2008.10.22 13:00 - Stinky cheese to hungry ghosts

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    The guardian for this session was Quilty Bookmite. The comments are his.

    Umbriel arrives.

    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Umbriel.
    Umbriel Levenque: Peace and Love
    Umbriel Levenque: slowly rezzing...
    Quilty Bookmite: Take your time.
    Faenik: �る��^^
    Umbriel takes his seat but still looks rather grey for the moment.
    Quilty Bookmite: You haven't rezzed completely for me.
    Quilty Bookmite: How are you anyway? I see you have acquired a Faenik.
    Quilty Bookmite: I don;t remember if you had it before. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: I'm well thank you. yourself
    Umbriel Levenque: ?
    Quilty Bookmite: I'm also well. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: It's been a while... you've been away?
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. Family funeral followed by a holiday.
    Quilty Bookmite: I spent a week in Wales.
    Umbriel Levenque: ah...
    Getting to grips withthe technology. I touch the listener.
    PaB Listener Master: Recording has started!
    Quilty Bookmite: I forgot to switch the recorder on. I thought it happened automatically.
    Umbriel Levenque: I believe we have to have at least one guardian present (with tag on)
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah.
    Quilty Bookmite: I thought activating the tag wasn't necessary.
    Umbriel Levenque: well I am not entirely sure
    Quilty Bookmite: But then I am out of touch. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: anything happening on 'playing rough' group front?
    I set up the "Playing Rough" group some time ago and had quite a few people join, but I haven't done anything with it yet. The group is about challenging commercialism and potentially using their own tools against them, such as advertising.
    Quilty Bookmite: Good question. I keep thinking I should set up a meeting.
    Quilty Bookmite: I haven't done anything yet though. RL suddenly got in the way.
    Umbriel Levenque: yeah... true
    Faenik: �る��^^
    Quilty Bookmite: Maybe I will set something up this weekend.
    Umbriel Levenque: look forward to it Quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Well, it should be fun.
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    I was on holiday when the meet in Princeton happened and haven't caught up on what happened there yet.
    Quilty Bookmite: Heard much about the RL meet?
    Umbriel Levenque: there are a few logs that people discuss about the fest
    Umbriel Levenque: actually the discussion seems to still go on
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah. Haven't had a chance to look yet.
    Umbriel Levenque: my impression is that people who participated enjoyed it
    Quilty Bookmite: Good.
    Quilty Bookmite: I think such things will be beyond me for a little while. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: In my younger days when I didn't have ties I would have gone.
    Quilty Bookmite: Not that I regret anything. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: same here. it's difficult to plan ahead at the moment for me
    Segaki, and the arrival of Dakini.
    Quilty Bookmite: This weekend I am going to a Segaki festival...
    Quilty Bookmite: Have you heard of it?
    Umbriel Levenque: no I'm afraid. what is it?
    Quilty Bookmite: It's also called (in English) The festival of the feeding of the hungry ghosts.
    Umbriel Levenque: hungry ghosts... Japanese then
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes.
    Umbriel Levenque: who's organising it? what is it for Quilty?
    Quilty Bookmite: It's at my local Zen priory. Not specifically for me. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Fortuitous though, since it is abut helping those who have recently died.
    Quilty Bookmite: hi Dakini
    Dakini Rhode: hi :)
    Umbriel Levenque: can't see the connection... hungry ghosts and recently deceased. the ghosts are symbols of our wants, needs and greeds that cannot be satisfied. is that right Quilty?
    Umbriel Levenque: Peace and Love
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. I think the thinking is that sometimes those who have died can't move on because they are clinging to something.
    Dakini Rhode: ah, hungry ghosts.... missed lunch?
    Umbriel Levenque: heheh
    Quilty Bookmite: I feel rather well fed thank you. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: I just had some excellent stilton.
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: I see Quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: My wife calls it stinky cheese.
    Umbriel Levenque: what do you plan to 'feed'?
    Dakini Rhode: i was about to say....
    Umbriel Levenque: to the ghosts?
    Dakini Rhode: about the cheese :P
    Faenik: indeed?
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: There is usually a wide selection of food on offer. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Stilton might put some of them off.
    Umbriel Levenque: heheh
    Quilty Bookmite: My gran died a few weeks ago so I am hoping that if she is still hanging around the ceremony might help her move on.
    Umbriel Levenque: hope so
    Dakini Rhode: what ceremony is that?
    Quilty Bookmite: Segaki. The feeding of the hungry ghosts.
