2008.05.21 19:00 - Oz

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    The Guardian for this session was Pema, the comments are his.

    For quite a while, I was alone in front of the tea house, that morning, until Hotaru dropped by.

    Pema Pera: Hi there!
    Hotaru Myoo: howdy
    Pema Pera: Nice to see you here.
    Pema Pera: You’re the first one so far this evening
    Hotaru Myoo: geez
    Hotaru Myoo: I understad it was a slow nite at the sitting too
    Pema Pera: isn’t it fun, ten people some day and 1 or 2 the other?
    Hotaru Myoo: yea
    Hotaru Myoo: sine/cosine
    Hotaru Myoo: steep curve time
    Pema Pera: yup
    Hotaru Myoo: feast/famine
    Pema Pera: I actually like it a lot — gives you the chance to sample very different atmospheres and moods
    Hotaru Myoo: click your heels
    Pema Pera: hehe
    Pema Pera: where will you transport us to when we click?
    Hotaru Myoo: yes…but the dialogue can be a bit thin if it is just you..and the rocks
    Hotaru Myoo: ahh
    Hotaru Myoo: OZ
    Hotaru Myoo: a little piece of heaven…my good friend
    Hotaru Myoo: in so far as PaB goes..
    Hotaru Myoo: it is a place I bring myself to…
    Hotaru Myoo: as often as possible
    Pema Pera: I saw the Wizzard of Oz long ago in a small theatre in Ann Arbor, the original movie version, and someone was playing the piano with it, live !
    Hotaru Myoo: goodness
    Hotaru Myoo: what as pecial moment
    Pema Pera: it was!
    Pema Pera: you could feel the atmosphere
    Pema Pera: everybody kinda hushed
    Hotaru Myoo: palpable
    Hotaru Myoo: Star Wars of the 50’s
    Pema Pera: yeah, nice comparison!
    Hotaru Myoo: in a land …far,far away..
    Pema Pera: tp me :-)
    Hotaru Myoo: lol
    Hotaru Myoo: isn’t that what sl is for us?
    Pema Pera: indeed

    Oz via SL led us to talk about other realms.

    Hotaru Myoo: PaB is an extention into rl
    Hotaru Myoo: the connective tissue
    Pema Pera: and hopefully beyond rl
    Pema Pera: the main idea of PaB is to wake up :-)
    Hotaru Myoo: well yes..
    Hotaru Myoo: the existential
    Pema Pera: to what is, and many other experience can help, as guides, as inspirations
    Hotaru Myoo: I still feel that if you are habitualted..
    Pema Pera: traditionally, the image of waking up from a dream has been used
    Hotaru Myoo: at some point…you are fully awake
    Pema Pera: or looking at a quiet body of water, seeing the reflections and then realizing that the reflections are not real
    Pema Pera: can you say more, Hotaru?
    Hotaru Myoo: wait..
    Hotaru Myoo: how can you separate one mind…
    Hotaru Myoo: awake or asleep ..
    Hotaru Myoo: it is the same mind…
    Pema Pera: ultimately yes
    Hotaru Myoo: in different states
    Pema Pera: so it is like a telescope, you can look through either end
    Hotaru Myoo: just as concsiousness has its peaks and valleys..
    Hotaru Myoo: so do our unconscious states
    Pema Pera: from the point of view of Being (which is not a point really) there is only Being ; from our point of view there are different gradations of waking up and seeing more and deeper and clearer and getting closer to BEing
    Hotaru Myoo: that is our linitation as mere mortals

    The image of a telescope came to mind.

