2008.06.20 13:00 - Compassion and Bloody Noses

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    That afternoon, Solobill was the guardian. He sent me the following log, with the first two comment lines; the other comments are mine. Thet title and the photograph are his.

    I (Solo) walked over to the beautiful new pavilion from the Zen retreat and found Adams, and Moon already on the cushions. Fael and Dakini followed shortly.

    Solobill Laville: Hello Adams and Moon!
    Adams Rubble: Hello Solobill :)
    Moon Fargis: hi solo
    Solobill Laville: Good work on the new sign, Moon
    Moon Fargis: thanks:)
    Fael Illyar: Hello :)
    Solobill Laville: Oh, and the logo!
    Adams Rubble: Hi Fael :)
    Faenik loves wells!
    Solobill Laville: Hello Fael

    Moon did a quick dance.

    Solobill Laville: Get down, Moon!
    Solobill Laville: Shake that thing!
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Moon Fargis: hm strange i stand
    Moon Fargis: test
    Moon Fargis: so wanna talk about something?:)
    Solobill Laville: I have something to share
    Adams Rubble: great :)
    Solobill Laville: The last few days, I’ve been trying a new experiment
    Moon Fargis: ah?
    Solobill Laville: A “mini-retreat” here in SL
    Moon Fargis: aha?
    Fael Illyar: Hi Dakini
    Adams Rubble: HI Dakini :)
    Dakini Rhode: greetings!
    Moon Fargis: ah hi dakini
    Dakini Rhode: _/!\_
    Solobill Laville: Hi Dakini
    Fael Illyar: What does this “mini-retreat” mean in practice then?

    Solo talked about his all-SL retreat.

    Solobill Laville: It means, dedicating time to sitting, either at the zendo
    Solobill Laville: or other formal areas to sit
    Solobill Laville: walking
    Solobill Laville: meeting with friends, new and old
    Solobill Laville: Focusing on simplicity and mindfulness
    Solobill Laville: It has been quite nice, I must say
    Fael Illyar: Ah, doing things you’d do in a retreat but without leaving your home.
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Moon Fargis: well for sure it is, i do this since month :)
    Solobill Laville: I have been on for about 4 – 6 hours a day
    Solobill Laville: But, this is important
    Solobill Laville: Also while at work, at home
    Solobill Laville: doing other things
    Solobill Laville: so I see it as another way to practice
    Moon Fargis: well everything happens i your mind
    Solobill Laville: And I have increased my peace of mind
    Solobill Laville: Indeed, Moon!
    Solobill Laville: I just wish I could chop some wood and carry some water too
    Solobill Laville: (Dakini?)
    Moon Fargis: hehe
    Solobill Laville: ;)
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Dakini Rhode: bill?
    Dakini Rhode: i missed the first part - are you on retreat?
    Solobill Laville: I was just saying, that on my mini-retreat
    Solobill Laville: it would be neat to be able to chop wood / carry water
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Solobill Laville: Half-joking

    Different angles on different types of retreat.

    Dakini Rhode: Your 9-second mini retreat?
    Dakini Rhode: sorry
    Solobill Laville: Oh, no
    Adams Rubble: that would be very mini
    Solobill Laville: A retreat here 4 - 6 hours a day
    Dakini Rhode: lol i missed something (oh! retreat in SL)
    Solobill Laville: with various levels of focused SL exclusive attention
    Solobill Laville: but always here then
    Solobill Laville: yes
    Dakini Rhode: my SL is a retreat…
    Adams Rubble: Yes mine might be too
    Dakini Rhode: yes i can see that Adams
    Solobill Laville: Mine too, but this is a bit more focused, for me anyway
    Adams Rubble wonders if she could chop and carry wood in 9 seconds
    Solobill Laville: on retreat-specific activities
    Solobill Laville: hehe
    Dakini Rhode: what are you doing specifically and would you like water carrying and woodchopping animations>?
    Dakini Rhode: i think we could find them… :->
    Solobill Laville: Well, that is what i was joking about
    Fael Illyar: I guess I might’ve sort of been on a retreat for the whole time I’ve been participating in PaB :P

    Solo then addes some more of the essentials.

