2009.06.10 01:00 - Compassion as Activity

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Tarmel Udimo. The comments are by Tarmel Udimo. A newcomer Mihli Daviau showed up just as I got there, followed by Nymf Hathaway.

        Tarmel Udimo: Hi Mihli
        Tarmel Udimo: have you been to a Play as being session before?
        Mihli Daviau: haven't been here before, just stumbled across it
        Nymf Hathaway: Hello you two :)
        Tarmel Udimo: Hi Nymf
        Mihli Daviau: I was reading the website
        Tarmel Udimo: ah so you know about the fact that we record our sessions
        Tarmel Udimo: is this OK?
        Mihli Daviau: yes, that's ok
        Mihli Daviau: what's there to hide anyway w
        Tarmel Udimo: how are you today nymf?
        Nymf Hathaway: Doing well thank you Tarmel, how are you? :)
        Nymf Hathaway: Have a seat Mihli
        Tarmel Udimo: good
        Tarmel Udimo: I hear the last Nymf circle presentation was wonderful
        Nymf Hathaway: Yes Vic is the best :)
        Tarmel Udimo: can you tell us a little more about it?
        Nymf Hathaway: Sure... rl scientists prepare a topic of interest, very wide range of subjects come across :)
        Nymf Hathaway: afterwards we have a discussion about it, have the chance to ask more info etc, very much fun
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Nymf Hathaway: with slides, or video
        Tarmel Udimo: I think it is early for me - usually at 9:00am?
        Nymf Hathaway: 12.00 AM Second life time
        Nymf Hathaway: PM sorry
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Tarmel Udimo: ty
        Tarmel Udimo: Has anything come up in PaB or in RL practise that you would like to discuss?
        Nymf Hathaway: How was Oman??? :)
        Nymf Hathaway: sorry Tarmel, just saw Mihli's profile :)
        Tarmel Udimo: Hi Bertrum:)
        Tarmel Udimo: no worries - fire away:)
        Mihli Daviau: ah it was great w

    Betrum then joined us and brought up his favourite subject:)

