2010.09.01 - BEING PUZZLED




    The next “Art of Being” project is “BEING PUZZLED,” an exploration of the Magic of Time, to be installed week of September 13th.

    Let’s explore concepts from the “Exploring the Magic of Time” Sessions using a “puzzle” or “game” theme for the photos.  Find a puzzle or game-themed location within Second Life or build your own puzzle or game set for your photo.  Photos can be about concepts from the  Time sessions, puzzling questions about time, the nature of time, appearance, experience, reality, etc.  Place a notecard with your photo and include a landmark if you like to your puzzle’s or game’s  location where the photo was taken.  


    Pema's “Exploring the Magic of Time” Sessions and reports can be found here:  http://wiki.playasbeing.org/PaB_Books

    Photos should be installed in the main plaza area of the PaB Village beginning on September 13 using the exhibition walls that we used for the last “Art of Being” photography project.
      Photos should be taken using a small file, at the "640x480" size and can be displayed on one of the exhibition walls in the PaB Village Square.  Photos can only be as originally snapped in sl .... no photoshop or outside SL effects ... no limits on textures or prims to create a set if you choose to do so.  Please feel free to work with others and/or to ask others who are more experienced for help.  A themed session to discuss the photos was Sunday, October 3rd at 12pm.



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