2010.01.14 19:00 - On the Move

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Paradise Tennant. 


    Paradise Tennant: hiya fox gtsy :)
    Fox Monacular: Hi Paradise!
    Fox Monacular: good to see you too!
    Fox Monacular: how are you doing tonight?
    Paradise Tennant: very well thanks
    Paradise Tennant: just had a nice dinner listened to a set by montian gilruth
    Paradise Tennant: all good here
    Paradise Tennant: how are you doing ?
    Paradise Tennant: boxes packed .. ?
    Fox Monacular: :) I', not familiar with montian gilruth
    Fox Monacular: ohhh...
    Fox Monacular: yeah.... starting to pack
    Paradise Tennant: great canadian sl performer !
    Paradise Tennant: sigh the world's worst activity
    Fox Monacular: we have found an apartmnet in boston, but we're having a lot of trouble renting ours...
    Paradise Tennant: ouch
    Fox Monacular: oh, interesting! what kind of music?
    Paradise Tennant: acoustic guitar .. mostly folk songs .. a lot of canadian content
    Paradise Tennant: you are moving in two weeks?
    Paradise Tennant: three weeks ?
    Fox Monacular: yep... on the 1st of feb...
    Paradise Tennant: yowser
    Fox Monacular: you know, I moved 7 times in 9 years...
    Paradise Tennant: wow
    Fox Monacular: you know, as a student, then between parents adn partners... and now again... aaahhhhh!!!
    Fox Monacular: I pack a box, turn around... and my baby unpacks it:)
    Paradise Tennant: yikes
    Paradise Tennant: lol
    Paradise Tennant: ah ha .. a game mommy !
    Fox Monacular: yes, totally:)
    Fox Monacular: it's the age too... they like putting things into containers, and open boxes
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Paradise Tennant: my dog still does
    Fox Monacular: hehe
    Paradise Tennant: fav game is to have me take out all his toys from his basket then he just sit and smiles at them .. a materialistic puppy
    Fox Monacular: lol
    Paradise Tennant: not an easy move either .. long drive
    Fox Monacular: Hi Eden!
    Eden Haiku: Hi Fox. I guess our meeting in RL is postponed ;-)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles Hiya Eden!
    Eden Haiku: You must be rushing...Hiya Paradise!
    Eden Haiku: Canadian nite ;-)
    Fox Monacular: :) rushing is a right word
    Paradise Tennant: :) ues
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Fox Monacular: still not rushing as much as my husband who has to deposit his thesis before we move
    Eden Haiku: Oh my God! I have been through that, my boyfriend depositing his thesis...
    Eden Haiku: A lot of support needed...
    Paradise Tennant: ouch
    Paradise Tennant: yes and patience
    Paradise Tennant: and means no help packing
    Eden Haiku: And patience yes.
    Fox Monacular: yeah.... all these things and more:)
    Eden Haiku: Packing a baby also, must not be easy...
    Eden Haiku: When are you leaving Fox? Sorry if I make you repeat...
    Fox Monacular: February 1st... in 2 weeks
    Eden Haiku: Me too, same day. Maybe we will meet at the airport!
    Fox Monacular: oh cool! where are you going?
    Paradise Tennant: :)
    Eden Haiku: India, for 6 weeks.
    Fox Monacular: awesome
    Fox Monacular: for vacation?
    Eden Haiku: Both, work and explorations.
    Eden Haiku: Not as much trouble as moving though. I moved six months ago, w
    Paradise Tennant: wow eden
    Paradise Tennant: that sounds like an adventure
    Fox Monacular: (sorry if I'm not answering right away - youtube is slow, and baby
    Eden Haiku: Yes, I'm looking forward to the adventure. I lived over there for almsot 2 years a while ago and went back in 2006. The country is changing at a very fast pace.
    Fox Monacular: is watching cartoons
    Paradise Tennant: :)
    Paradise Tennant: loves cartoons
    Paradise Tennant: no worries the joy of chat is that it is not fast sometimes
    Fox Monacular: where are you going in India, Eden?
    Fox Monacular: true, Paradise:)
    Eden Haiku: This is for you and the baby and also for you Paradise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWQf13B8epw
    Eden Haiku: Ye Paradise, there is a nice feeling of quiet here ;-)
    Fox Monacular: thanks, I'll watch it later, can't interrupt babu's catroons
    Fox Monacular: Hello Mark
    Eden Haiku: Sure!
    Eden Haiku: Good evening Mark.
    Fox Monacular: Have you been here before, Mark?
    Paradise Tennant: hiya mark
    Eden Haiku: Mark seems to be difting into a dreamstate...