    Solobill Laville: I’ve been sitting
    Solobill Laville: and walking in mindfulness
    Solobill Laville: meeting people in the spirit of compassion
    Faenik loves wells!
    Adams Rubble: That is great that you had that experience. Can you tell us more about who does this?
    Dakini Rhode: that IS a retreat Bill! does it spill over into RL?
    Solobill Laville: hehe. Yes!
    Solobill Laville: As I said, it is just another way to practice
    Dakini Rhode: yes!
    Solobill Laville: But the more you practice…
    Moon Fargis: its amazing how we humans can be happy when we see thousands of red green and blue dots
    Dakini Rhode: i try to live my life that way with varying amounts of success
    Solobill Laville: Me too
    Dakini Rhode: what is the key to the practice?
    Fael Illyar: The dots are too small for us to realize, properly, what they are ;)
    Adams Rubble doesn’t see any dots
    Solobill Laville: Consistency?
    Solobill Laville: Effort?
    Dakini Rhode: they are too small to see?
    Moon Fargis: fael: but we know that they are there
    Dakini Rhode: what keeps you going with it?
    Fael Illyar: we know, rationally, that they’re there, yes
    Adams Rubble: ah. What do we NOT see?
    Adams Rubble: I have been set to working on that
    Adams Rubble: So I can dots
    Adams Rubble: thanks

    Adams, continuing her work on her Koan!

    Fael Illyar: that doesn’t mean we actually realize they’re there :)
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Solobill Laville: Dakini, I think compassion keeps one going with it
    Moon Fargis: well i also dont see a glassdoor until i realize its there
    Adams Rubble: There are many things we don;t see and usually do not remember are really there
    Moon Fargis: and gain a bloody nose
    Fael Illyar: each dot is big enough to be seen individually, yes :)
    Dakini Rhode: i think so
    Faenik loves wells!
    Adams Rubble: haha Moon
    Fael Illyar: :)
    Fael Illyar: yes, you can know it’s there but you need something more to actually take it into account :)
    Fael Illyar: in your actions
    Dakini Rhode: checking the log…
    Dakini Rhode: compassion and bloody noses
    Dakini Rhode: hmmm
    Solobill Laville: Yep, there’s the title
    Fael Illyar: that they’re numerous small dots is really irrelevant as far as we are concerned :)
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Dakini Rhode: lol
    Faenik is a hairy black ball with eyes and ears.
    Dakini Rhode: i find living life as a retreat contains its own satisfaction
    Fael Illyar: You could make that same argument about how we see things that are … umm … “real”

    The retreat thread continued, after the pixel thread stopped.

    Solobill Laville: Do you then, live life as a retreat?
    Dakini Rhode: i think i do, to a large degree
    Dakini Rhode: but not completely
    Dakini Rhode: i have my lazy moments :-)
    Solobill Laville: It is really more about the spirit of the way we hold ourselves daily, isn’t it?
    Moon Fargis: we all got them :)
    Solobill Laville: At this point in my life
    Dakini Rhode: i think so, Bill
    Adams Rubble: Yes I think so too
    Solobill Laville: I need to cleave out time so focus on it
    Solobill Laville: almost exclusively
    Solobill Laville: So that’s what I’ve been doing, here and in my PaB activities, and sitting
    Dakini Rhode: if a practice is on your mind, time for it keeps popping up, i think
    Dakini Rhode: traffic lights
    Dakini Rhode: waiting in line
    Dakini Rhode: waiting for things to rezz
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Dakini Rhode: waiting is a golden opportunity
    Fael Illyar: :)
    Solobill Laville: Oh, absolutely
    Solobill Laville: Travelling at the speed of mind
    Solobill Laville: your mind is already there
    Adams Rubble: I am very sorry that I have to leave this discussion today but I must
    Fael Illyar: yes, you get to wait in so many places that it’s almost a waste to not use it for something like that :)
    Adams Rubble: bye everyone
    Fael Illyar: Bye Adams :)
    Solobill Laville: Bye Adams
    Moon Fargis: well the mind stands still..but it makes you to run around it
    Adams Rubble: great chat !
    Dakini Rhode: indeed Fael - bye, Adams
    Moon Fargis: bye adams

    Adams left, and the conversation kept its focus on the notion of a retreat.

