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    Good morning Starshine,


    Gaya Ethaniel: Hello Cal :)
    Caledonia Heron: hi Gaya :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: oh brunette today ... :) How are you?
    Caledonia Heron: I'm good :) you?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Good good thanks :)


    Caledonia Heron: so how have the 9sec or whichever practice you do, how is that going?
    Gaya Ethaniel: A bit stuck at the moment but I think I know what I may try next.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Stim said something about next step on last Thursday, listening to little positive voices. I want to start giving more focus on that because I'm getting pretty good with where things are going 'wrong'.
    Caledonia Heron: yeah, "wrong" stuff is easy to find :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: yes but very difficult to practice ...
    Gaya Ethaniel: Because it's not easy to stay with the moment and face oneself ... you know what I mean?
    Caledonia Heron: well sure, and not all together practical..... we have to drive carefully, not run red lights :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Caledonia Heron: I as a fellow driver certainly appreciate that :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Probably I ran through red lights a few times before :P
    Caledonia Heron: lol
    Gaya Ethaniel: Takes a long time to get back on track after that no? :P
    Caledonia Heron: :)


    Caledonia Heron: I caught that comment about the voices also
    Gaya Ethaniel: ?
    Caledonia Heron: referring to Stim's comment :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: mm ... pls say more? I must have dozed off during the session >.<
    Caledonia Heron: nah, you're just deflecting away from yourself, and, I will comment :)
    Gaya Ethaniel gasps! Cal knows more about me than myself ...
    Caledonia Heron: so, for me, this practice and the WoK, it's about the person in each of our chairs, reality, the nature of reality, the naturalness of reality and how that can be noticed and woven into everday life, stuff like that
    Caledonia Heron: and in everyday life we have little things we tell ourselves, say for example little things we will do
    Caledonia Heron: those little things we tell ourselves, a little voice maybe
    Caledonia Heron: I will fix that "xyz", I must take down the hummingbird feeder, etc
    Caledonia Heron: if we do not do them the little voice says, pfft, and a flick of something comes, something not terrible, but a little annoying
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Caledonia Heron: so, if I fix xyz, if I take down the feeder, the voice feels more like ahhh, that's good .... the flow, the feedback is good .... little ways for happy little voices :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: :D


    Gaya Ethaniel: Then goes quiet until the next event to start the loop ...
    Caledonia Heron: you can start to like the ahhh, :) you can invite the ahhh :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ?
    Caledonia Heron: do the little things :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey gaya
    Gaya Ethaniel: Hello Yakuzza :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: and cal
    Caledonia Heron: hi Yakuzza :)
    Gaya Ethaniel frowns ... invite the ahhh too? Interesting ...
    Caledonia Heron: a small thing for the small tasks, the doing-ness of life
    Gaya Ethaniel nods ... and ponders ...
    Caledonia Heron: there are lots of positive voices, kind of tuning the dial to hear them :)
    Gaya Ethaniel nods.
    Gaya Ethaniel: I wasn't looking for them in the 'negative' loops.
    Caledonia Heron: this works with bigger issues also but for me is more complex
    Gaya Ethaniel: Do you then get to see positive/negative concepts are in fact not so one-sided?
    Caledonia Heron: for me, (big preface, for me) ... once I see things from a sort of fulcrum position, not the pfft that's silly position, the view is round
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel looks up dictionary ...
    Caledonia Heron: this is something I knew intrinsically but did not recognize until I did 9 sec


    Caledonia Heron: how are you Yakuzza? we are kind of mid topic here, sorry to take a while to check in :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: ah, i don´t have something special :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i like reading :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ok :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: But in a way ... that is still a limited view?
    Gaya Ethaniel: What I heard after the first session on 'naturalness' is 'see how you fit in a 'bigger' picture'
    Gaya Ethaniel: Well that was the first message I saw ... anyway.
    Caledonia Heron: sure, it's all limited, I'm a standard issue goober .... and, sometimes, I can see big..... just sometimes, for a little bit, bigness, bigger than we can think big ..... and then I'm back to goober-ville :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah ... of course, see more and include more!
    Gaya Ethaniel: I was doing this in fact ... but never really given credit to the process.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Hello stevenaia :)
    Caledonia Heron: perfect!


