2009.02.08 07:00 - Doug's Dreams

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Adams Rubble. The comments are by Adams Rubble.

    Doug and I arrived at about the same time and Pema moments later. I had forgotten how to claim the autorecorder and Pema reminded me. Later Doug would recount a dream he had and his dreams of what PaB should be

        doug Sosa: morning.
        Adams Rubble: Morning Doug :)
        doug Sosa: :)
        Adams Rubble: I am trying to figure out to claim the autorecorder record
        Adams Rubble: it does not seem to be running
        Adams Rubble: Morning Pema :)
        Pema Pera: it says "recording"
        doug Sosa: hi pema
        Adams Rubble: ah
        Adams Rubble: How do I claim it?
        Pema Pera: Hi Doug and Adams!
        Pema Pera: click on it
        Adams Rubble: ah
        Pema Pera: choose "claim"
        Pema Pera: yesterday I had trouble to get it started
        Adams Rubble: got it thanks :)
        Pema Pera: choosing "restart" did the job
        Adams Rubble: I forgot
        Pema Pera: even though it hadn't been started
        Pema Pera: I believe it should start automatically when a guardian is detected
        Pema Pera: I sent Wol a note about it yesterday when it didn't start automagically eitehr
        doug Sosa: automagic?

    It turns out that all three of us had recently visited the old sites for sessions, the Tea House and Pavilion. It turns out there will be some changes coming

        Adams Rubble: I made a mini-pilgrimage this morning :)
        Pema Pera: So how do you feel now, after the splendid exhibit turned out to be such a success?
        Pema Pera: mini-pilgrimage?
        Adams Rubble: I stopped at the tea house...then the old pavilion on my way here
        Pema Pera: you know, I did that just ten minutes ago too . . . .
        Adams Rubble: :)
        doug Sosa: well, i did it last week. i lioe that space.
        Adams Rubble: :)
        doug Sosa: love
        Pema Pera: I was talking with Dakini, who would like to sell the land
        Adams Rubble: oh my
        Pema Pera: to us
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Pema Pera: so not to worry :)
        Adams Rubble: what will happen to the group meditation?
        Pema Pera: she said it was now mostly taken over by other groups, I mean other groups offering meditation
        Pema Pera: we'll have to think about what to do there
        Adams Rubble: yes
        Pema Pera: if any group would like to continue sitting there, that would be fine, but most groups have their own   place already
        Adams Rubble: yes. Dakini's meditation had a special feel to it :)
        Pema Pera: yes
        Adams Rubble: She has been very busy
        Pema Pera: yes

    Could we have some sessions in the old places?

        Adams Rubble: It might be nice to have some sessions in the old places
        Pema Pera: good idea; we have to think about how to use those places
        Adams Rubble: My favorite though were the benches outside the teahouse
        Adams Rubble: maybe it is because of the memories
        Pema Pera: we probably shouldn't interrupt the 6-hour-interval meetings here
        Pema Pera: but we can organize extra events, meetings
        Pema Pera: oh, me too, Adams, believe me!
        Pema Pera: just flying over the place brought up so many memories . . . .
        Adams Rubble: :)

    Doug has other things on his mind: the Discipline of Exploration

        doug Sosa: for me,i am lost in the swirl of meetings.
        Adams Rubble: What do you think about possibly begining a session here, staying for a half hour and then going to one of the other places, leaving a note here with a landmark?
        Pema Pera: yes, that would certainly be an option; or after an hour, or after 3/4 hour or whatever
        Adams Rubble: yes, when we felt the mood :)
        Adams Rubble: It would be a way for the new people to get in touch with PaB's past
        Pema Pera: I presume the skate rink will go . . .
        Pema Pera: yes
        doug Sosa: what happened to the discipline of exploration?
        Adams Rubble: Dubrovna has all the discipline :)
        Adams Rubble: hehe
        Pema Pera: why not explore both past and future?
        Adams Rubble: I just explore
        Pema Pera: and our own responses to both?
        Adams Rubble: :)

    Doug tells us about his dream

        doug Sosa: this morning i had a dream.
        doug Sosa: i went to a circus on the ed of a valley
        Adams Rubble: yes Doug
        doug Sosa: I got too close to where there was going to be a high wire act.
        doug Sosa: across the valley.for audience
        doug Sosa: particiation,they took me and threw me out on the wire.
        Adams Rubble: oh my
        doug Sosa: I was hanging on,waiting to see what wouldhappen.
        doug Sosa: i knew if i woke i would be out of the dream, but i wnted to hang o and get rescued.
        doug Sosa: so i was stuk between dream and "reality".
        Pema Pera: :)
        doug Sosa: To et here i hd to let go of the dream and avoid a "rational"ending,and teleport myself here.
        Pema Pera: you're still dreaming, Doug?
        Pema Pera: dreaming that you got into a PaB session?
        doug Sosa: no,but i can get riht bak on thatwire!
        Adams Rubble: :)
        doug Sosa: right back
        Adams Rubble: I have had dreams that have taken days for a resolution
        Adams Rubble: have to keep going over it until I get it
        Adams Rubble: The imagery is fantastic :)
        doug Sosa: invite us over :)
        Adams Rubble: Sorry, i was referring to your imagery :)
        doug Sosa: oh(;

