2008.04.07 07:00 - A new building

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    Storm and I talked about the new building that he had erected on the plot of land that I had bought nearby, a couple weeks ago. It started out as a copy of a building nearby but we both decided that it would be much better to modify it, so as not to have two identical buildings here in this area. The building is located to the west of the tea house and has the shape of a quadrangle, with the main entrance toward the East. At the back, in the West, is one large hall, with two smaller rooms in the North wing and two Smaller rooms in the South wing.

    We can use one of the smaller rooms for future Play as Being meetings, and the larger room for those occasions where we have more participants. Storm suggested to use one of the smaller rooms as an archive for the material that we are gathering here. He also suggested that we stop calling it `the new building’ and give it a real name. My suggestion, a few hours later: let’s call it Hall of Appearance. The background is formed by a favorite sentence of mine: “appreciate the presence of appearance as a presentation by Being” — appearance as what appears, raw, direct, before turning it into ex-perience, by a subject of an object.

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