2009.11.07 13:00 - Culture Shock

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    The Guardian for this meeting was SophiaSharon Larnia. The comments will be added later by SophiaSharon Larnia.


    Pila Mulligan: hello Repose
    Repose Lionheart: Hello Pila
    Pila Mulligan: how are you?
    Repose Lionheart: just fine...and you?
    Pila Mulligan: fine also, thanks
    Repose Lionheart: my first time here
    Pila Mulligan: welcome
    Pila Mulligan: let me give you a note card
    Pila Mulligan: explaining it some
    Repose Lionheart: thanks
    Repose Lionheart: an experiment in mindfulness
    Pila Mulligan: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Chat_Logs/2009 -- chat log posted
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Hi Pila and Repose
    Pila Mulligan: is it okay to include your comments in the posted chat log?
    Pila Mulligan: hi Sharon
    Pila Mulligan: yes, an experiment in mindfulness
    Repose Lionheart: Yes, sure
    Pila Mulligan: thanks
    Repose Lionheart: Hi
    Pila Mulligan: how are you Sharon?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Hi! we're in the middle of exercises Pila, everyone says hi!!! Pema, Steve, Eliza, Paradise, Eos - and Being says Hi :)
    Pila Mulligan: aloha everyone
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :)
    Pila Mulligan: who is this Being? :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Being seeing :)
    Pila Mulligan: there is a group meeting this weekend in Princeton, New Jersey, Repose
    Pila Mulligan: real life
    Repose Lionheart: ahhh...group?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: do you mind if I leave Pila?
    Pila Mulligan: yes, those people named in Sharon's comment
    Repose Lionheart: oh...previous discussion concerned the group
    Pila Mulligan: not at all Sharon -- have fun with the rl session
    Pila Mulligan: they are all folks usually meeeing here in SL
    Pila Mulligan: getting togethe rin rl
    Repose Lionheart: i see
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Repose - there is a real life retreat of some members from the Play as Being group right now in Princeton, NJ, I am technically the gaurdian of this meeting this afternoon
    Pila Mulligan: guaridan = host
    Repose Lionheart: ok
    Repose Lionheart: yes
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Thanks Pila!!! Talk to you later
    Pila Mulligan: but better you enjoy Princeton Sharon
    Pila Mulligan: bye for now
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Hi and bye Qt :)
    Qt Core: hi all
    SophiaSharon Larnia: thanks
    Pila Mulligan: hi Qt
    Repose Lionheart: hi Qt
    Pila Mulligan: Sharon stopped by to claim the log then went back to the rl session inPrinceton
    Pila Mulligan: Repose is here for the first time
    Qt Core: they are having to much fun ;-)
    arabella Ella: Hiya
    Pila Mulligan: hi Arabella, welcome back form India
    Qt Core: too
    arabella Ella: thanks Pila good to be back :)
    Repose Lionheart: hi Arabella
    Qt Core: hi Ara
    Pila Mulligan: can't wait to hear all about it
    arabella Ella: well it was a fantastic experience though not the culture shock most people told me it would be
    Pila Mulligan: yes, I've never been but I've also heard the culture shock part
    arabella Ella: perhaps cos i have visited many countries in Asia so have had culture shock before
    Pila Mulligan: yep
    Repose Lionheart: mkes sense
    Repose Lionheart: makes
    Pila Mulligan: did oyu ride an elephant?
    arabella Ella: i was working so I had very little free time and was only there for a couple of days
    Pila Mulligan: ahh
    Pila Mulligan: so not really a vacation then?
    arabella Ella: honestly they kept me so very busy
    Pila Mulligan: hi Mick
    arabella Ella: not a vacation but while working one meets lots of people and listens to so many perspectives
    Mickorod Renard: Hiya everyone
    arabella Ella: Hiya Mick
    Repose Lionheart: Hi
    Qt Core: Hi Mick
    Mickorod Renard: Pila Qt Ara and Repose
    arabella Ella: what I found amazing though was
    arabella Ella: they are so rich in culture and tradition and other stuff too
    arabella Ella: yet ... there is both chaos and serenity
    arabella Ella: overlapping
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    arabella Ella: in an incredibly beautiful way
    arabella Ella: but
    Mickorod Renard: wonderful
    arabella Ella: it is also a sad place in other respects
    Repose Lionheart: yes
    Pila Mulligan: poverty?
    arabella Ella: yes
    arabella Ella: poverty mainly but also other stuff ... ooops
    Repose Lionheart: bound by the past
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,,but it can help open ones mind to what is important in life
    Mickorod Renard: oops
    Pila Mulligan: what other stuff, ara?
    arabella Ella: the main lesson i think i learnt ... hopefully ... is
    arabella Ella: why cant each one of us try to make a small difference like ripples in a pond which when considered together make a huge difference
    Mickorod Renard: I found it sort of is like putting your idea's of values in a bag and shaking them up,,then letting them fall and seeing if they are the same as they were
    Repose Lionheart: ahhh...