    Solobill Laville: Does the wind move the flag?
    Moon Fargis: there is no flag :
    Dakini Rhode: and with people in life especially - so many opportunities to practice
    Fael Illyar: no, the mind moves the flag :)
    Dakini Rhode: talking to someone, be fully present
    Dakini Rhode: practice while listening…
    Dakini Rhode: i keep looking for ways to practice right in my life as it is
    Solobill Laville: yes, mindfulness of mindfulness
    Dakini Rhode: :-)
    Fael Illyar: Yes, like meditating while walking to work ;)
    Solobill Laville: Or while at work ;)
    Dakini Rhode: walking is my best time for PaB…
    Fael Illyar: yes, at work is good time too … whenever you are waiting on something.
    Solobill Laville: interesting, i wonder what it would be for everyone
    Fael Illyar does that.
    Dakini Rhode: yes
    Dakini Rhode does that…
    Solobill Laville: driving is great for me
    Dakini Rhode: oh yes, driving…
    Solobill Laville: I tend to drive slower
    Solobill Laville: it is like being mindful of your food
    Solobill Laville: or drinking cold water
    Dakini Rhode: yes! i don’t use the radio or CD player
    Dakini Rhode: i just drive
    Solobill Laville: it is amazing what you can do while you aren’t thinking about it
    Solobill Laville: just do
    Faenik: why not?
    Solobill Laville: wind = flag = mind
    Solobill Laville: :->
    Dakini Rhode: oh, the question, does the wind move the flag?
    Fael Illyar: I’m suddenly reminded of the few times when I was walking home from a friend’s place when things seemed much more vivid than normal. Now that I think of those, it was probably meditative state of some sort.
    Dakini Rhode: could be :->
    Dakini Rhode: (do i sound like Faenik?)
    Solobill Laville: :->
    Faenik: could be
    Dakini Rhode: :->
    Dakini Rhode: i wonder if a random phrase generating program could be a good therapist
    Fael Illyar: if it’s too frequent, you’ll catch on too easily I think
    Dakini Rhode: i think i see possibilities….
    Dakini Rhode: even so…
    Moon Fargis: there where some random phrase therapist programs back in the 80s already
    Moon Fargis: worked quite interesting

    Actually, in the 60s already. Eliza, written by Joseph Weizenbaum. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA

    Dakini Rhode: dang every time i think i have a new thought….
    Dakini Rhode: lol
    Dakini Rhode: i should think they would work, too
    Fael Illyar: new thoughts are exceedingly rare :)
    Dakini Rhode: yes
    Dakini Rhode: no doubt i read about it somewhere
    Solobill Laville: I hate that!
    Moon Fargis: what ?
    Dakini Rhode: it happens more now…
    Solobill Laville: When you think you have a great idea
    Solobill Laville: and only go to share with someone
    Dakini Rhode: maybe i blame meditation not age :-P
    Solobill Laville: and they say, “oh yeah…”
    Moon Fargis: dont hate it! be happy you where smart enough to get such ideas
    Dakini Rhode: well if you can get a new one, you can do research…
    Fael Illyar: yes, it’s unreasonable to expect it to be a new idea :)
    Solobill Laville: you’re so positive, Moon
    Solobill Laville: By hate I only mean very strongly dislike
    Solobill Laville: lol
    Dakini Rhode: americanism
    Solobill Laville: yes
    Moon Fargis: hehe
    Fael Illyar: having unreasonable expectations brings suffering ;)

    A new word was formed.

