2008.05.01 13:00 - Real estate

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    Pema Pera was the guardian for this meeting. The comments are his.


    I came to Second Life to explore reality but the last few days I have been engaged more with real estate ;>). It really is a lot of fun to look around for pieces of land here and there, and to send messages to neighbors to see who wants to sell something. I have met quite a number of interesting and friendly people that way, another nice side effect of the land hunt. Each individual shows me a kaleidoscopic view of Second Life, each from his or her own angle. Listening to how each person talks, what makes them tick, what they do here, how to relate to each other, it is all endlessly fascinating. And every aspect and facet is part of the celebration of reality that is going on here . . . .

    That afternoon, nobody stopped by the tea house, at least not in the first twenty minutes and a bit, so I then flew over here and there, talking to this person and that, all people who had responded to my earlier messages. Several of them sold me some lots and my total land size kept growing. It will be so nice to see an actual forest grow here soon!

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