    Eden Haiku: *drifting
    Fox Monacular: I'd like that too:)
    Paradise Tennant: cartoons are a wonderful medium
    Paradise Tennant: so full of life and movement and humor .. no wonder kids love them
    Paradise Tennant: hiya storm!
    Eden Haiku: I had a thyphus shot this morning and fell into a black hole of sleep in mid-afternoon...I came out so refreshed!
    Fox Monacular: Hi Storm
    Eden Haiku: Hi Storm ;-)
    Storm Nordwind: Hello everyone
    Fox Monacular: sounds nice, Eden
    Paradise Tennant: we are talking about india , cartoons , and the arduous nature of moving house, storm :)
    Storm Nordwind: Ah I see. Thank you. I know a lot about the last one, having done it 41 times in this life alone
    Eden Haiku: 41, come on!! (Pushing Storm like Elaine in Seinfield!)
    Paradise Tennant: wow
    Eden Haiku: 41?
    Storm Nordwind: 41
    Storm Nordwind: And I know nothing of this Seinfield
    Fox Monacular: ouch... I just told Paradise that I moved 7 times in the last 9 years
    Eden Haiku: No wonder you are walking so lightly!
    Storm Nordwind: It has helped the lesson of non-attachment!
    Paradise Tennant: lol you have much laugher about absolutely nothing awaiting you :)
    Eden Haiku: 7 times in 9 years is pretty amazing too...
    Paradise Tennant: my personal fav is the no soup for you episode
    Fox Monacular: total of 11 times:)
    Eden Haiku: Seinfield is a sitcom, pretty funny. Been on TV for ages...
    Storm Nordwind: I had a problem when I was filling out forms for the US Embassy
    Storm Nordwind: They wanted to know all my addresses since I was 16 years old
    Storm Nordwind: And there were 28 of them
    Eden Haiku: Oh yes Paradise, the one with the Paki soup-maker LOL!!!
    Storm Nordwind: What is this "TV" concept of which you speak Eden? :)
    Storm Nordwind has not had a TV for 14 years
    Paradise Tennant: :)
    Fox Monacular: wow, Storm... that must have been something... I hope they don't ask me in States!
    Eden Haiku: The US Embassy must have been thinking you were very suspect...
    Storm Nordwind: They let me in anyhow Fox!
    Fox Monacular: :) I don't have TV either:) baby has to do with youtube
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Fox Monacular: I'm moving there in 2 weeks
    Storm Nordwind: I'm English. How could I *possibly* be suspect?!
    Fox Monacular: hehe
    Fox Monacular: I'm russian... so there...
    Paradise Tennant: :)
    Eden Haiku: TRue, very true. YOu are okied all over the world!
    Storm Nordwind: We used to rule the world after all ;)
    Eden Haiku: Russain spy he he..
    Paradise Tennant: not all of the world storm it is a very big world
    Storm Nordwind: pft!
    Fox Monacular: we used to rule the world too
    Paradise Tennant: lol
    Eden Haiku: lol
    Storm Nordwind: Let me see... what language are we conversing in right now? ... ;)
    Fox Monacular: (although I'm traveling with a canadian passport.... )
    Eden Haiku: You win!
    Fox Monacular: ouch... touché
    Fox Monacular: well... we went to space first
    Eden Haiku: They used to speak French in Russia. very civilized country!
    Paradise Tennant: hmm wait a moment ..not just english ..computerese beneath it supporting .. crafted by many nationalities :)
    Storm Nordwind: Russia is named after a 'Viking' tribe too
    Fox Monacular: haha, yes, true, anything but russian - too much grammar
    Fox Monacular: it;s a myth:)
    Storm Nordwind: Tell that to the Rus :)
    Eden Haiku: Which area of Russia are you from Fox?
    Fox Monacular: Moscow
    Fox Monacular: a separate country within the country
    Fox Monacular: I mean, half of population of canada lives there...
    Paradise Tennant: most beautiful subway ..
    Eden Haiku: Wow...
    Eden Haiku: I think the weather is similar to Montreal's weather is it?
    Fox Monacular: yeah, there"s a joke - if moscow represents communist paradise, then moscow subway represents communist hell
    Storm Nordwind chuckles
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Fox Monacular: weather is similar, but montreal is cleaner (air) and colder (wind)
    Fox Monacular: have you been to moscow ParadiseÉ
    Fox Monacular: ?
    Storm Nordwind: My experience of Montreal was from a summer of 35 degC and leaning into a hot gale. I'd never experienced anything but a chilling gale before
    Paradise Tennant: no did some research though ..was offered a job there
    Eden Haiku: Yes, summers here can be very hot and humid. For years now, I have been spending the summers in the Laurentian mountains nearby. Much cooler.