    Moon Fargis: lets call it “*meh*”
    Dakini Rhode: was ist “men”
    Dakini Rhode: meh
    Moon Fargis: nono *meh*
    Moon Fargis: like “hmmpf*
    Dakini Rhode:
    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Dakini Rhode: meaningful typo?
    Moon Fargis: yes!
    Dakini Rhode: meh!
    Moon Fargis: meh!
    Solobill Laville: MEH!!
    Dakini Rhode: or i could say men!
    Dakini Rhode: MEN!
    Moon Fargis: *sigh*
    Dakini Rhode: mensch!
    Dakini Rhode: lol
    Solobill Laville: heh
    Solobill Laville: hehe, meh
    Solobill Laville: yes, sigh
    Faenik: ah :)
    Dakini Rhode: hmmm only if you cling to them when you’re disappointed…
    Fael Illyar: oh, yes, although I prefer not having them in the first place :)

    Not WHAT were Dakini and Fael talking about? Read on . . .

    Dakini Rhode: that would probably be better :->
    Solobill Laville: ahem
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Dakini Rhode: ahem?
    Solobill Laville: Were you talking about men?
    Solobill Laville: Or did I miss something
    Dakini Rhode: no not really just playing on words…
    Moon Fargis: you missed something:)
    Dakini Rhode: a typo
    Solobill Laville: I’m used to that
    Dakini Rhode: (lol)
    Faenik: why not?

    Why not indeed?

    Dakini Rhode: i mistyped meh as men
    Solobill Laville: hehe
    Dakini Rhode: automatic typing…
    Moon Fargis: meh!
    Solobill Laville: I’m with Moon
    Dakini Rhode is used to typos…
    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Fael Illyar: hmmh… mine and Dakini’s exchange is interesting when you think we’re talking about men :P
    Solobill Laville: That’s what I thought!!!
    Dakini Rhode: oh my yes!!!! LOL!
    Solobill Laville: lol
    Fael Illyar: (instead of unreasonable expectations like I was talking about)
    Dakini Rhode: now i’m laughing out loud!

    The cat is out of the bag . . .

    Solobill Laville: That’s why I was like, um, hello…
    Dakini Rhode: the cat wonders why i’m laughing…
    Dakini Rhode: might disturb her nap…

    . . . and possibly waking up

    Moon Fargis purrzzzzzzzzz
    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Dakini Rhode: indeed… meh!
    Solobill Laville: I think there’s a koan in there Moon
    Dakini Rhode: omg i thought my stomach was growling
    Moon Fargis: ohh i cant wait until pema reads this log :)


    Solobill Laville: Does a cat have Buddha nature?
    Moon Fargis: oh
    Dakini Rhode: (Pema, moon just purred)

    Yes, that much I read :)

    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Moon Fargis: reads
    Moon Fargis: solo: a koan?
    Solobill Laville: I just gave it
    Moon Fargis: what koan?
    Fael Illyar: Solo: Mu
    Dakini Rhode: oh and the answer is…. drumroll….
    Dakini Rhode: meh!
    Solobill Laville: Does a cat have Buddha nature?
    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Dakini Rhode: yes good one
    Fael Illyar: ok, meh :P
    Solobill Laville: Anyway…
    Solobill Laville: Does anyone have anything else they’d like to chat about?
    Dakini Rhode: no sir, mr. solo
    Moon Fargis: uhm.. i think cats got buddha nature:)
    Dakini Rhode: my cat has cat nature
    Dakini Rhode: same same
    Fael Illyar: Has a dog Buddha-nature? This is the most serious question of all. If you say yes or no, you lose your own Buddha-nature.
    Moon Fargis: fael: might be :)
    Dakini Rhode: i do not think you can lose your buddha nature
    Fael Illyar: oh, I forgot quotation marks
    Dakini Rhode: oh
    Solobill Laville: ?
    Fael Illyar: http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/glg/glg.htm
    Solobill Laville: Yes, that was my play on Joshu’s “Mu!”, Dakini’s cat and “Meh!”