    Dakini Rhode: very nice :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I am going to one this weekend.
    Dakini Rhode: do you think your gram is a hungry ghost?
    Quilty Bookmite: I don;t know she wasn't really herself for the last few years.
    Dakini Rhode: ah, i know how that is
    Quilty Bookmite: We all cling to something though.
    Quilty Bookmite: She liked her chocolates and her sherry. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Quilty Bookmite: Although we can't offer aclohol. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Dakini Rhode: nectar :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Too sweet for me. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: interesting that alcohol cannot be offered... is it because it's been organised by Buddhists? or is it the case for the ceremony in general?
    Quilty Bookmite: It is a Buddhist ceremony.
    Dakini Rhode: i've seen a bit of sherry in some buddhist ceremonies
    Quilty Bookmite: I'm sure it happens. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: But we have taken a precept against it.
    Umbriel Levenque: I see
    Faenik: �る��^^
    Dakini Rhode: no exception for ceremonies?
    Umbriel Levenque: the ghosts are depicted outside the Buddhist tradition too Quilty? or it is specifically a Buddhist symbol?
    Quilty Bookmite: Not in this case. They probably do in Japan.
    Dakini Rhode: and tibet :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I think it is specifically a Zen Buddhist ceremony but I'm not sure.
    Umbriel Levenque: I see
    Umbriel Levenque: interesting Quilty. I've seen paintings of the ghosts but didn't know about the ceremony until now. learn something new all the time
    Faenik loves wells!
    Quilty Bookmite: I think the hungry ghosts are not exclusive to Zen.
    Quilty Bookmite: They are in one of the 6 realms.
    Dakini Rhode: they are not zen only :)
    Dakini Rhode: they are always wanting, wanting, wanting and cannot be satisfied
    Umbriel Levenque: but it's a Buddhist symbol?
    Quilty Bookmite: As I thought. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: it can be seen as a psychological state
    Faenik: �る��^^
    The hungry ghost in all of us. In SL too.
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. The hungry ghosts have very thin necks and anything they try and eat or drink turns to fire.
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: yes Dakini...
    Quilty Bookmite: A state where nothing can satisfy no matter how much you have, :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: the food and the drink the ghosts want to take symbolise things we cling on in our lives possibly
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes, including actual food and drink but also many other things.
    Dakini Rhode: they can never quite "have" what it is they want, they are in a perpetual state of hunger
    Umbriel Levenque: yes
    Quilty Bookmite: A most unpleasant existence but I think it is pretty common in our everyday life.
    Umbriel Levenque: as in the article you recommended Quilty, money, appearance, youth, power and so forth
    Dakini Rhode: yes, in SL even :)
    Umbriel Levenque: in SL too?
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: I got that link from a Buddhist monk who has an online blog.
    Umbriel Levenque: was a good one ty
    Quilty Bookmite: I certainly enjoyed it. You weren't at that chat were you?
    Faenik: why not?
    Umbriel Levenque: no I'm afraid. I read it on wiki
    Quilty Bookmite: Someone actually read my transcript. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: cracked me up though... guessing celebrities game
    Quilty Bookmite: I seem to recall it was pretty boring for the most part.
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: I did very badly at that game.
    Umbriel Levenque: heheh yeah I gathered that
    Quilty Bookmite: I probably wasn't trying very hard.
    Umbriel Levenque: I wonder what we cling on in SL Dakini
    Umbriel Levenque: heheh
    Quilty Bookmite: Appearance I guess.
    Dakini Rhode: hmmm have you every been SL shopping?
    Umbriel Levenque: yes I have been
    Quilty Bookmite: Hard to avoid, isn;t it? The place is packed with shopping malls.
    Faenik: could be
    Dakini Rhode: IT IS???? haha
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Dakini Rhode: i'm so lazy about shopping, i stick to the places i know
    Quilty Bookmite: It's like driving through the USA sometimes. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: I have a tendency to browse at random, although I do it less these days.
    Umbriel Levenque: yes it gets boring after a while
    Quilty Bookmite: But yes, the spirit of the hungry ghost is definitely in SL. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: can't be avoided I suppose... humans are behind AVs here
    The intensity of SL.
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. In some ways it is like a more intense version of reality.
    Umbriel Levenque: intense?
    Quilty Bookmite: Reality is tempered by the things we don't take much notice of. People don't bring those things into SL, just the things they really want.
    Dakini Rhode: Interesting way to look at it, Quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: I haven't yet seen a toilet in SL. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: I observed once that the "bugs" in SL are the most real part of it
    Dakini Rhode: i have :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I'm sure they exist but probably special toilets. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes, the bugs introduce flaws to perfection.
