2009.01.21 01:00 - Glowing

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    I, Tarmel Udimo was Guardian this morning. The comments are mine. It was a small group just Corvi, Susi and I. Given the exciting and historical day before, I wasn't surprised. Susi very kindly gave me an Aura that I could wear, but it took at least most of the session for me to figure out how to control it.

    Susi Alcott: hi Tarmel
    Tarmel Udimo: how have you been
    Susi Alcott: I have yes :)
    Susi Alcott: how have you been ?
    Tarmel Udimo: good a great day with the inauguration
    Susi Alcott: nice to hear
    Tarmel Udimo: how do you get to glow?
    Susi Alcott: did you get the inventory offer from me now ?
    Tarmel Udimo: thank you
    Susi Alcott: soon you'll get the answer to your question
    Tarmel Udimo: very nice i just have to learn how to tone it down
    Tarmel Udimo: hey corvi
    Susi Alcott: hi Corvi
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Hi all.
    Susi Alcott: ah
    Tarmel Udimo: susi has just given me the aura
    Tarmel Udimo: how do i control it?
    Susi Alcott: have not thought of this aura for a while
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Thank you, Susi.
    Susi Alcott: there is the note card
    Susi Alcott: you can 'forget' the 'who's got'
    Susi Alcott: the other note card gives the commands
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Tarmel Udimo: susi gone
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: aw.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: relog
    Tarmel Udimo: wb susi
    Susi Alcott: ty
    Susi Alcott: (/7off)
    Susi Alcott: is the command to shut down
    Susi Alcott: without the brackets
    Susi Alcott: (/7 aura on ) gives the glow without spots
    Susi Alcott: this is a present from my friend
    Tarmel Udimo: okay but just typing /7 doesn't do it... its a lovely present
    Susi Alcott: no; that's only the beginning of the command
    Susi Alcott: may I ask from you why dont' you like to wear it ?
    Susi Alcott: you sure dont need to answer
    Tarmel Udimo: I like it very much susi I just still don't understand the commands
    Tarmel Udimo: is there anything that you would like to talk about susi?
    Susi Alcott: can try to talk about anything you'de like to
    Susi Alcott: what ever
    Susi Alcott: did you want the dots to 'work out' too or only the glow ?
    Tarmel Udimo: only the glow for now and the dots less of them
    Susi Alcott: then shut it down again; that you did already
    Susi Alcott: then type (7/ aura on)
    Susi Alcott: so sorry
    Tarmel Udimo: 7/aura on
    Susi Alcott: type (/7 aura on )
    Tarmel Udimo: (/7 aura on)
    Susi Alcott: without the brackets
    Susi Alcott: if I write the command itself, it does not show out to you and only I loose the glow
    Susi Alcott: ah
    Susi Alcott: I type it to IM
    IM: Susi Alcott: /7 aura on
    Susi Alcott: go it now ?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire grins.
    Susi Alcott: it may help if you strech the note card or commands
    Tarmel Udimo: i am typing many times but it doesn't show up - strange...
    Susi Alcott: hm
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: (/7 aura on)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: did you put on the generator?
    Tarmel Udimo: yes not working only if I click on wear
    Tarmel Udimo: but don't worry I'll get there
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: it's working now, Tarmel.
    Susi Alcott: did you notice the space between the words ?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I see it on you.
    Tarmel Udimo: oh okay
    Susi Alcott: sometimes it may take a moment
    Tarmel Udimo: ohh okay so i don't see the command?
    Susi Alcott: no
    Susi Alcott: but when you write it
    Susi Alcott: so now we both glow :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes - nice glow
    Tarmel Udimo: corvi are you glowing?



    Once we figured that out Susi gave us some interesting thoughts about colour and form and sound and glowing.


    Susi Alcott: you can change the colour with an other command
    Tarmel Udimo: okay lets try that
    Susi Alcott: now we all glow
    Susi Alcott: we can create a rainbow too
    Tarmel Udimo: yes?
    Susi Alcott: would you like the idea of the treforce colour rainbow ?
    Tarmel Udimo: yes please
    Susi Alcott: then you Tarmel would need to use red, Corvi would need to use green and I'de need blue
    Tarmel Udimo: okay so how do we do that?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire looks interested.
    Susi Alcott: You Tarmel type (/7 red)
    Susi Alcott: and Corvi needs to type (7/ green)
    Susi Alcott: sry; (7/ green)
    Susi Alcott: oh no
    Susi Alcott: the / comes always first
    Susi Alcott: so now we reveal the colours of the triforce
    Tarmel Udimo: okay so how about dots too
    Susi Alcott: just command them on
    Susi Alcott: they give the same colour
    Susi Alcott gave you Snapshot : Play as Being Pavilion, Bieup (64, 36, 103).
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Thank you, Susi!
    Tarmel Udimo: lovely
    Susi Alcott: I assume you may know that the Universe is based on three forms
    Tarmel Udimo: tell us more
    Susi Alcott: the triangle, circle and the square
    Susi Alcott: as well to three colours
    Tarmel Udimo: okay
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: really?
    Susi Alcott: that is what I have let people to teach me
    Susi Alcott: each form has own power and colour and tone
    Tarmel Udimo: and these three forms when used together create all forms?
    Susi Alcott: or tune if that is the better word
    Tarmel Udimo: okay, can you tell us what they are?
    Susi Alcott: the triangle, circle and the square
    Susi Alcott: red, green and blue
    Tarmel Udimo: yes
    Tarmel Udimo: and the tone?
    Tarmel Udimo: so i'm the triangle, corvi is the circle and you are the square :-)
    Susi Alcott: that I'm not clear, but my mind speaks now about the trefoil
    Susi Alcott: that may be so; I'm not clear what shape holds what colour
    Tarmel Udimo: okay
    Susi Alcott: but I know that eacht tone has also the 'upper' and 'lower' tone
    Tarmel Udimo: ahhh
    Susi Alcott: so each 'holds' in fact three sounds in itself
    Susi Alcott: but there is also the silence
    Tarmel Udimo: yes?
    Susi Alcott: sure
    Susi Alcott: that's often called space too
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods, understanding this concept...
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Tarmel Udimo: so if we know the sounds can we use it to build energy forms?
    Susi Alcott: sure
    Tarmel Udimo: sound is used in healing too
    Susi Alcott: you can also destroy energy forms with sound
    Susi Alcott: yes
    Tarmel Udimo: okay
    Tarmel Udimo: do you know how to use sound?
    Susi Alcott: I am no musician
    Tarmel Udimo: i mean in healing or building forms :-)
    Susi Alcott: I dont do anything such knowingly
    Tarmel Udimo: okay
    Susi Alcott: maybe 'sound' of silence
    Tarmel Udimo: nice one susi
    Susi Alcott: that I love to 'use'
    Tarmel Udimo: yes its powerful
    Susi Alcott: that is the sound of 'emptyness' which is no emptyness in fact
    Susi Alcott: but the most high frequency
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Susi Alcott: good that we can speak from heart to heart
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods.
    Susi Alcott: ok
    Tarmel Udimo: yes that's important susi heart to heart
    Susi Alcott: had nice time
    Tarmel Udimo: us too
    Susi Alcott: wishing nice time to both of you
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods..thank you, Susi.
    Tarmel Udimo: and ty for picture
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_


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