2008.04.06 13:00 - Neighborhood Cafe

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    On this Sunday afternoon, I again took my bench seat outside, and since no one dropped by, I started musing about the job of a bar tender, especially someone in a neighborhood cafe. On the one hand, each day is similar: people from the ‘hood coming in to chat, familiar faces. On the other hand, each day and each hour is different. You never know who will pop in, among the regulars, and you also never know when new faces will appear. I felt similarly, enjoying both the novelty and the by-now-already familiarity of these daily Play-as-Being meetings. Talking about the latter, Friedrich just sent me the following link to a blog entry of his, in which he also commented on the fact that he started to remember events in SL in the same way as he remembers events in RL, an interesting phenomenon that I had also noticed, soon after getting into SL.
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