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    arabella Ella: other stuff ... neglect of most areas, carelessness, lack of pride in outside areas, dirt, etc ... stuff we are not accustomed to in the so called Western world
    arabella Ella: but
    arabella Ella: they are hosting the commonwealth games in 2010
    arabella Ella: and are trying to fix their act to some extent it seems
    arabella Ella: but
    arabella Ella: the people are lovely, so kind, so friendly, so hospitable
    Pila Mulligan: plus, like China, they are a fast growing economy
    arabella Ella: and so willing to learn
    arabella Ella: yes they are but they are also obsessed with the fact
    Mickorod Renard: in technology too
    arabella Ella: that they are surrounded on their borders by 'enemies'
    arabella Ella: and the security everywhere is incredible
    arabella Ella: they told me
    Repose Lionheart: oh...
    Pila Mulligan: true
    arabella Ella: that they think it is strange that their friends are far off geographically speaking
    arabella Ella: even at the airport
    Pila Mulligan: hi itsme
    Pila Mulligan: how are you
    Mickorod Renard: Hiya Itsme
    arabella Ella: no one is allowed inside airport unless they have a passport and flight ticket
    itsme Frederix: Hi me I'm fine - but ssst
    Repose Lionheart: hi itsme
    arabella Ella: Hiya itsme good to see you
    Mickorod Renard: long time no see itsme
    itsme Frederix: Sure
    Pila Mulligan: Arabella is telling about her recent trip toIndia
    itsme Frederix: oke
    Mickorod Renard: hiya Vendy
    Vendy Walpole: Hi, sorry I am late
    arabella Ella: i found the colours, smells, tastes, noise incredible
    arabella Ella: so amazing
    Pila Mulligan: hi Vendy
    itsme Frederix: My daughter was there 4 week in august
    arabella Ella: Hiya Vendy
    itsme Frederix: So curious
    Pila Mulligan: I'd love to ride an elephant :)
    arabella Ella: i was only there for a couple of days though so i cannot say i saw much
    Mickorod Renard: a peacful place in mayhem
    arabella Ella: yes ... as i said before ... as a complement ... serenity and chaos
    arabella Ella: they honk their horns incessently
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    arabella Ella: and i have never seen traffic like that before ... altho it was disappointing not to see any cows crossing the roads
    Mickorod Renard: Hiya yaku
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey everyone
    Repose Lionheart: ahhh...sacred cows
    Pila Mulligan: hi Yak, wb Its
    arabella Ella: Hiya Yaku
    Vendy Walpole: hello Yaku
    arabella Ella: the way they ride their motorbikes is amazing too
    arabella Ella: often with a female riding pillion side saddle with a child in her arms
    arabella Ella: and with no helmet ... for the pillion rider i mean
    Pila Mulligan: have you heard of Tata Motors?
    arabella Ella: yes of course :)
    Mickorod Renard: yes
    Pila Mulligan: an India company wantintg to make cheap cars to replace all thos escooters
    Repose Lionheart: yes
    arabella Ella: huge industry cars and container ships
    Mickorod Renard: and lorries too
    arabella Ella: but the bikes help them to navigate better through the chaotic dense traffic
    arabella Ella: and they are in the process of building a metro too
    Qt Core: they made the used car market drop by 90%
    arabella Ella: to reduce traffic
    Qt Core: but it seems there is some problems, some of those car burned down on themselves
    Mickorod Renard: they have a big stake in jaguar I believe
    arabella Ella: Dubai now has a metro too since 9/09/09
    Mickorod Renard: I ponder how deep the sand is
    arabella Ella: in Dubai you mean Mick?
    arabella Ella: Dubai seem to be doing lots to promote use of their new metro ... of course they have the cash
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,been there but cant picture a metro being posibler
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i wonder when they build an island with an subway :)
    arabella Ella: with so much cash to spare in Dubai Mick everything is possible
    arabella Ella: they are trying to make Dubai the world financial centre, plus
    arabella Ella: they want to beat Orlando for vacations .... ie disney style ones
    arabella Ella: i enjoy reading the local english language papers as i travel as one gets so many new perspectives on issues
    Vendy Walpole: yet, they can't buy more pleasant climate with all that money
    Mickorod Renard: wow,,saw the car gp the other week,,on tv
    Pila Mulligan: didn;t they just host a big Formula 1 race?
    arabella Ella: that's Abu Dabi mick
    Mickorod Renard: that was staged there too
    arabella Ella: (how is it spelt?0
    Mickorod Renard: was it?
