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    This page records a series of emails from July 2010 that have been written by Time Session participants to the Time Session email group, about concepts in the book "Exploring the Magic of Time".


    July 5, 2010    Welcome to the PaB Time Session email group 

    Dear All,

    As you may have heard or read on the transcript of the first
    Time session, at 6 am SLT last Friday

        2010.07.02 06:00 - Time Sessions: an Introduction

    Just before starting that series I spontaneously got an idea
    to combine those sessions with my longstanding plans to write
    a book on PaB. I suggested, during the session, that we use
    as reading material chapters that I will write for that book.
    After some discussion and clarification, we reached a general
    sense of agreement.

    In short: my book will not say much about the PaB community,
    but rather focus on practical ways of exploring the notion of
    Being in a playful way.

    Fascinating and essential as the community is, a description
    and appreciative discussion of our community deserves a whole
    separate book (or more) by itself. Perhaps I and/or others
    will attempt to write about our community elsewhere, at some
    point. Instead, my particular book will focus on the theory
    and practice of the 9-sec breaks from a new angle, namely
    that of the mystery of time. I hope that others will in due
    time try their hand at writing their own essays and books, in
    similar ways, perhaps with similarly dedicated session series.

    I have rearranged the book section on the PaB wiki:

        PaB Books

    If you are interested, you can click around a bit there.

    You can have a look at the initial chapter that I just wrote:

        00. Time

    You will find there an alternative way to introduce the idea
    of 9-second breaks, starting with the enigma of time. If you'd
    like to discuss this approach, you can join us on Friday, July 9,
    at 6 am SLT, and on future weeks at the same day and time, for
    the new set of PaB sessions focused on Time, as an entry into
    the notion of playing as Being.

    These sessions will include hints for homework: suggestions for
    explorations centered on time which you can try out for yourself

    in RL and/or SL. We'll set up a system to let you write reports
    to share with the other participants in the Time Sessions. The
    sessions will be logged, just like the regular PaB sessions.

    For now, until Friday morning, the home work is particularly
    simple: try the suggestion at the end of the initial chapter,
    to take a handful of 9-sec breaks while appreciating appearance.

    This will be the last announcement concerning these sessions
    here in the general PaB email group. I will set up a special
    google group for the time sessions -- if you're interested and
    haven't already done so, please drop me a line at "p... @ ias. edu"
    (not to the whole group, please) and I'll add you as soon as I
    start the new email group. Any further information about this
    new project will be provided there.

    Of course, these Time Sessions are open for anyone who likes to
    drop in, guardians and non-guardians alike, as are all regular
    PaB sessions. So in order to attend there is no need to subscribe
    to the new time sessions email group, nor do you have to do the
    home work that will be suggested -- though we'll ask those who
    don't actively engage in the exercises to respect those who do,
    and to give them time and space to share their findings.



    July 7, 2010    A great start

    Dear Friends,

    We got a great start already, for our Play as Being Time initiative.
    Last Friday, 6 am SLT, we had our introductory meeting, and a lot has
    happened already in less than a week.  We got this new email group,
    as well as a number of new wiki pages.  For example, when you go to
    our main page:

        Time Sessions

    and click on "2010/07/09: reports" you will find already six reports
    to read at your leisure.  And if you feel like, please add your own
    report as well, the more the merrier!

    If Friday, 6 am SLT, is a convenient time for you, please come join
    us in a day and a bit for our first real meeting.  If not, don't worry,
    we'll post the log of each weekly session on the PaB wiki, so you can
    always catch up.

    Even if you can never make the Friday sessions in SL, you are free to
    join us by communicating through this email group, and contributing to
    the wiki whenever you like.  I know that for several of you 6 am may
    well be too early (when you live in California; Stim for example will
    only follow the email group, while Maxine and Bleu are most literally
    rising to the challenge of getting in-world very early their time :-).
    For others, 6 am SLT may coincide with their work hours, but alas,
    there will never be a time that is convenient for everybody.

    For the time being, it is not yet clear what the best structure will
    be for our wiki contributions.  I'd love to have you all post comments
    and responses of any kind to the chapters I will be writing, and to
    each other's exploration reports.  For now, just to get the ball
    rolling, I created some pages as hooks for other pages where you can
    post reports.  I choose one weekly page to list the reports for that
    week, but perhaps other structures may work better.  Any suggestions

    For now, I'll focus on writing more chapters, perhaps one new chapter
    every two weeks or so.  It would be great if somebody else (or several
    persons) would volunteer to help out keeping the wiki in good shape.
    I've noticed that several of the reporters had trouble posting a link
    to their own report on the master page for this week:

      2010/07/09: Reports

    and we'll need to create new master pages (or whatever else we decide
    to do) each week.

