How To: Claiming & Hosting a Session

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    Claiming a session is very simple, thanks to Wol's auto-listener. When you arrive at the pavillion as host, the recorder will show as "recording." Simply click on the triangle in the middle of the fountain, beneath Fael's lotus, and you will receive a menu. Choose to "Claim" the session.

    If this is your first time claiming a session, you will be asked in the chat text, to enter your email address in the way described. If you have done so correctly, you will soon receive an email confirmation. When the session is over, you will be sent a link to the entire, pre-formatted text!

    Tip:  Although the log's web address will be emailed to you after the session is completes, you can ALSO do the following:

    Click the weblink that appears in the Chat Window after you claim the log. This will launch your web browser and show the link to the log

    You can either leave the web page up somewhere on my computer, or now close the browser window and the link should  remain in your browser "history" as well

    This, you post to the PaB wiki, following instructions you can find here : How To: Posting a Chat Log

    Auto-listener Facts:

    - The recording will stop itself, once no avatar remains at the pavillion. It will be sent to you at that time.

    - The auto-listener can be stopped manually, by clicking in the same way as if to claim a session, and clicking "Stop" instead.

    - The auto-listener can be started outside of session times, in a similar manner.

    The above are technical instructions. Hosting mostly requires discernment and attention to the individual tendencies of a session time or topics in discussion. It is helpful, for instance, for guardians to be able to describe the basics of PaB practice and to share their personal experiences with the community and explorations.

    Reading the the following links is suggested:  

    General Guidelines:  Tips for Hosting Sessions

    About Pab: Frequently asked questions

    PaB Vocabulary:  Vocabulary of Play As Being

    Visitor Notecard Templates: Visitor Notecard Templates

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