    Repose Lionheart: Dabhi? maybe
    arabella Ella: apparently they had a fantastic track, no holds barred, it was first race held in daylight moving into the night and they added on a star studded concert too with big names
    Qt Core: drvers loved it i presume changing visibility ...
    Mickorod Renard: kings of leon I think
    arabella Ella: floodlights i guess
    Mickorod Renard: and did you enjoy the hotel and food Ara?
    arabella Ella: yes ... i was told that dehli does not have any good three star hotels so i was put up in a luxurious hotel
    arabella Ella: cant complain there
    arabella Ella: but lots of security in hotel too ... a consequence of Mumbai bombings
    Mickorod Renard: yes
    itsme Frederix: how was well, how was your healt considering ... (don't know the word but you've to go to the toilet every minut)
    arabella Ella: the kids are so beautiful with huge dark eyes
    arabella Ella: he he itsme
    itsme Frederix: we;; my daughter did not get it all in
    arabella Ella: i had to be polite and eat the indian food even tho i dont particularly like it
    arabella Ella: but i got a bit of that on my return home
    arabella Ella: funny tummy in english
    itsme Frederix: oke afterall its a totally different bioculture overthere
    arabella Ella: exactly
    Repose Lionheart: true
    arabella Ella: and my stomach is not accustomed to spicey food or curry either
    itsme Frederix: well thas the stomach - not that problem
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hello becka
    arabella Ella: good thing they also provide sour cream or yogurt with that food
    Pila Mulligan: hi Becka
    arabella Ella: Hiya Becka
    Vendy Walpole: Hi Becka
    itsme Frederix: its really hot hot hot the indian food
    arabella Ella: yes even the mild stuff is very hot
    Mickorod Renard: I read that the drain on water in india is so much that the sub teranian water table level has dropped so much its having a strange centrafugal effect on the earth,,spinning more water away from them towards the poles
    Mickorod Renard: Hi Becka
    itsme Frederix: spicy - to keep the meat alright (kind of fridge but different)
    arabella Ella: yes
    Becka Finesmith: Hello Mickorod
    Repose Lionheart: really?
    Mickorod Renard: yes
    arabella Ella: there is definitely a lot of development going on in Dehli
    Repose Lionheart: Wonder what they'll do for water in a cantury...
    arabella Ella: lots of agricultural land being built upon
    Repose Lionheart: century
    Mickorod Renard: so the water table in india is getting worse without them seeing it
    arabella Ella: it is said water will become an expensive commodity in the future ... i heard that in sweden as it is rich with water
    arabella Ella: Pila ... are the people at Princeton retreat not gonna join us tonight?
    arabella Ella: i was dying to hear about their experience
    Pila Mulligan: no, they are busy
    arabella Ella: oh i see
    Pila Mulligan: Sharon cam eby ealrier tog et the lgo and said so
    Pila Mulligan: get thelog
    Pila Mulligan: *
    Qt Core: sadly it will probably become the cause for several wars too
    arabella Ella: ok
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,no doubt,,
    arabella Ella: i had the opportunity to visit the Lotus Temple
    arabella Ella: an amazing experience
    arabella Ella: a Bah'ai temple
    Repose Lionheart: yes, resource war...or possibly greater cooperation
    arabella Ella: like a peaceful huge oasis in the shape of a lotus flower
    Repose Lionheart: wars
    arabella Ella: surrounded by acres and acres of land
    itsme Frederix: THX for letting me sit here, I'll drop by another time again (feels alright overhere). See you
    Pila Mulligan: bye its
    Repose Lionheart: there is always hope
    Pila Mulligan: nice ot see you again
    arabella Ella: yes
    arabella Ella: bye itsme
    Mickorod Renard: by Itsme,,you are very wlcome
    Vendy Walpole: Bye itsme
    Becka Finesmith: By Itsme
    Repose Lionheart: good to see you, itsme
    Pila Mulligan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Temple
    arabella Ella: ty Pila
    Pila Mulligan: nic epicutre
    Mickorod Renard: war is disturbing,,yet I cannot see how the population and demand on resourses can rise without some calamity
    arabella Ella: yes ... that is what it is like ... an amazing structure, quite recent too
    Vendy Walpole: this is fantastic, the building ara
    Repose Lionheart: i can't either
    Pila Mulligan slipping away to rl -- bye fornow
    arabella Ella: the Bah'ai people there told me they do not accept any donations from anyone who is not a member of Bah'ai ... which I found amazing too
    arabella Ella: bye Pila
    Vendy Walpole: Bye Pila
    Mickorod Renard: bye Pila
    Mickorod Renard: fantastic Ara,,I have never heard of it before
    arabella Ella: the Lotus Temple was inaugurated in December 1986
    Becka Finesmith: I have to go to. Take care everyone.