    Pema Pera: So traditionally, when someone looks through the Being end of the telescope they just say “ah!” or hold up a flower . . . .
    Hotaru Myoo: I once created a whole series of works based on seeing
    Hotaru Myoo: lenses
    Hotaru Myoo: kinda akin to the idea of vessel
    Pema Pera: . . . and when someone looks through the usual-daily-mind end of the telescope, they use images like waking up (from dream, reflection, movie, SL, whatever!)
    Hotaru Myoo: but more intimately focused….
    Hotaru Myoo: haha
    Hotaru Myoo: wow..
    Pema Pera: what kind of series of works was that?
    Hotaru Myoo: talk about weaving
    Pema Pera: hahaha
    Hotaru Myoo: i blow glass
    Pema Pera: we’re doign pretty well
    Pema Pera: how nice!
    Pema Pera: do you have pictures on the web?
    Hotaru Myoo: so I was using the medium to create lenses of our states of mind
    Hotaru Myoo: focussing in
    Hotaru Myoo: and out
    Pema Pera: real lenses !?!
    Hotaru Myoo: no
    Hotaru Myoo: psuedo lenses
    Pema Pera: you’ll have to bring them to Japan then :-)
    Pema Pera: lens-look-alikes
    Hotaru Myoo: I am a psuedo scientist
    Hotaru Myoo: haha
    Pema Pera: hehe
    Pema Pera: virtual scientist
    Hotaru Myoo: doesn’t work that way in the cockpit…tho
    Hotaru Myoo: must be grounded at times…or not
    Pema Pera: I saw a lentil salad here, yesterday, and the Japanese text explained that lentils are like little lenses
    Hotaru Myoo: yes…cloudy ones
    Pema Pera: while in fact historically, the word lens comes from “looks like a lentiL” :-)
    Hotaru Myoo: get out!
    Hotaru Myoo: stick that in your contacts

    Johnson walked by, and saw us both sitting on the wooden board outside the hut. He tried to sit on the wooden block next to the entrance, but was then oriented away from us. So he got up again, and sat next to us, the three of us in a row now.

    Hotaru Myoo: Hi Johnson!
    Johnson Euler: Hello.
    Pema Pera: Hi Johnson!
    Pema Pera: welcome back!
    Pema Pera: we’ll have to make better sitting areas here outside
    Pema Pera: sorry about that!
    Hotaru Myoo: oh
    Pema Pera: How’ve you been Johnson?
    Hotaru Myoo: I found some great stumps!
    Hotaru Myoo: near the onsen I visit in sl
    Johnson Euler: Pretty good.
    Pema Pera: where is that, Kyoto in SL?
    Pema Pera: Gion?
    Hotaru Myoo: hmmm
    Hotaru Myoo: I’ll look
    Johnson Euler: Hmm. Most dispersed already. I’m just running late tonight.
    Hotaru Myoo gave you HOT SPRING SHIKI , Taesot (194, 193, 95).
    Hotaru Myoo: Hot Spring Shiki
    Hotaru Myoo: @ Taesot
    Pema Pera: Thanks, Hotaru! And Johnson, I’ll have to leave in a few minutes too
    Pema Pera: These meetings vary quite a bit in lenght
    Pema Pera: sometimes just 30 minutes
    Pema Pera: sometimes one or two hours :-)

    Before I left, Hotaru had a question.

    Hotaru Myoo: Just a few quick thought on PaB?
    Pema Pera: as the mood strikes us and people have time
    Pema Pera: sure, Hotaru!
    Pema Pera: go right ahead!
    Johnson Euler: I have to get going pretty soon too. Just thought I’d drop in and see what’s going on.
    Hotaru Myoo: I’m opening it up to Johnson..
    Pema Pera: you’re welcome any time Johnson!
    Hotaru Myoo: click ur heels
    Pema Pera: Always nice to see you dropping by
    Pema Pera: ah, Hotaru, you’re asking for our thoughts?
    Hotaru Myoo: si
    Hotaru Myoo: today’s
    Pema Pera guessing a verb in Hot’s sentence, like he does with Japanese friends
    Pema Pera: Today’s thought? There are many levels within the 9 seconds
    Pema Pera: there is the initial flash
    Pema Pera: the next second
    Pema Pera: the next eight second
    Pema Pera: all totally different
    Pema Pera: How’s that for a little bundle of thoughts?
    Pema Pera: ::-)
    Hotaru Myoo: like a tossed salad

    Just when I was about to get up, Terri dropped by, teleporting right into the tea room behind our back. I decided to linger just a bit more.

