2008.08.26 19:00 - Projects and life

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    The guardian for this meeting was Sylectra.  Only three attended, so the meeting had a more brisk tone than usual.

    You: Hello Adams.
    Adams Dubrovna: Hi Syl
    You: Hi Adams!
    You: Oh, good deal
    Nostrum Forder: Hi, Adams.
    You: These cushions are funny.
    Adams Dubrovna: Hello Nostrum
    Adams Dubrovna: They have two settings. left click to change
    You: To me they are round bubbles
    You: I feel oddly cocooned.
    Nostrum Forder: LOD
    You: :)
    Adams Dubrovna: Ah, they haven't rezzed yet then
    You: GRIN
    You: It's rather amusing
    Nostrum Forder: give the sculpties time.
    Adams Dubrovna: lots of lag tonight
    You: REally seems like it.
    You: I thought it was just my home region but it's here too.
    Nostrum Forder: mmm
    You: I like your hair, Adams.
    Adams Dubrovna: Yes, everywhere
    Nostrum Forder: HCI is particularly slow.
    Adams Dubrovna: Thnks Syl
    Adams Dubrovna: I like yours too
    You: Oh thanks!
    You: I am punky today. Er, I guess you call it Neko.
    Nostrum Forder: I'm a bad influence. :)
    Adams Dubrovna: :)
    You: But with a twist, see?
    You: my tool belt has art supplies instead of weapons.
    Nostrum Forder: hehe
    Adams Dubrovna: :)
    You: It's my pacifist statement.
    Nostrum Forder: is that the graphitee belt?
    You: yes :)
    You: So I am packing to move today.
    You: I am actually moving Thurs Friday and Saturday
    Adams Dubrovna: Oh?
    Adams Dubrovna: In town?
    You: Yes, all my stuff has to fit in a 1-br apartment
    You: yes.
    You: It's nice though
    Adams Dubrovna: That's good
    Nostrum Forder: hey Syl....
    Adams Dubrovna: Always a bit exausting to move
    Nostrum Forder: Keilor has a chat logger script.
    You: Oh cool.
    You: We're working our way towards logging chat but aren't there yet.
    You: We can log it but we want it saved automatically in the wiki, or as close as possible.
    Sylectra Darwin is kinda glad not to be on that tech team as they have their hands full
    Adams Dubrovna: Oh, you are not on the chat log team?
    You: no, but I am on a few others! :)
    You: I want to share the fun.
    Adams Dubrovna: :)
    Nostrum Forder: if your wiki is database-driven, it's trivial to update it.
    You: hmmm
    You: I have to admit that I don't understand enough of the emails about it to know whether the wiki is or not.
    You: I heard there was something about a bridge.
    You: LOL
    Sylectra Darwin's ignorance is now on full proud display
    Adams Dubrovna doesn't know enough about it to notice
    Nostrum Forder: give me the URL for it. I'll tell you what they use.
    You: sec
    Nostrum Forder giggles.
    You: quiet group today.
    Nostrum Forder: I do wiki before breakfast most days.
    You: Adams, have you been able to make a PaB meeting every day?
    Adams Dubrovna: I went to 10 in a row and then missed a day and I guess I have the three days since
    Adams Dubrovna: That will change when I go back to work :)
    Nostrum Forder: They are using hosted Deki.
    You: oh, are you on vacation?
    You: yes, Nos.
    Adams Dubrovna: I have my knee surgery last Wednesday
    Adams Dubrovna: had
    You: Oh, how did it go?
    Adams Dubrovna: Very well. I got on my bike today for a short ride :)
    Nostrum Forder: It's mysql bsed.
    Nostrum Forder ponders this.
    You: Oh good.
    You: That's fast, Adams.
    Adams Dubrovna: Yes, I think it was fairly minor...just some torn padding
    Adams Dubrovna: I'm as surprised as anyone :)
    Adams Dubrovna: piece of cake
    You: well good. Not an ACL?
    Adams Dubrovna: No. My other knee is a bigger problem but it is OK for now
    You: gotta stagger the surgeries. :)
    Adams Dubrovna: yup
    Adams Dubrovna: Many of the guardians are having trouble getting their chat logs up and are eager for the autorecording
    You: I understand.
    You: I do editing for web publication all the time, so this seems easy, but really it's a bit cumbersome.
    Adams Dubrovna: I don't know anything about this priblem but notice something is in the way
    Adams Dubrovna: problem
    You: Maybe it's just a matter of time and they will get it soon.
    Adams Dubrovna: I'm on the decorating committee and we seem to have trouble getting together too :)
    You: :)
    You: I have a project to contribute to your team then?
    You: As soon as I can get them ready.
    You: I have some nice scans of Japanese woodcuts for the Hall of Appearances.
    You: I need to "frame" them.
    Adams Dubrovna: Ah yes
    Adams Dubrovna: Great
    You: Just a lot going on this week. But it will be a good project.
    Adams Dubrovna: Yes, not easy to do other things when you're moving
    You: I find moving to be a cleansing spiritual exercise too.
    You: I don't need all this stuff.
    You: :)
    Adams Dubrovna: Yes. I haven;t moved for 29 years. We could use some dynamite
    You: haha
    You: good one
    You: good one
    Nostrum Forder: I was forced into my last move.
    Nostrum Forder: It was painful.
    Nostrum Forder: At first, it was clarifying and centering.
    Nostrum Forder: But then, when the house sold, there was all the accumulated debis
    Nostrum Forder: that showed up on my porch when my ex refused it.
    Nostrum Forder: It sits there still.
    Adams Dubrovna: That's tough
    You: wow.
    Nostrum Forder: The move was tough
    Nostrum Forder: the mess on the the porch is just Nos, procrastinating. :)
    You: hehe
    Adams Dubrovna: :)
    Adams Dubrovna: I have to go now. It was good to see you :)
    Adams Dubrovna: Have a good evening. bye :)
    Nostrum Forder: 'nite, Adams

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