2009.11.03 01:00 - Graceful Saturday

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Wester Kiranov. The comments are by Wester Kiranov.

    It was nice to have companion this time. Susi Alcott sat with me and told me a story. 

    Susi Alcott: _/!\_ Wester

    Wester Kiranov: hi susi
    Susi Alcott: nice to C U for long time
    Susi Alcott: how have U been and are ?
    Wester Kiranov: yeah, I don't get to many other sessions, and this one tends to be very quiet. Nice to see you too.
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Wester Kiranov: I'm OK. You?
    Susi Alcott: I'm o.k.
    Susi Alcott: have not had time for PaB cuz been among so strong events 'elswhere'
    Wester Kiranov: What kind of events, if I may ask?
    Susi Alcott: used to come here for Fael's slot too, but have not been able to do that either for very long time
    Susi Alcott: well...as I am so called healer...
    Susi Alcott: so...such people that suffer comes to me
    Susi Alcott: but...that about that
    Susi Alcott: hm
    Susi Alcott: may I tell a story that rises ?
    Wester Kiranov: sure
    Susi Alcott: as I was 'working' in many radio stations 'back then' in live broacastings in my RL
    Susi Alcott: there was one such that I the time of casting was early in Saturday morning
    Susi Alcott: when 'young' people use to sleep still....
    Susi Alcott: so; most of the callers (ah yes; as that was that people called me and was allowed to ask of anything, but mostly it was of there dreams)
    Susi Alcott: was 'old' people
    Susi Alcott: so; 'death' was so strongly 'present' in those castings
    Susi Alcott: and I asked myself that shall that be good for myself, even it's been my understood matter since my early childhood
    Susi Alcott: but then I looked them people 'from the other angle'
    Susi Alcott: and thought this;
    Susi Alcott: 'old' people do learn 'in' my castings; they have children and grand children; they foreward there learnings
    Susi Alcott: so what ever could be better and my wished; nothing
    Susi Alcott: and felt grace
    Susi Alcott: end of the story
    Wester Kiranov: that's nice. thank you for sharing.
    Susi Alcott: thank you for sharing _/!\_
    Wester Kiranov: Actually, when I didn't have children yet I was much more likely to be active on Saturday morning.
    Susi Alcott: understand, but you are special many ways
    Wester Kiranov: thanks
    Wester Kiranov: But when they are grown up I wll have my saturday mornings free again to listen to the radio and all that
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Wester Kiranov: I'm really tired. Do you mind if I just leave?
    Susi Alcott: of chorse not
    Susi Alcott: wishing U all the best _/!\_
    Wester Kiranov: see you later then.
    Susi Alcott: /!\_
    Wester Kiranov: namaste
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