    The collection of koans seems to be growing . . .

    Dakini Rhode: hmmm even if the book says you lose your buddha nature, i don’t believe it…
    Solobill Laville: Is that final stanza from Mumon?
    Solobill Laville: about losing one’s Buddha nature?
    Dakini Rhode: yes
    Moon Fargis: well just because a leaf is smaller it doesnt mean its not connected to the tree
    Dakini Rhode: buddha nature is impossible to lose because it isn’t a quality
    Fael Illyar: I don’t believe it means a permanent loss
    Solobill Laville: True, Moon, true
    Dakini Rhode: it isn’t acquired
    Dakini Rhode: it can’t be gained or lost
    Fael Illyar: or a loss, really
    Dakini Rhode: even temporarily
    Fael Illyar: something else
    Dakini Rhode: yes maybe the translation is not quite right
    Solobill Laville: No, of course not
    Solobill Laville: But I wonder what is meant by it
    Dakini Rhode: indeed
    Dakini Rhode: i think what is meant is that yes and no are not real answers
    Dakini Rhode: answers
    Fael Illyar: if you put it in words, you’re not getting it
    Dakini Rhode: the answer comes from within
    Faenik loves wells!
    Dakini Rhode: but i don’t get zen :-)
    Dakini Rhode: i do think you need to touch the answer with your heart
    Dakini Rhode: not with your head
    Moon Fargis raches dakini a bottle of zen
    Solobill Laville: I think it is a tool for the koan practicioner

    The conversation focused on Zen.

    Dakini Rhode: what do you zennies think now that i talk about what i do not know?
    Moon Fargis: look inside, its empty:)
    Solobill Laville: you talk a pretty darn good Zen, Dakini
    Dakini Rhode: empty bottle Moon
    Solobill Laville: So does the Dalai Lama, by the way
    Dakini Rhode: oh and the Karmapa says there is no buddhism
    Dakini Rhode: pretty zen i think
    Solobill Laville: So does Dogen
    Dakini Rhode: maybe Karmapa read Dogen
    Solobill Laville: Very Zen that one
    Fael Illyar: I’m pretty sure I could tell a phony Zen Master from a real one :P
    Dakini Rhode: how, Fael?
    Fael Illyar: I don’t know, I just get the feeling I could
    Fael Illyar: well, not without hearing them talk though
    Moon Fargis: hmm.. all i met so far speaked normal for me :)
    Moon Fargis: ok some where pretty babblish :)
    Dakini Rhode: babbling zen masters?
    Moon Fargis: dakini: hehe yes
    Moon Fargis: bablle ballbe ballbe
    Dakini Rhode: oh dear
    Dakini Rhode: did it stop your mind?
    Moon Fargis: just some most of them where verry quiet
    Solobill Laville: Sorry folks I must run
    Dakini Rhode: sorry too, Bill
    Moon Fargis: dakini: my mist is mostly soped already:)
    Fael Illyar: Ok, see Solobill Laville later Solo :)
    Moon Fargis: mist= mind
    Moon Fargis: bye bye solo

    Solo left, and the conversation become more staccato.

    Dakini Rhode: mist soup?
    Moon Fargis: yes mind is like mist soup
    Dakini Rhode: i know that soup
    Dakini Rhode: i think it’s my age
    Dakini Rhode: maybe it’s meditation
    Dakini Rhode: don’t know
    Faenik: indeed?
    Dakini Rhode: gone gone
    Fael Illyar: hmmh, somehow this meeting has made me feel like just after meditating.
    Moon Fargis: :)
    Moon Fargis: sangha
    Dakini Rhode: babbling does that :->
    Dakini Rhode: zen babble
    Fael Illyar: :)
    Dakini Rhode: maybeyou touched Moon’s stopped mind, fael
    Fael Illyar: who knows :)
    Moon Fargis: *snoozes his nose* yep stopped again
    Dakini Rhode: lol that word snooze needs translation
    Moon Fargis: ehm
    Moon Fargis: snoze?
    Dakini Rhode: snoze?
    Dakini Rhode: snooze?
    Moon Fargis: darn englutsch
    Dakini Rhode: sneeze?
    Moon Fargis: sneeze?
    Dakini Rhode: achoo?