    Dakini Rhode: i went to a gathering where i think there may have been a toilet decorating contest
    Dakini Rhode: you know the blue porta-potties...
    Quilty Bookmite: Sounds great. :-)
    Umbriel Levenque: :-)
    Dakini Rhode: lol it was interesting to see what people did with theirs...
    Quilty Bookmite: But not actually use them as toilets. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: oh no, decorative only
    Dakini Rhode: hmmm possibly a misuse of the word
    PaB Listener Master: Removing "Mavi Lemon" from list.
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Faenik: why not?
    Umbriel departs.
    Umbriel Levenque: Hope to see you both again soon. Have a good night/day.
    Quilty Bookmite: You too.
    Umbriel Levenque: Peace and Love
    Dakini Rhode: you too, Um :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Bye.
    PaB Listener Master: Removing "Umbriel Levenque" from list.
    PaB and Real Life.
    Dakini Rhode: did you talk about playasbeing before i arrived?
    Quilty Bookmite: No. I don't think it has been mentioned. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Very remiss of me.
    Dakini Rhode: haha now it has :)
    Dakini Rhode: i did my bit :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Want to say more?
    Dakini Rhode: hmmm
    Dakini Rhode: that was a 9 sec pause :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Quite a long one. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: no words came to mind :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I have hardly thought about PaB in the last couple of weeks.
    Quilty Bookmite: Except reading the emails of course.
    Being a caregiver.
    Dakini Rhode: nor have i, been occupied with mommy care
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah. You being the mommy?
    Dakini Rhode: although i do take frequent pauses
    Dakini Rhode: no, my mother being the mommy
    Dakini Rhode: and i the caregiver
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah. Sorry to hear that.
    Dakini Rhode: these things tend to happen if you have any sort of longevity
    Quilty Bookmite: Indeed.
    Quilty Bookmite: My gran was put in a home because she needed a lot of care.
    Quilty Bookmite: I can;t help feeling guilty about the way we treat the elderly here though.
    Dakini Rhode: mom has been in and out the past several years
    Dakini Rhode: trying to manage her in her own home has become a challenge
    Quilty Bookmite: Of course.
    Quilty Bookmite: She is at home now?
    Dakini Rhode: yes and it is really a lesson for me
    Dakini Rhode: we have drugs now which prolong life, but i wonder at the wisdom of it
    Quilty Bookmite: The Chinese look after their elderly at home but I can't help feeling that is going too far te other way.
    Dakini Rhode: if you have the family to do so, it's a option...
    Dakini Rhode: we're trying it...
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes.
    Dakini Rhode: there is really no cure for old age, so all the heart pills, the arthritis pills, etc. ... i wonder that they only prolong suffering
    Dakini Rhode: of course nobody in the US wants to die...
    Quilty Bookmite: It's a good point and probably another example of clinging.
    Dakini Rhode: well i'm morbid, aren't i? sorry :)
    Quilty Bookmite: But somehow it's inevitable. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: No need to apologise.
    Quilty Bookmite: As a Buddhist you should feel free to talk about death and suffering. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: i went to a buddhist teaching last weekend on chod practice
    Dakini Rhode: indeed :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I haven't heard of chod.
    Dakini Rhode: chod is "cutting thru"
    Dakini Rhode: sort of cutting thru attachment to appearances, that would be one aspect of it
    Boddhisattvas with swords, confusion and so to bed.
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah. Like Achalanatha. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: oh, i have not heard of that :)
    Dakini Rhode: as for chod, i only know some of the biography of it's originator, so far :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Achalanatha carries a sword to cut through delusion.
    Dakini Rhode: on, like Manjushri?
    Quilty Bookmite: Similar, yes.
    Quilty Bookmite: I may be getting mixed up. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: so might i :)
    Dakini Rhode: easy to do if i stray too far from personal experience :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Easy for me when I'm tired. :-)
    Dakini Rhode: what time is it there?
    Quilty Bookmite: 10 p.m.
    Dakini Rhode: late... it's time for my supper, actually
    Quilty Bookmite: Which is late when you have a child.
    Dakini Rhode: or when you are one :)
    Quilty Bookmite: 5 p.m. there?
    Dakini Rhode: yup
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Well, I'd better be going to bed.
    Dakini Rhode: i'll let you get to your bed :)
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Goodnight.
    Dakini Rhode: be well :)
    Quilty Bookmite: You too.

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