2009.09.30 01:00 - the contents of your life.....

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    The Guardian was Tarmel Udimo. No one came, just me and the trees.... so instead I have added excerpts from a wonderful book I am reading at the moment. Given to me by my Mum while I was away, which of course I lugged around along with several other books, none of which I managed to read until I returned... Sound familiar? :)


    The book is called "Each Moment Is the Universe" by Dainin Katagiri. It’s a wonderful source that I don't need to read from cover to cover, but just open at random and wisdom pours out.


    It’s Monday today and I needed help as I had spent Sunday (the day I had earmarked for writing) avoiding as always what I really needed to do - by watching DVD's, answering emails, drinking tea and having chats with friends…. What was I really avoiding? The terror of the open blank page!


    Now the interesting thing is that up until a little time ago, I had always assumed that the reason why I became anxious and overwhelmed at the juncture of the open blank page, was that there was something intrinsically wrong with me. That my capacity to be creative, to work was lesser than, even though I had read countless times about other writers’ & creatives’ terror of the blank page. I never assumed that it applied to me. Especially as yes ultimately one always got past it and before you knew it, there was a whole page sitting in front of you filled with words and letters and somehow I always managed to make my deadlines. So this morning, rather than berate myself for my laziness, I was compassionate towards my terror and picked up Each Moment Is the Universe and read a para which felt appropriate for the moment, but also PaB.


    Dogen says: “The origin of the way is basically perfect and all-pervading, how could it be contingent on practice and realization?”


    The way is the original nature of existence. It is omnipresent, pervading every inch of life. It is present with you wherever you may go, constantly working, dynamically and freely as the contents of your life. Working in peace and harmony, so you can always use it. This is the place where you are. All you have to do is just tune in and accept it.


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