? hmm .....



    And then ... the dance and music started - which seems to have lulled Johan to sleep.



    Yaku multitasking :)



    Eden dreamdancing as she tells us about her dream and recites her poem on ipads.



    Sun is enjoying the moment....



    Night came as Zen lulls Boxy to sleep

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    Great work Sunshine! It's almost as fun as being there! Thank you, your love for music is so inspiring.
    Posted 07:51, 13 Mar 2011
    Gotta love the Zen picture...heh
    Posted 10:17, 13 Mar 2011
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