    Caledonia Heron: hi stevenaia :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello
    stevenaia Michinaga: better rezz 1st
    Gaya Ethaniel: But fulcrum ... this is an interesting idea ... how does stuff look from there?
    Gaya Ethaniel giggles.
    Gaya Ethaniel: brb
    Caledonia Heron: lol, you have to take Yakuzza to dinner first if you want to sit there :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: back
    Gaya Ethaniel: fulcrum ... do you mean a base of some sort or a view point?
    Caledonia Heron: fulcrum is just a word I pulled out to indicate balance
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah ... to balance ...
    Caledonia Heron: a balance that's not good/bad, right/wrong .... just there
    Gaya Ethaniel nods.


    Caledonia Heron: how are you stevenaia?
    stevenaia Michinaga: I am good, can you see me? I look all black with hair and eyeballs to mr
    stevenaia Michinaga: me
    Caledonia Heron: yes, all black with gold hair
    Gaya Ethaniel: yeah ... maybe edit appearance
    Gaya Ethaniel: or rebake
    stevenaia Michinaga: hmm tried that and rebake, thanks
    Gaya Ethaniel: Still same ... maybe relog
    Gaya Ethaniel: oh ... invisible man now ...
    Caledonia Heron: lol
    Caledonia Heron: no self
    Gaya Ethaniel: lol
    stevenaia Michinaga: brb :)
    Caledonia Heron: k
    Gaya Ethaniel: kk


    Caledonia Heron: do you have a practice Yakuzza?
    Caledonia Heron: 9sec, APAB?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey steven
    Gaya Ethaniel: APAPB ... Cal
    Yakuzza Lethecus: not today
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i got the bad habit of multitasking while joining here and i try to figure out what the matter was with archmage
    Caledonia Heron: hmmmm not sophisticated enough for apapb maybe, too many letters :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: lol
    Gaya Ethaniel: You disappoint me Cal :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Stop feeding it Yakuzza :P
    Caledonia Heron: apab is enough :)


    Caledonia Heron: are you multi-tasking now Yakuzza?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Yes he is :P
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i was
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i was in fact having dinner 5 minutes ago :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: I forgive you Yakuzza :P
    Caledonia Heron: so here Gaya, is the appearance of a little voice for me, going pfft and my choice now is what to do with it
    Gaya Ethaniel: ok listening
    Caledonia Heron: no answer
    Gaya Ethaniel: heh?
    Gaya Ethaniel: You don't hear anything or no answer to us?
    Caledonia Heron: I mean I have no clear answer - I'm sitting with pfft like a brick in my lap, because I know I'm annoyed but I don't want to be rude
    Gaya Ethaniel: hm ... yes I see
    Gaya Ethaniel: First thing is to say, I feel annoyed?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Communicate ... if ok ... so the other knows?
    Caledonia Heron: ha ha, or knock it off :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: knock it off?
    Caledonia Heron: knock off the multi-tasking
    Gaya Ethaniel: How? We can't make other people do things.
    Caledonia Heron: knock it off = stop
    Caledonia Heron: of course not, so what's the point of saying anything
    Caledonia Heron: people do what they do
    Gaya Ethaniel: Well ... that is a slippery slope imo
    Caledonia Heron: yes
    Gaya Ethaniel: I can just watch the wall or feed the birds and practice alone in the mountain yes?
    Caledonia Heron: here's the thing Yakuzza, I would like it if you would come and not multi-task ..... not to be rude but a gentle request :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Caledonia Heron: I would like to hear what you have to share about your 9sec experience
    Gaya Ethaniel: Me too whenever you're ready :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: :)