    arabella Ella: bye Becka
    Mickorod Renard: bye Becka
    Vendy Walpole: Bye
    Becka Finesmith: namaste
    Mickorod Renard: nameste#
    Repose Lionheart: bye
    arabella Ella: an interesting thing about the temple is that it tries to fit in with local customs and it seems like it is the only Bah'ai place of worship where visitors are asked to take off their shoes
    Mickorod Renard: the only one?
    Mickorod Renard: how odd,,I thought it was widespread in india
    arabella Ella: the only Bah'ai temple ... as one generally has to remove shoes to enter Buddhist and Hindu temples too
    arabella Ella: yes it is mick
    Mickorod Renard: ok ta
    arabella Ella: so they try to fit in with local culture and traditions
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,get in the habit
    arabella Ella: or ... not to offend the locals perhaps?
    Mickorod Renard: I was thinking about this the other day
    Mickorod Renard: about respect for other peoples ways,,regardless of how we act in our own homes or religions
    arabella Ella: inside the temple one is asked to be silent so you can only hear birds singing or the occasional child crying
    Mickorod Renard: something relevant to how we should behave here perhaps,,in PaB
    arabella Ella: but it definitely provides a very peaceful ambience ideal for meditation
    arabella Ella: and it gave me such a sense of serenity
    arabella Ella: amazing effect it has
    Repose Lionheart: how is that, Mick?
    Mickorod Renard: thats nice Ara
    Mickorod Renard: well,,we all have diferent idea's about religion,,or whatever here
    Mickorod Renard: and we should sort of take our shoes off,,in respect to how we respect those even if we do not entirely aggree in practice
    Repose Lionheart: i see
    Repose Lionheart: yes, i agree
    Mickorod Renard: maybe that doesnt explain it well
    Vendy Walpole: yes, Mick I do not see that as problem at all
    arabella Ella: well mick i personally think there is much more in common amongst major world religions than meets the eye
    Mickorod Renard: I aggree
    Mickorod Renard: agree
    arabella Ella: unfortunately the commonalities are often not pronounced rather the divisive factors are ... regretfully
    Repose Lionheart: i true, and the divisions get reported more because they are "news"
    arabella Ella: exactly
    Repose Lionheart: drop the "i"
    Mickorod Renard: I used to visit people in the community,,and it was diverse in ethnic culture and rich and poor
    arabella Ella: media often does not help where unity and commonality amongst religions is concerned
    Vendy Walpole: media is an instrument for another purposes often
    Vendy Walpole: that use religion tension to reach their goals
    Mickorod Renard: but I learnt that it was only right to respect others for their beliefs in the same way as anyone else
    arabella Ella: yes mainstream media often has strong hidden agendas
    Repose Lionheart: yes, Mick, i agree
    arabella Ella: it is often lack of understanding that results in perceived divisiveness
    arabella Ella: but all humans are ... ehrm ... human .... why do we see differences as we do and discriminate or censor so much?
    Repose Lionheart: that is a puzzle...
    Mickorod Renard: viewing it as a form of art and beauty rather than a conflict sheds a diferent light on things
    Repose Lionheart: yes, seeing it for what it most truly is...
    Qt Core: maybe some innate instinct to group ourselves in little groups, us against them
    Mickorod Renard: competition
    Repose Lionheart: could be...
    arabella Ella: yes Qt ... but how innate is it really? is it perhaps learnt? or is a human need to belong to a group with similar values and interests?
