2009.01.05 13:00 - One of the Most Productive PaB Sessions

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    Steven was the guardian that afternoon. He asked me, Pema, to put up the chat log for him. I also provided the title.

    Wol Euler: hello Stim, happy new year.
    Stim Morane: Hi Wol, same to you!
    Stim Morane: Is this a new avatar?
    Wol Euler: yep :)
    Stim Morane: how many have you tried so far?
    Wol Euler: I got ticked off at a discussion befre christmas, someone was talking about fat avatars and wondering why anyone would not want to look beautiful. Well, I couldn't let that go by.
    Stim Morane: I see.
    Wol Euler: and this is only the second shape I've used in this av. My alt has different bodies, of course.
    Stim Morane: Yes
    Wol Euler: I find hte beautyism of SL and the narrow definition of acceptable beauty quite annoying. Boring, in fact.
    Stim Morane: That's an interesting topic.
    Stim Morane: I guess it all boils down to what people think SL is supposed to be about.
    Wol Euler: mmhmm
    Wol Euler smiles. So what is SL about, Stim?
    Stim Morane: I'd be the last to know.
    Wol Euler chuckles.
    Moon Fargis: hi you two :)
    Wol Euler: hello moon! frohes neues Jahr!
    Stim Morane: Hi Moon!
    Moon Fargis: danke dir auch!:)
    Moon Fargis: as i cant stay long atleast i wanted to say hi :)
    Stim Morane: Oh. Well, happy New Year to you!
    Wol Euler: that's a bold new avatar, moon.
    Moon Fargis: happynew year to you too stim :)
    Moon Fargis: oh its uiet old to be true :)
    Moon Fargis: i just use it rareley
    Moon Fargis purrzzzzzzzzz
    Stim Morane: you created this sound?
    Wol Euler: hello kade
    Kade Enderfield: hello
    Moon Fargis: hi
    Stim Morane: Hi Kade
    Kade Enderfield: im new just looking around sorry to bother
    Moon Fargis: stim: no then i would be longer and louder :)
    Stim Morane: I see. Well, I felt suitably soothed by it.
    Moon Fargis: ok need to move again see yyou ^^/
    Moon Fargis purrzzzzzzzzz
    Stim Morane: Bye, Moon!
    Wol Euler: bye moon, take care
    Stim Morane: How are your technical projects going, Wol?
    Wol Euler: well, I just got back into SL for the fisrt time yesterday, couldn't get online at all during hte holiday.
    Wol Euler: it appears taht nothing has been done on hte autologging, but Fael hasn't been online for me to confirm that.
    Stim Morane: You simply weren't able to log on?
    Wol Euler: yep, coudn't find a fast enough connection in rural Saskatchewan.
    Stim Morane: Oh, right.
    Wol Euler: and annoyingly, my cousin who last time didn't have internet at all, now has highspeed DSL, so I _would_ have been able to get into SL there, but I didn't take my laptop with me that day :(
    Stim Morane: You must be very hardy, to cope with the winters there.
    Wol Euler smiles. I hated it as a child, and if I lived there fulltime I might still hate it.
    Stim Morane: :)
    Wol Euler: it's different when you are there as a tourist.
    Stim Morane: I see. I have several friends who went to the university there. Brrr!
    Wol Euler grins and nods.
    Wol Euler: but y'know, people survive. You triple-glaze windows and have extra-strong car heaters put in
    Wol Euler: and if it gets below -40°C the schools close :-)
    Stim Morane: :)
    Wol Euler: how were your holidays?
    Stim Morane: I was too busy to take any time off.
    Wol Euler: ah!
    Wol Euler: or maybe awww
    Wol Euler: depends on how you feel about "busy" I guess.
    Wol Euler: were you at least enjoying it?
    Stim Morane: I guess so. My days are pretty much the same, or as close to the same as I can make them.
    Wol Euler: hmmmmmm
    Wol Euler: would you care to say more about that?
    Stim Morane: I haven't really thought about it.
    Stim Morane: Since I spend a lot of time on meditation practice, that and related activities occupy most of any day.
    Wol Euler: it sounds a bit like you have made a monastic life outside the monastery
    Stim Morane: not always, but to some extent, yes.
    Stim Morane: And you?
    Wol Euler: well, yes :)
    Wol Euler: my days do tend to look alike as well. Being largely self-employed I can do what I want when I want. Mostly.
    Stim Morane: Yes, there are always wild-card factors.
    Wol Euler: I see the difference between days mostly in the form of which other people are available to me :)
    Stim Morane: Yes.
    Stim Morane: Same here.
    Wol Euler: and of course in Germany, the stores all close for the weekend on Saturday afternoons
    Wol Euler: Sunday is still distinctive here, not like in most of North America.
    Stim Morane: Yes.
    Wol Euler: I suspect that won't last long though, active churchgoers are a minority here.
    Stim Morane: There may be other reasons why that tradition will be maintained.
    Wol Euler: I hope so, having seen both ways I think this is better.
    Stim Morane: I would agree
    Wol Euler: We seem to be unable to jump clear of the hamster-wheel of our own accord, so a little outside nudge to do so is a good thing.
    Stim Morane: :)
    Wol Euler: btw and apropos, is it this afternoon that you are talking with Pema about the prehistory?
    Stim Morane: I hope not. I think it's tomorrow.
    Wol Euler: ah, ok. don't worry on my account, I am jetlaggy and unable to track dates and times
    Stim Morane: I think it's 1pm SLT Tuesday.
    Wol Euler: good :) I look forward to hearing that.
    Stim Morane: If you attend, please tell me what to say.
    Wol Euler: oh, and I managed to track down a copy of I Am That! it's being ordered, my sister will mail it to me
    Wol Euler: hehehehh
    Stim Morane: You think I'm kidding ...
    Stim Morane: :)
    Wol Euler laughs. actually yes, I did.
    Wol Euler: I do think of you as a "resident expert"
    Wol Euler: one of those who knows what he's talking about.
    Stim Morane: I freely admit that I know nothing of what is really pertinent here.
    Stim Morane: What I usually teach would be extremely difficult to unpack at all, here, using text chat.
    Stim Morane: So I'm open to some help!
    Wol Euler: well, I'll be glad to offer whatever crumbs of assistance I can offer.
    Stim Morane: Great.
    Wol Euler sighs. two "offer"s in one sentence.
    Stim Morane: I'll ignore it this one time.
    Wol Euler: my brain is starting to spoin
    Wol Euler: -o
    Stim Morane: This scintillating conversation is becoming too much for both of us, perhaps.
    Wol Euler: I fear so. this will not go down in history as one of the most productive PaB sessions.
    Stim Morane: Are you heavily jet-lagged?
    Wol Euler: couldn't get to sleep last night until 6am this morning, if that counts.
    Stim Morane: Good heavens, sorry to hear that!
    Wol Euler: it's like having a couple of cows sitting on my shoulders, where the angel and devil are supposed to sit and whisper
    Stim Morane: Yes. I know the feeling.
    Stim Morane: Well ... I should go. Thanks very much for dropping in and keeping me company, Wol!
    Wol Euler: ok, good to see you Stim. Take care, rest up, keep your brain fresh for tomorrow's encounter :)
    Stim Morane: :)
    Wol Euler: 'night, stim
    Stim Morane: Bye, Wol!
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