    Is there anybody, or perhaps a small group of two or three volunteers,
    who can take care of keeping the wiki neat and well (l)inked ?

    Thank you in advance, and see you on Friday, 6 am SLT, if you have time,


    July 17, 2010    Friday 6 am SLT: next meeting
    Just wanting to say how wonderful I am finding Pema's chapter on
    Awareness to be. I hope to have more to say as I study it over the
    week, but just in overview I feel he is clearly demarcating how we can
    collapse the spacious 'awareness' into the 'how it is' of 'experience'
    and in so doing narrow our potential appreciation drastically. It
    reminds me of the very young child who is in awe at the yellow patch
    of sun on the wall, maybe in awe of the warmth the color, the
    movement...but when he/she is told by an insistent parent that it is
    'yellow' his/her appreciation may collapse as language becomes the
    dominant vehicle.
    Wonderful, Pema, thank you so much for this chapter, for this whole


    July 18, 2010    Re: Friday, 6 am SLT: next meeting
    "appreciation may collapse as language becomes the dominant vehicle"

    Maxine, that caught my eye as both wonderfully phrased and deeply observing.
    Not having read Pema's chapter yet, i see the reactions are already
    inspiring :)

    May we all have a wonderful week(/end).



    July 18, 2010    Re: Friday, 6 am SLT: next meeting

    Thank you, Maxine and Fefonz!

    btw, I just saw this inspiring chat log, from yesterday evening's session:

       2010.07.17 19:00 - Mere and Sheer, & Being with Being

    Thank you, Bruce, Eliza, and others for sharing with each other, and
    hence all of us through the wiki, your experiences and reflections!

    And this reminds me again: it really would be nice to add a page to
    the "Time Sessions" part of the PaB wiki, with pointers to collections
    of gems like the above link where Bruce was sharing his living engagement
    with Being and Appearance.

    Perhaps one of you has a few minutes to spare, to set up such a page, and
    perchance to administer it with a few others, or with the whole group of
    21 members of this google email group?

    Let's be create, to let a hundred time flowers bloom (^_^)



    July 18, 2010    Re: Friday, 6 am SLT: next meeting
    Wow! Intrigued by Maxine's comment about the sheer appearance of a "yellow wall" that will be flattened by language ( Marcel Proust wrote deep deep pages about a " little yellow wall" in Vermeer's "View of
    Delft"). Her message sent me to Pema's new chapter which I read almost completely before going to bed, saying to myself I was going to finish the reading and reading it again in the morning:).

    Then, this email pointing to the chatlog of yesterday night: reading the conversation between Eliza and Bruce
    (along with Paradise and Arch) about " sheer" and " mere" appearances ( note to self: a bit of dictionnary look up, these are words I use without knowing their precise  meaning).

    Their conversation made the part of the chapter I have read so far come alive. " Sharing my Being with the Being of the storm". said Bruce. Still pondering this fantastic sentence.

    I was also very moved when he said: "Thanks to. Arch for pulling it of me". :))))

    And the session being lead by Eliza from a Starbucks due to power outage then logged from her car ( find out why in the log :) 2010.07.17 07.00 can't post it from iTouch and can't proofread my email so I guess i' m sharing my Being with the Being of " wanting to be appropriate" (laughing at my own lack of clarity here).

    I'm going to an hindu festival in timberland today so will probably be missing guardians meeting ( as I was writing this, my cat settled on my heart like a little lion, purring wildly ( I' m stl on bed:), and I had to put the iPodTouch away, sharing my Being with the Being of the cat.

    This is so much Play as Being these time sessions, book, reports, mail and all. Wonderful!

    Waving to you all, have a great week end. Will go back to "Lost Paradise"  paragraph as soon as I can!

    I'm going
    July 23, 2010    Re: Friday, 6 am SLT: next meeting
    Dear Eden and All,

    I didn't yet respond to your email from last Sunday.
    There is simply so much great material, in the reports and
    many session logs, and again in today's Time Session; hard
    to keep track of it all :-).
    But I just wanted to acknowledge how much inspiration you
    poured into this email below.  And yes, I was touched
    too by Bruce's acknowledging Arch.  ...
    And one day I'd love to meet your cat (^_^)


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