2008.05.08 13:00 - Influence

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    The guardian at this meeting was Storm and the comments are Pema Pera's.  


    That afternoon in SL time I was asleep in Japan and Storm was the guardian keeping a continued presence in the tea house during the 1 pm till 1:30 pm session. He sent me the following report.

    It was raining.

    No one had turned up at the tea house this afternoon, except me, feeling a
    little damp in the pouring rain.

    Then a couple of interesting people did arrive and our talk was outside the
    topic of Play as Being. Or was it?. One of them “came here, a week back,
    and found a deserted zendo [Dakini's] with exquisitely built tools”.
    These were educators, interested in building a small monastery in SL for
    teaching UK university students. They toured a handful of local places and
    went away touched by the possibilities here.

    Puddles rippled and thunder rolled. I reflected on possibilities,
    inspiration and influence. We do seem to have influence. What we talk
    about in PaB has influence. These little blog entries have influence. Even
    balloon rides (incredibly) have influence! We influence each other. Today I
    was inspired by a friend’s blog entry to write one of my own. It seems we’re
    teaching each other to throw away ideas of what’s impossible.

    Perhaps we are going to be doing a lot more influencing. Large forests are
    going to be hard to ignore! I expect visitors will walk the paths, explore
    the hillocks and dells, paddle in the streams, and drop into the gatherings
    that will happen there. I’m sure many will ask, “Why did they do all this?”
    Why indeed! While we are playing as Being, are we starting to be played by
    Being? Is something indeed being realized, made real, right in our midst?

    The rain has stopped. I look up, and the sky is full of emptiness.

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