    Nymf Hathaway: Hello Bertrum :)
        Tarmel Udimo: how are you today Bertrum and Mihli?
        Mihli Daviau: people are really crazy with religious battles.. just seems like a dream compared to my life there or the other way around ^^;
        Bertrum Quan: Fine thanks.
        Mihli Daviau: fine ^^
        Tarmel Udimo: Is this in Oman Mihli?
        Mihli Daviau: hmm? not really.. just looking at "problems" here in the west with the Muslim religion
        Tarmel Udimo: Ok
        Tarmel Udimo: yes it is amazing how in the name of religion or God people committ atrocious acts
        Nymf Hathaway: Pashawar yesterday...
        Bertrum Quan: Do you feel that these events can be used to focus one's energy to help be more compassionate?
        Tarmel Udimo: More and more I think its important to stay focused on oneself to be compassionate towards oneself
        Tarmel Udimo: in so doing one becomes more compassionate and able to feel empathy for others
        Tarmel Udimo: compassion must become an activity for it to have effect
        Bertrum Quan: That is a profound observation!
        Tarmel Udimo: is it?
        Nymf Hathaway: Is very compassionate, understands a lot but terror doesn't have any positive vibe I could discover
        Nymf Hathaway: phone brb
        Tarmel Udimo: what do you think compassion is?
        Mihli Daviau: depends on the mental health of each individual with all the negativity being thrown at them by the media w
        Tarmel Udimo: do you mean a person has to be mentally stable to feel compasion Mihli?
        Tarmel Udimo: I do agree the media feeds very negative stuff to us on a global level
        Bertrum Quan: Without getting into all of the semantics, I would be content to look at compassion Tarmel "as an activity."
        Tarmel Udimo: yes?
        Bertrum Quan: Can you talk about that a bit more?
        Tarmel Udimo: I think I mean it in a very simple way
        Tarmel Udimo: feeling compassionate what does this mean?
        Tarmel Udimo: does it change things?
        Tarmel Udimo: so compassion as a feeling state must ultimately move into an activity of some kind
        Tarmel Udimo: from extreme activity of joing Medicine Sans Frontiers  or being helpful towards your neighbour
        Tarmel Udimo: you bring this word up alot Bertrum, so how does it resonate for you, how do you engage with it?
        Bertrum Quan: I'm interested in your approach. One of looking at it from an internal perspective and action and one of external action.
        Tarmel Udimo: so have you had experiences of being compassionate?
        Mihli Daviau: mentally stable (well-balanced,aware).. a person can feel compassion either way, but observing oneself keeps one on their feet..
        Mihli Daviau: leaning toward undesirable and exaggerated results if unaware
        Bertrum Quan: Yes., and I sense the compassion leads to balance
        Tarmel Udimo: nods, understand and agree Mihli
        Mihli Daviau: we can create and destroy
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
       Tarmel Udimo: does compassion in itself lead to balance?
        Bertrum Quan: I think it has that capacity
        Tarmel Udimo: I don't know that's why I asked?
        Tarmel Udimo: :)
    Mihli Daviau: letting everyone be leads to balance ^^
        Mihli Daviau: w
            Tarmel Udimo: yes if only we were all born into a balanced world:)
        Bertrum Quan: Not sure what you mean...
        Tarmel Udimo: I was being a bit silly, but it would elminate 99% of the world's ills:)
        Mihli Daviau: A friend sending me a teleport request.. thanks for the conversation ^^
        Tarmel Udimo: sure see you around at Pab
        Tarmel Udimo: the chats are published on the web if you would like a notecard
        Bertrum Quan: bye Mihli
        Mihli Daviau: ^^
        Tarmel Udimo: bye Mihli
        Mihli Daviau: thanks ^^
        Mihli Daviau: it is nice meeting everyone, Namaste
        Tarmel Udimo: namaste
        Nymf Hathaway: I am so sorry to have missed the session...and I need to log off, wishing the both of you a pleasant remaining time :)
        Tarmel Udimo: night Nymf
        Bertrum Quan: bye Nymf
        Nymf Hathaway: Sleep well Tarmel
        Tarmel Udimo: grins
        Bertrum Quan: Tarmel. I found it interesting how you combined the focus on oneself as a means toward compassion both internally and then as a way of life--a way of engaging with your fellow humans.
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Tarmel Udimo: is this how you engage with compassion?
        Bertrum Quan: Yes, I think there are those two paths.
        Tarmel Udimo: Ok
        Bertrum Quan: It's easier said than done!
        Bertrum Quan: There's always work to be done.
        Bertrum Quan: There are always "distractions" and " illusions"...
        Tarmel Udimo: sounds like you are not being very compassionate with yourself:)
        Bertrum Quan: Honesty is essential for compassion. Seeing things as they are. But not necessarily placing a judgement...
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Tarmel Udimo: did you think I was being judgemental when I said you were not being compassionate with yourself?
        Bertrum Quan: No, I didn't take it that way. I was referring to what I had said as describing the challenges that I face and making the point that they are neither good nor bad. But rather it is what it is--this task at hand.
        Tarmel Udimo: you know Bertrum, you speak about this as a task at hand,
        Tarmel Udimo: It seems like you are making it very complicated
        Bertrum Quan: Life is a journey--- perhaps that's a better word.
        Tarmel Udimo: yes but I have noticed that when you refer to yourself it is always referenced by your inability to do the things you feel are important, that things are getting in the way
        Tarmel Udimo: that it is difficult for you
        Bertrum Quan: It may come across that way but I think struggle, challenge, even paradox is what moves us (and me) forward. I am not seeking perfection. But it takes effort (in the best sense of the word) to see ever more clearly.

    Unfortunately I crashed at this time so lost the train of thought, but we both needed to go anyway.

    Tarmel Udimo: hi bertrum, sorry I crashed
        Tarmel Udimo: will need to go anyway, so we'll continue next time:)
        Bertrum Quan: Thanks, Tarmel. I enjoyed that chance to chat tonight. I need to be off to sleep
        Bertrum Quan: Take care.
        Tarmel Udimo: me too
        Tarmel Udimo: yes bye

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