    After a bit I note this is a somewhat historic occasion and we discuss Kira

        Adams Rubble: Pema do you know this is the first time you have been to one of the sessions in which I am GOC sicne I moved to Sunday?
        Pema Pera: really?
        Pema Pera: wow
        Adams Rubble: welcome!
        Pema Pera: thank you!
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Adams Rubble: Of course, I have seen you at other sessions :)
        Pema Pera: The combination of time zones and being very busy has made my attendance rather scattered, I realize
        Adams Rubble: yes, there used to be Kira mtgs in this slot
        Adams Rubble: too
        Pema Pera: in this slot?
        Adams Rubble: yes before the big guardian mtgs
        Adams Rubble: at 8
        Pema Pera: ah those!
        Pema Pera: yes, I almost forgot
        Pema Pera: yet another part of prehistory . . . .
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Pema Pera: when Kira was only a glimmer in our eyes
        Pema Pera: and now we have several events every day . . . .
        Adams Rubble: I think prehistory is before me
        Adams Rubble giggles
        Pema Pera: hard to believe how much has been accomplished in the last few months
        Adams Rubble: yes, there is much going on

    Doug is not to be denied

        doug Sosa: so, in the flow of events where can i most likely find he old atmosphere of careful observation?
        Pema Pera: up to you, Doug!
        Adams Rubble looks under the cushion
        Pema Pera: careful observation can come in many different guises, I mean
        doug Sosa: well, i've been to say ten recently and there are between no and a few people, and the conversation nver isserious, though i can bend it, but ..
        Pema Pera: the sharing atmosphere of PaB, although different from session to session, as you indicated
        Pema Pera: and then many kinds of Kira workshops, each with their own flavor
        doug Sosa: but my whole week is different flavors. i like to put on my shirt and walk over and be in that old atmosphere.
        Pema Pera: But Doug, for crying out loud, when you keep saying that sessions not being serious, how about trying to make them serious yourself, is that not possible?
        Pema Pera: and you said that we were too much looking at the past, and now you long for old atmoshere
        doug Sosa: yes,and it is possible.but i hear enough of me the rest of the week.
        Pema Pera: do you just like to be contrarian :-) ?
        doug Sosa: of course.in contraries there are intesticies.in inersticies we can survive.
        doug Sosa: intersticies.sorry,very old rubber keyboard..

    Pema then asks me about the students who worked on the exhibition

        Pema Pera: If I can ask a serious question: Adams, what have the reactions been of your students
        Pema Pera: the most dedicated ones that helped you build the exhibit?
        Pema Pera: have some of them caught on to the SL atmosphere?
        Pema Pera: Have they been here at PaB?
        Adams Rubble: We have to debrief a little this week :)
        Adams Rubble: No they have had very limited time on SL as far as I can determine
        Adams Rubble: It got a bit hectic at the end :)
        Adams Rubble: We did some real art history though :)
        Adams Rubble: Some questions we raised have not yet been answered
        Adams Rubble: They will be coming back to them..me too :)

    Pema brings up Doug's Description yesterday

        Pema Pera: Doug, I loved your description yesterday of opening the door and feeling just "presence" of the world in front of you
        Adams Rubble: yes, me too :)
        Pema Pera: It's one of these wonderful things that can be transmitted here in SL
        Pema Pera: you writing it, us reading it, and really feeling it -- at least some of it, something that resonates
        Pema Pera: isn't that magical?
        Pema Pera: For me, that kind of exchange is what philosophy should be
        Pema Pera: love of knowledge: philo-sophy
        Pema Pera: not bickering and arguing and fighting about clever formulations, as occurs nowadays mostly in philosophy departments . . . .
        doug Sosa: :)
        Pema Pera: how do you think we could enhance that kind of sharing here, Doug?
        Pema Pera: as you did with us yesterday?
        doug Sosa: in the old pavillion it seems to me we were more focused, more to the point of PaB. it seemed natural, unforced. Speaking for me, that focus is mostly gone. I asiciate it with change of space and the presence of anaimals.
        doug Sosa: And i look at my own role.
        Pema Pera: there are many changes going on all the time, far more than just a change of place
        Pema Pera: we've had a number of new guardians, several of them quite active and open and friendly
        doug Sosa: my tendencythen is to pullback and see how it settles out.it is a more complex process than i have the time to follow.
        Pema Pera: when we're wondering how to share more, we can't very well turn the clock back . . .
        doug Sosa: not back but forward to..??
        Pema Pera: things will evolve anyway :)
        Pema Pera: forward to changes . . .