    But Solo was not really gone; after running he returned.

    Solobill Laville: back
    Dakini Rhode: just in time bill
    Solobill Laville: What’d I miss?
    Solobill Laville: I’ll look back
    Fael Illyar: snoozing?
    Dakini Rhode: or sneezing
    Dakini Rhode: or maybe just the nose fell asleep
    Moon Fargis: hmm no
    Moon Fargis: both a wrong
    Moon Fargis: let me see
    Moon Fargis: ahh
    Moon Fargis blow is nose
    Dakini Rhode: meh!
    Solobill Laville: MEH!
    Moon Fargis: to blow a nose. tsssk you got some strange term in english :)
    Dakini Rhode: meh is better than lol
    Solobill Laville: yes it is!
    Dakini Rhode: English is weird
    Fael Illyar: weirdness is the natural property of any language
    Dakini Rhode: pushing the air thru your nose like a trumpet
    Dakini Rhode: = “blowing”
    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Dakini Rhode: like a horn
    Dakini Rhode: blowing your own horn
    Moon Fargis: hmmm

    Did Moon try to introduce yet another koan?

    Moon Fargis: wouldnt en then sexual independent?
    Moon Fargis: men
    Solobill Laville: Oh, dear…
    Solobill Laville: meh!
    Solobill Laville: heheh
    Moon Fargis: ahyes big MEH! :)
    Dakini Rhode is puzzling over that one…
    Solobill Laville: That’s ok
    Solobill Laville: just let it go, lelt it go
    Solobill Laville: *let
    Dakini Rhode: gone
    Moon Fargis: dont be attached to it attachment makes you suffer:)
    Dakini Rhode: oh no don’t want to suffer
    Dakini Rhode: not on a Friday
    Solobill Laville: nope

    The conversation moved on to alcoholic beverages.

    Dakini Rhode: all of a sudden
    Dakini Rhode thinks we should be drinking something stronger
    Solobill Laville: Hmmmm….
    Solobill Laville: Do they have Prosecco in Assisi??
    Moon Fargis: eeew
    Solobill Laville: Bier then
    Dakini Rhode: Storm has bier
    Moon Fargis: well i prefer sake :)
    Solobill Laville: Let’s conclude this session, and off to the pub!!
    Dakini Rhode: anything taste ok after awhile
    Moon Fargis: haha
    Dakini Rhode: first sip is the worst
    Moon Fargis: dot have to stand up
    Moon Fargis: got beer here
    Solobill Laville: Good sake, is really quite good
    Dakini Rhode: oh i have sake here too
    Moon Fargis gave you Koeniglich-bayerisches Festbier (WEAR ME).
    Moon Fargis: good german beer
    Moon Fargis: ahh sake! great
    Cup of Sake whispers: Enjoy : )
    Moon Fargis: beer and sake *hicks*
    Faenik: could be
    Cup of Sake whispers: Enjoy : )
    Dakini Rhode: moon you have hiccups?
    Moon Fargis: jussch a liddhleh bithh
    Dakini Rhode: heheheee
    Cup of Sake whispers: Enjoy : )
    Dakini Rhode: ok i have now chased both cats away with my laughing
    Moon Fargis: haha
    Fael Illyar: Haha, they think you mad now :)
    Dakini Rhode: they are like “we were trying to sleep”
    Dakini Rhode: meh!
    Moon Fargis: ohoh i see the next cat i get will be named “meh”
    Dakini Rhode: good name
    Moon Fargis: yes saves time:)
    Dakini Rhode: will think you’re calling him all the time
    Fael Illyar: yes, and will learn to ignore it :P
    Moon Fargis: :)

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