2009.09.02 07:00 - Little Duck

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    A silent session, so here is a poem for your trouble:


    This little poem is not attributed.      

    I picked it up at the end of a very nice, documentary-style film titled "How to Cook Your Life" which is based on 'Dogen's Instructions to the Tenzo' http://www.wwzc.org/translations/tenzokyokun.htm


    Now we are going to take a look at something special

    It is a duck riding the ocean
    a hundred feet beyond the surf,
    and he cuddles in the swells.
    There is a big heaving in the Atlantic.
    And he is part of it.
    He can rest while the Atlantic heaves,
    because he rests in the Atlantic.
    Probably he doesn’t know how large the ocean is.
    And neither do you.
    But he realises it.
    And what does he do, I ask you.
    He sits down in it.
    He reposes in the immediate as if it were infinity; which it is.
    That is religion, and the duck has it.

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