2009.09.04 07:00 - Reflection

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    Wol Euler recovered this session from the autlogging database.

    quen Oh: hey Doug

    quen Oh: how are you?

    doug Sosa: hi, i wa of in reflection land there and missed your arivel. You?

    quen Oh: I am fine

    quen Oh: hope you were in nice reflection?

    doug Sosa: yes, not much else with nobody here. i just pleasantly drifted.

    doug Sosa: i just looked at your profile. sense of humor :)

    quen Oh: :-) thanks

    quen Oh: you were floating in the pond in front of you mentally?

    doug Sosa: oscar wilde.. :)

    doug Sosa: no, more in my mind than the pond, though it helps.

    doug Sosa: i think of water as kind of like the conscious - unconsious - the side you see

    doug Sosa: and the side you don't.

    quen Oh: Wilde yes, was having a drink and discussing religion when someone quoted Wilde

    doug Sosa: wilde is quotable.

    doug Sosa: lived closer to the human than most, who hide out.

    quen Oh: and replied like this, as my arguments was that people that seem to have a concept of God can be difficult and overly convinced sometimes

    doug Sosa: and as you suggest , they are projecting that image out of themselves and then more limited for it.

    quen Oh: that is when they try to convince others of this concept


    quen Oh: well lol iin order to have an accurate concept of god, you'd have to be a fully realised god yourself...

    doug Sosa: and then you don't need that projection !

    doug Sosa: I need to go ealy this morning, a task calls. Thaks for hleping to wake me up!

    doug Sosa: early

    doug Sosa: bye.

    quen Oh: bye doug

    quen Oh: have a nice day

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