2009.12.11 01:00 - Nothing Happens

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    The guardian for this session was Calvion Rabeni.  Comments are by Calvino Rabeni.

    There was only one avatar present at this session.  The only dialogue was internal to that individual.

    Calvino Rabeni:  No one is here.  I wonder whether to meditate, or web surf, or read the PAB chat logs from other sessions?

    Calvino Rabeni:  Maybe a bit of each...

    Calvino Rabeni:  And I can't help remembering that thing so-and-so said about the scope of one's ambitions relative to "spiritual" pursuits...

    Just about then, the local network slowed to a crawl, and then paused completely.  Mind, however, did not follow suit.

     ... and the SL viewer crashed.

    When I logged back in, there was still nothing for this guardian to guard...

    Calvino Rabeni:  Bye for now, then.

    Calvino Rabeni:  Yes, until next time.

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    Originally written on 14:48, 13 Dec 2009
    "You lose yourself, you re-appear
    you suddenly find you have nothing to fear,
    alone you stand with nobody near
    till some trembling distant voice unclear
    startles your sleepy ears to hear
    that somebody thinks they've really found you"

    - Dylan
    Posted 12:58, 9 Apr 2010
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