    Hotaru Myoo: Hi Terri
    Pema Pera: Hi Terri!
    Terri Holrych: hi
    Pema Pera: come join us!
    Terri Holrych: i crashed earlier
    Terri Holrych: did you see spiritno name
    Hotaru Myoo: no
    Terri Holrych: ok
    Pema Pera: no not in the last 3/4 hour
    Hotaru Myoo: but u r here
    Pema Pera: we’re sitting here outside
    Pema Pera: yup
    Hotaru Myoo: how are you?
    Terri Holrych: good
    Terri Holrych: i rented a mobile home today
    Terri Holrych: i guess i live here now
    Hotaru Myoo: ohhh…nice
    Terri Holrych: how are yall
    Pema Pera: big step!
    Hotaru Myoo: does it have wings?
    Pema Pera: haha
    Terri Holrych: i know
    Terri Holrych: lol
    Terri Holrych: no but it has a perfect spot for an altar
    Hotaru Myoo: nice

    Terri made a remark about my hair, but I was confused for a moment about the interweaving conversation. And thanks to Hotaru, I’m brushing up my fading knowledge of the Addams family . . . .

    Terri Holrych: u still have dreads
    Hotaru Myoo: what will you build there?
    Terri Holrych: pema
    Terri Holrych: haha
    Terri Holrych: um in rl?
    Hotaru Myoo: I think he looks like cousin It
    Terri Holrych: rofl
    Terri Holrych: i look dumb i just threw this on
    Hotaru Myoo: I say this fondly…Pema
    Pema Pera: you mean build in SL?
    Terri Holrych: i rented a plot
    Hotaru Myoo: yes…
    Hotaru Myoo: to Terri…the altar
    Terri Holrych: oh a guan yin
    Hotaru Myoo: nice
    Pema Pera: sorry I got confused for a moment in the conversation
    Pema Pera: didn’t connect the “dreads” with my sleek long hair haha :-)
    Hotaru Myoo: gee..how could that happen?
    Terri Holrych: its kind of clumpy
    Terri Holrych: like braids in the dark
    Hotaru Myoo: the hair or the altar?
    Pema Pera: hahaha
    Terri Holrych: ugh
    Terri Holrych: i stayed up all night building a house
    Terri Holrych: and i kept accidentally deleting it
    Hotaru Myoo: nice
    Terri Holrych: lol
    Hotaru Myoo: oops
    Terri Holrych: i knowww
    Terri Holrych: its the first one
    Pema Pera: sounds like quite an adventure, Terri!
    Terri Holrych: i picked up the bra off the floor and picked up the house instead
    Terri Holrych: doh
    Hotaru Myoo: many storis can be attached to’the first one’
    Terri Holrych: lol
    Hotaru Myoo: now ..that’s a first!

    Unfortunately, I really had to leave at this point.

    Pema Pera getting really curious to hear more, wish he didn’t have to go . . . . .
    Terri Holrych: it would never happen in rl
    Pema Pera: hehehe
    Hotaru Myoo: what did you think in those 9 seconds?
    Terri Holrych: where u going
    Terri Holrych: hehe
    Pema Pera: well, I’m afraid I have to go now, RL calling . . . . . sorry to have so little time, Johnson and Terri — we normally start at the hour, but of course you’re more than welcome to drop by any time!
    Terri Holrych: “crap i have to put it back”
    Pema Pera: lunch time in Japan
    Johnson Euler: Rice again?
    Terri Holrych: i was here at 7 with snn
    Hotaru Myoo: and…on time!
    Terri Holrych: lol
    Terri Holrych: then my puter pooped out
    Terri Holrych: so i did some googling
    Pema Pera: see you all, enjoy the tea house!
    Hotaru Myoo: Pema..thanks as always!
    Terri Holrych: thanks pema
    Pema Pera: same to you Hotaru!
    Hotaru Myoo: enjoy the rice variation!
    Pema Pera: and Terri and Johnson!
    Terri Holrych: hehe
    Pema Pera: yup
    Pema Pera: with nattou, yummi
    Terri Holrych: i am hungry too
    Johnson Euler: Night, Pema.
    Hotaru Myoo: matane
    Pema Pera: jaa, mata!
    Terri Holrych: maybe i will go to jack in the box
    Pema Pera: ((kawaii))
    Hotaru Myoo: :)
    Terri Holrych: lollll
    Terri Holrych: kawaiii me wants it
    Hotaru Myoo: nite all!

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