    Gaya Ethaniel: I think people who are genuinely interested in others are rare gifts. *group hugs* :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: when i see something that i feel able to talk about i will do that :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ok :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Do you still find it difficult to do pauses btw?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i don´t know what a true pause is
    Gaya Ethaniel: I remember being jumpy sometimes when I first installed the mindful clock at bell sounds.
    Yakuzza Lethecus: by the way, the use of voice instant disable´s multitasking :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: mhm it's hard to voice/text IMs
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i can´t even google when i am talking
    Caledonia Heron: lol
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Caledonia Heron: more's the pity
    Caledonia Heron: we will have google chips in our brains soon, so no worries :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: :D
    Yakuzza Lethecus: so gaya what means apapb ?
    Gaya Ethaniel looks at Cal ...
    Caledonia Heron: oh gosh, we were just dickering about the acronym
    Yakuzza Lethecus: jep :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: if it´s not present right away, don´t bother digging
    Yakuzza Lethecus: APAPB - appreciate the presence of appearance as a presentation by Being
    Caledonia Heron: appreciate presence as a presentation by being ...
    Yakuzza Lethecus: yeah :)
    Caledonia Heron: see, you know it
    Caledonia Heron: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i knew it but i couldn´t remember even when i found piets yamaneko project once when it was used
    Gaya Ethaniel: I think it helps some and not others as any practices would.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Or in extreme, one can take too much delights in words or argue over them.
    Yakuzza Lethecus: sure the true meaning raises through practice
    Gaya Ethaniel: mhm :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: fancy talking about words like epistemology, popper, kuhn waht ever
    Yakuzza Lethecus: all things are still words for me
    Yakuzza Lethecus: but i try to get into the meaning


    Gaya Ethaniel: If your eyes don't glaze over at the mention of it like mine :P I think I stopped at YSBS & ESBS ... not suited to my temperament.
    Caledonia Heron: here's a short version to play with ... everything is appearance, appreciate that appearance as a presentation by being
    Caledonia Heron: that's a good one to go with :)
    Gaya Ethaniel nods ... appreciate all that arises equally ... without judgement etc.
    Caledonia Heron: what shows up when you pause, truly stop, drop your identity clothes and notice what appears?
    Caledonia Heron: that's what we're talking about here
    Gaya Ethaniel: mhm so when do we start talking about emptiness :P
    Caledonia Heron: it's a way, if I understand correctly, to "know" the nature of reality :) ... wooooooo, late night undergrad crud :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: crud?
    Caledonia Heron: kidding, kidding
    Gaya Ethaniel looks up dictionary ...
    Caledonia Heron: making fun of undergrads ..... should be more Sensitive :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hmm, i see clouded sky and colorful tree´s because it´s fall, i hear the fan of my computer with totally dosn´t fit into that picture :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: I remember when I was one heheheh
    Gaya Ethaniel: oh you don't think so Yakuzza?
    Caledonia Heron: I'm sarcastic Gaya ... I should preface every session I'm in that my weird sense of humor might appear .... as a presentation by being of course :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: I appreciate your sense of humour as pb :)
    Caledonia Heron: lol, thank goodness :)


    Gaya Ethaniel: That'd be interesting to talk about next time Yakuzza :) Why it doesn't fit.
    Caledonia Heron: it all fits for sure :) ..... what else could it do?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Now I'm playing Pema :P
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hmm, yes so do harvesters into the forest :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: fitting into it
    Gaya Ethaniel: Then why not your computer?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: ah, i better said nothing :(
    Gaya Ethaniel: aawww :(
    Gaya Ethaniel: I was just curious to know what you thought, sorry.
    Caledonia Heron: I disagree Yakkuza, respectfully - these are the very things of interest ..... we may have comments but it's about investigation, not personal :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: yes ... I forget that sometimes.
    Gaya Ethaniel: humans ... hey? :P
    Caledonia Heron: before I go I'll say I've been doing my WoK homework or sometimes it's doing me :) ha ha
    Gaya Ethaniel: I need to go, my online time is up for now.
    Gaya Ethaniel: oh :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: I look forward to reading it soon Cal :) Have fun.
    Yakuzza Lethecus: ok, take care you both
    Caledonia Heron: nicely part and parcel of 9sec :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: See you later Yakuzza :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    Caledonia Heron: bye Gaya, by Yakuzza :)

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