    Qt Core: i think part of it is innate as in being genetic, the ties to our strict and loose family group/tribe
    Repose Lionheart: some are more bound by their group memberships that others
    Mickorod Renard: it can be seen in some small way here at PaB
    arabella Ella: perhaps we are brought up to desire 'approval' from our inner circle?
    Repose Lionheart: oh...how?
    Vendy Walpole whispers...RL calls, bye all
    Mickorod Renard: for example,,should we reject those who do not fit well to protect the group,,or accept all differences and evolve naturally
    arabella Ella: bye Vendy
    Mickorod Renard: bye Vendy
    Repose Lionheart: bye, Vendy
    Yakuzza Lethecus: bye ven
    Vendy Walpole: waves...be well all
    Qt Core: most differences can be integrated/discussed, but some basical values/ideas can't (are you referring to the mails.right ?)
    arabella Ella: that is a very complex question Mick ... but respect and harming others are essential i guess
    Yakuzza Lethecus: good night everyone
    arabella Ella: (not harming others I meant)
    Mickorod Renard: nite Yaku
    Qt Core: 'night yak
    arabella Ella: bye Yaku
    Mickorod Renard: sleep well
    Mickorod Renard: in some way yes Qt
    Mickorod Renard: but also as an example to what we are discussing on a global scale
    arabella Ella: we definitely need tolerance, empathy and compassion
    arabella Ella: but should we accept harm and lack of respect ... if repeated?
    Mickorod Renard: we here are an excelent example of a multicultural society,,from all corners of the world,,with diferent religious beliefs if any
    arabella Ella: yes
    Mickorod Renard: I think its wonderful how harmonious we are
    arabella Ella: altho language, bandwidth and time differences may exclude people from some areas of the globe
    Mickorod Renard: yes
    Mickorod Renard: but are there limits,,and should there be any,,and if so, can these be seen as the model for the world
    Repose Lionheart: there are things that define every group, and some will fall outside the group and some inside.
    arabella Ella: sounds like you are against limits Mick?
    Repose Lionheart: nature of groups?
    arabella Ella: i think there are limits
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,one can see how ethics etc has evolved in diferent cultures
    arabella Ella: if someone joins us with the intention to repeatedly offend others ... that is one limitation i guess
    Mickorod Renard: well,,it always comes down to deciding limits,,and then who does decide etc
    Repose Lionheart: agreed
    Mickorod Renard: which is understandable,,I wouldnt want to exist in a chaotic group
    Mickorod Renard: or community
    Mickorod Renard: but clearly on a global scale there must be irregularities as we do not all aggree
    arabella Ella: is this your first visit here Repose?
    Repose Lionheart: maybe the decision on group boundaries is inevitable, but the justice of the diecision varies
    Repose Lionheart: yes, arabella
    arabella Ella: oh so have you been told anything about the ethos of the group and our activities?
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,like they say,,spare the rod and spoil the child
    Repose Lionheart: hope i haven't violated it already :))
    Mickorod Renard: no way
    Repose Lionheart: yes, got a notecard from Pila
    arabella Ella: of course you havent :)
    Mickorod Renard: greaT
    Repose Lionheart: just teasing
    arabella Ella: may i ask what made you visit?
    arabella Ella: (hope i am not being too intrusive)
    Repose Lionheart: i think new ways of interacting and communicating are being pioneered here in sl, and this is an interesting one...
    Repose Lionheart: i'm very new to sl too
    arabella Ella: yes i certainly think it is
    Mickorod Renard: yes? how old are u in sl?
    arabella Ella: this place is where many of us regulars spend most of our time on SL
    Repose Lionheart: mid-August, this year
    Repose Lionheart: oh...
    Mickorod Renard: owwww,,less than 2 months
    Mickorod Renard: he he
    arabella Ella: we tend to be mainly non judgemental here and we learn a great deal from each other about practice and being
    Repose Lionheart: true...sometimes a bit bruising in here, too
    Repose Lionheart: i'm that way by nature
    arabella Ella: great
    Mickorod Renard: I am not sure how it works,,are you less crazy the less you have been on here or more crazy?