    Doug tells us he is looking for people to share the experience of exploring appearance; I had crashed at this point but the autorecorder supplied the text

        doug Sosa: my desire is simple: a place to eplore the 9 sec, PaB,appearance.. and yes related questions.
        Pema Pera: do you want to say something about that now?
        Pema Pera: I'd love to hear more about the way you are working with appearance
        doug Sosa: i think i just did. no?
        doug Sosa: ah, well,the dream i reported was relevant.
        Pema Pera: ah, can you say a bit more about that?
        doug Sosa: ?
        Pema Pera: I mean how the dream connected with your way of exploring appearance
        Pema Pera: wb Adams
        Adams Rubble: Thanks
        doug Sosa: the apperance was of being in the dream,knowing i could get out,not wanting to violate the physics of the dream..
        doug Sosa: the "apperance"ledto a radcalchoice. I am not used to finding "choice" in apperance.
        Pema Pera: how did it feel upon waking up?
        doug Sosa: there was no "it". i knew i could continue awake or i oud go backinto the dream,hanging on to the wire across he valley.
        Pema Pera: how nice, to be at such a swivel point
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Pema Pera: I myself find jetlag to be conducive to stay in such an in-between realm more easily
        doug Sosa: very very interesting. not exhilerating ecause also fear of falling.
        doug Sosa: i could let go the wire and fallor letgo the dream and find the bed.
        Pema Pera: and you did neither?
        Pema Pera: for a while at least?
        Adams Rubble: or find out what the fear is pointing to?
        doug Sosa: right but i "relaized" that in the dream nothing was happening,and i wouldgt tired and have to letgo.
        doug Sosa: i could find whatthe fear was pointing to,but that feels likeprePaB. staying with the presence of the appearance seems more fruitful.
        Adams Rubble: :)

    Scathach arrives somewhat confused about where she appeared

        Adams Rubble: bravo!
        Pema Pera: Hi Scathach!
        Adams Rubble: Hi Scath :)
        Scathach Rhiadra: hey, how did I end up here?
        Pema Pera: Doug is talking about staying with the presence of appearance
        Adams Rubble: Magnetism :)
        Pema Pera: and here you appear in our presence!
        doug Sosa: and there she was!
        Scathach Rhiadra: :)
        Adams Rubble: Nice to see you anyway :)
        doug Sosa: back in a minute. ned to put wood on the fire.
        Scathach Rhiadra: nice to be here, and see you all:)

    Pema asks about Tibetan and we discuss which is worst: cars, computers or Second Life but we have dofferent criteria

        Pema Pera: How is your Tibetan class going, Scathach?
        Scathach Rhiadra: very well, except I missed it yesterday, my car broke down, got stranded for a few hours
        Adams Rubble: :(
        Adams Rubble: Cars are bummers
        Adams Rubble: except when they work
        Scathach Rhiadra: agreed:)
        Pema Pera: computers even more so . . . .
        Scathach Rhiadra: yes, computers are the worst
        Adams Rubble: actually cars are worse, Pema :)
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Adams Rubble: one car repair can cost more than a new computer
        Scathach Rhiadra: or SL might take the prize for worst?
        Pema Pera: I was thinking "worst" as in feeling completely cut off and at a loss
        Adams Rubble: we'll have to take a vote :)
        Pema Pera: I could live without a car much better than without a computer
        Adams Rubble: yes, we can do fine without cars, as long as we can get home
        Pema Pera: but then again, I live in Manhattan :-)
        Pema Pera: yes
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Pema Pera: and getting here to this pavilon is like getting home :-)
        Adams Rubble: no need for a car but do need a computer :)
        Adams Rubble: good argument :)
        Scathach Rhiadra: so if you cannot log in to SL....
        doug Sosa: back. fire almost went out.
        Adams Rubble: then you can go for a ride in the car :)
        Adams Rubble: hehe
        Scathach Rhiadra: :))

    So who needs cars when we have PaB and trains

        Pema Pera: I have my cake and eat it when traveling between New York City and Princeton
        Pema Pera: by train
        Pema Pera: and going into SL during that time
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Pema Pera: much to the amusement of some of my fellow passengers
        Scathach Rhiadra: ah, nice!
        Pema Pera: who are wondering what the heck I am doing there
        Adams Rubble: and seeing scenic NJ at the same time :)
        Adams Rubble: hehe
        Pema Pera: doesn't look interesting enough for a game
        Pema Pera: yes
        Fael Illyar: Hi Pema, Adams, Scat, doug :)
        Pema Pera: not jerking shooting reactions from my side, yet intense interest
        Pema Pera: Hi Fael!
        Adams Rubble: Hi Fael :)
        Scathach Rhiadra: Hi FaEL:)
        Adams Rubble: yes, people do have a thing about SL, don;t they
        Adams Rubble: why is he staring at people sitting around a fountain?
        Pema Pera: I've had quite a few interesting conversations with people in cafes who saw me working with SL
        Pema Pera: :)
        Adams Rubble: typing the air...
        Pema Pera: I see that you have improved your posture further, Fael :-)
        Adams Rubble swings around the camera to admire Fael's swinign legs
        Fael Illyar attaches herself to Pema, again.
        Pema Pera: I wonder what will happen when I start flying . . .
        Pema Pera: would you come along?
        Fael Illyar: probably not :)
        Pema Pera: I guess not
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Fael Illyar: would take scripting and still be rather imperfect :)
        Pema Pera: Fael is not big on "attaching" it seems
        Adams Rubble: Fael is demonstrating what we have in abundance in PaB....
        Adams Rubble: love :)
        Pema Pera: and little attachment
        doug Sosa: so if i joined adams tht way whatwould happen?
        Pema Pera: :)
        Adams Rubble: yes, Pema does seem to have an attachment :)
        Pema Pera: a loosely attached ment
        Scathach Rhiadra: :)
        Adams Rubble: :)
        Adams Rubble: I will have to go to another meeting
        Adams Rubble: bye everyone :)
        Pema Pera: It's time for me too
        Pema Pera: See you Adams!
        Scathach Rhiadra: see you later Adams:)
        Adams Rubble: great seeing you all :)

    I left and the autorecorder did a wonderful job capturing the rest. Thansk Wol and Fael :)

        doug Sosa: i forgot is there also an 8oclock?
        Pema Pera: no
        doug Sosa: ok. bye then.
        Pema Pera: bye Doug!
        Scathach Rhiadra: bye Doug:)
        Pema Pera: Scathach, perhaps I misremembered it, but did you say that there are Tibetan language lessons in SL too?
        Scathach Rhiadra: yes Pema, we meet in the Tea-house in Rieul, every Saturday at 8am
        Pema Pera: right now?
        Scathach Rhiadra: ?, this is Sunday
        Pema Pera: ah!
        Pema Pera: hehehe
        Scathach Rhiadra: :)
        Pema Pera: I'm totally mixed up, day wise
        Pema Pera: so you are following lessons both in RL and SL, how interesting
        Pema Pera: can you type Tibetan in our local chat window?
        Scathach Rhiadra: no, SL does not support the font:(
        Pema Pera: is there no unicode for Tibetan?
        Pema Pera: I thought SL supports unicode
        Scathach Rhiadra: I think there is, I have a WP package for tibetan, TibDoc, and I think it uses unicode
        Scathach Rhiadra: but would have no idea how to transfer in SL
        Scathach Rhiadra: we scan the script into jpegs and upload into a presentation screen we have
        Pema Pera: let me ask a Linden; would be nice to have that ability
        Scathach Rhiadra: yes, it would be great!
        Scathach Rhiadra: we use voice which is working out pretty well
        Pema Pera: I'm writing an email while we speak . . .
        Fael Illyar: as far as I know, SL supports unicode...
        Scathach Rhiadra: :))
        Fael Illyar: but it's up to individual systems as to whether they have the fonts or not
        Pema Pera: ah yes, I remember that Faenik came across in some logs and not in others
        Pema Pera: when Faenik said: んるほど
        Pema Pera: なるほど
        Scathach Rhiadra: Japanese and Chinese displays pretty well

        Pema Pera: well, I just sent an email; will let you know what the advise is - it should be possible and it would be much more fun to have you all communicate in Tibetan in your local chat, don't you think?

        Fael Illyar: considering how it work to have japanese in group titles, I'd think the encoding is utf-8
        Scathach Rhiadra: defenitely!
        Pema Pera: yes, that sounds right
        Scathach Rhiadra: we were hoping to do that when we started, and had to find workarounds
        Pema Pera: I'll have to go now
        Pema Pera: see you soon again!
        Pema Pera: Bye for now!
        Scathach Rhiadra: bye Pema, thanks:)
        Scathach Rhiadra: I'll be off too, bye Fael:)
        Fael Illyar: Ok, see you later Scat :)

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