    Repose Lionheart: whatever "nature" is...
    arabella Ella: it is amazing how we have built up this community here ... many of us feel like we have known each other for ages
    Repose Lionheart: lol
    Repose Lionheart: a good thing
    Mickorod Renard: I think its one of the few that there are real life opportunities to meet in the flesh,,in this group
    arabella Ella: but dont let that put you off as we regularly welcome newcomers and many decide to stay on a regular basis
    Repose Lionheart: oh...that does sound unusual for sl
    Repose Lionheart: would people be put off by meeting in rl?
    arabella Ella: yes the group organises retreats in different places in RL ... one is going on right now
    Mickorod Renard: some,,,but its purely optional
    Mickorod Renard: just for fun
    arabella Ella: yes there is no pressure to join anything in RL
    arabella Ella: totally optional
    Repose Lionheart: so...some are put off
    arabella Ella: difficult to tell
    Mickorod Renard: what region on this planet are you from Repse,,just roughly?
    Repose Lionheart: just trying to figure out the mores of this place
    Repose Lionheart: oh..California -- sl time
    Mickorod Renard: I am uk
    Mickorod Renard: ahhh
    Repose Lionheart: many seem to be
    Repose Lionheart: uk, that is
    Qt Core: italy here
    arabella Ella: Malta calling here :)
    Repose Lionheart: oh,,,interesting, QT
    Mickorod Renard: depends on the time too repose
    Repose Lionheart: Malta!
    arabella Ella: this is generally a time when many from Europe are on SL
    Repose Lionheart: i see
    Mickorod Renard: when we are in bed out come others
    arabella Ella: have you been to Malta Repose? or to Europe?
    Qt Core: 11pm
    arabella Ella: 11pm here too now
    arabella Ella: 11.18 to be precise
    Mickorod Renard: 10 here
    Repose Lionheart: i've been to Western Europe
    arabella Ella: cool
    Mickorod Renard: 10;18
    arabella Ella: he he
    arabella Ella: some sessions here are more 'serious' than others ... and very valuable too
    Repose Lionheart: yes, sl makes you very aware of time zones
    arabella Ella: when we discuss our experiences with play as being
    Mickorod Renard: this summer there was a real life retreat in california,,by some orf the PaB folk
    arabella Ella: and practice
    Repose Lionheart: ahhh...
    Repose Lionheart: think i saw it scheduled on your website
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,most likely
    Mickorod Renard: I have not been to any yet
    arabella Ella: neither have i but one is scheduled for Malta end of Jan
    Mickorod Renard: I think I may be too shy
    arabella Ella: he he
    arabella Ella: u must be joking Mick ... too shy?
    Mickorod Renard: yes..I feel out of my depth,,I am no academic
    Mickorod Renard: nor practicing person
    arabella Ella: why should you be an academic ... where is the link between retreats and being academic?
    Mickorod Renard: maybe not,,maybe i AM JUST LOW ON CONFIDENCE
    Repose Lionheart: yes, hope you don't have to be an academic to be here :))
    Mickorod Renard: oops
    arabella Ella: of course you dont
    arabella Ella: very few here are academics
    Qt Core: from yesterday session it seem they went back to being child, not professorial ;-)
    Mickorod Renard: I am not,,and have been made to feel very welcome
    arabella Ella: yes Qt ... please say more?
    Mickorod Renard: sounds fun Qt?
    Qt Core: the retreaters were online during the 1pm session of yesterday, and they often said they were giggling and having much fun
    Repose Lionheart: academics are just like everyone else when they're outside their areas of expertise...
    arabella Ella: cool ... i was hoping they would be here today too
    arabella Ella: but Pila said they are busy
    Repose Lionheart: they aren't hired for their common sense or wisdom...
    arabella Ella: he he
    Mickorod Renard: he he ,,maybe not
    arabella Ella: fraid i must leave now ... nite all ... lovely meeting u Repose hope to c u again soon
    Qt Core: 'night arabella
    Repose Lionheart: bye, arabella
    Mickorod Renard: nite Ara,,I must be leaving to in a moment
    Repose Lionheart: thanks for the info on India
    Mickorod Renard: didnt reaklise its so late
    arabella Ella: yw
    Mickorod Renard: I hope you come again repose
    Repose Lionheart: i'd better go too -- thanks for the intro to the group
    Mickorod Renard: You Are welcome
    Repose Lionheart: i will for sure Mick
    Qt Core: good
    Mickorod Renard: great
    Repose Lionheart: bye, both of you!
    Mickorod Renard: ok Qt,,I had better get going,,take care
    Qt Core: ok, you too, and have fun1
    Qt Core: !
    Mickorod Renard: bye
    Mickorod Renard: sleep well
    Qt Core: ciao!
    Mickorod Renard: he he ciao
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