    Paradise Tennant: yes great choice eden :) they are beautiful
    Eden Haiku: What did you too Fox and Storm, learn through these experiences of moving a lot?
    Eden Haiku: *two
    Paradise Tennant: good question
    Storm Nordwind ponders
    Fox Monacular: hmmmm ...
    Fox Monacular: i always realize I have too much stuff... then get rid of some, collect new stuff... and then when it"s time to move throw away more stuff...
    Storm Nordwind: I think, because I moved so much when I was a child (including when my parents were not with me), I learned to take complete responsibility for my own happiness.
    Paradise Tennant: :)
    Paradise Tennant: worth all the moving then
    Storm Nordwind smiles
    Eden Haiku: Oh, how interesting Storm, that is a great skill. Also geeting rid of stuff Fox, great skill too. ;-)
    Fox Monacular: insteresting! actually this time will be the first time that I'll be living in a different city from my parents
    Paradise Tennant: that would make it a hard move
    Paradise Tennant: family ties are binding
    Eden Haiku: Especially with a child...
    Fox Monacular: yes, exactly... with a child it's different... no more free babysitting:)
    Storm Nordwind: I also learned that anything that has stayed in the attic since the last time I moved can be dumped the next time I move! :)
    Paradise Tennant: lol
    Eden Haiku: Inconvenient ;-) and sad for the grandparents and the child. But Boston is not too far...
    Fox Monacular: yes, definitely!
    Eden Haiku: I have to confess I had to rent storage for all my manuscripts....All boxed neatly, but stil...
    Fox Monacular: :)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles .. manuscripts ?
    Storm Nordwind: When I emigrated to the United States last summer, all my possessions came in two suitcases (on the plane) and less than a cubic metre total of boxes (by boat).
    Eden Haiku: Yes, the handwritten or typewritten versions of my books. The National Library will archive them but I have to organize everything,,,
    Fox Monacular: wow Storm, I am so jealous... you have to give me tips
    Paradise Tennant: :) you live an uncluttered llife storm :)
    Paradise Tennant: what kind of books eden ?
    Eden Haiku: I have a lot of admiration for you Storm. Salutations at the lotusfeet of the hallowed mendicant...
    Storm Nordwind laughs
    Eden Haiku: I write poetry books and novels Paradise.
    Paradise Tennant: lovely
    Paradise Tennant: we tried a group poem last night sort of an improv
    Storm Nordwind: I just gave it all away. That was easy. The local Buddhist center got a lot. Freecycle got the rest.
    Eden Haiku: Yes, I read your group poem. That was fun!
    Paradise Tennant: lol
    Paradise Tennant: shall we try it again tonight
    Eden Haiku: Yes!!!! You start!
    Paradise Tennant: start with an order and then go around a few times ..say 3
    Storm Nordwind: I used to do storytelling circles with group written stories, all improv
    Eden Haiku: ok
    Fox Monacular: awwww... soryy, I would love to play too... baby needs a bath though...
    Eden Haiku: Paradise-Eden-Storm-Fox?
    Eden Haiku: oh...bye Fox!
    Paradise Tennant: kk fox
    Paradise Tennant: nite nite
    Storm Nordwind: bye Fox!
    Fox Monacular: have fun everyone!
    Eden Haiku: .,¡i|¹i¡¡i¹|i¡,
    Fox Monacular: good night
    Eden Haiku: `'¹li¡|¡|¡il¹'`
    Eden Haiku: to te baby!
    Fox Monacular: :)
    Paradise Tennant: so paradise eden storm then
    Storm Nordwind: ASCII art - always impressive
    Eden Haiku: I did not know that writing 'kisses" would create that!
    Eden Haiku: ok
    Paradise Tennant: In a crowd among strangers ...
    Eden Haiku: a virtual pink lotus flower is floating in the mist
    Storm Nordwind needs to know the ground rules of this first - please?
    Paradise Tennant: just continue on with the next line with whatever comes tomind
    Storm Nordwind: As a poem?
    Eden Haiku: Hum hum
    Paradise Tennant: verse poem
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Storm Nordwind: Water plays and birds sing ...
    Eden Haiku: yesterday you had a rule about writing at 9 seconds intervals?
    Eden Haiku: Good!
    Paradise Tennant: of joy beyond .. and within ..
    Eden Haiku: Ina acrowd among strangers/a virtual pink lotus flower is floating in the mist/Water plays and birds sing
    Eden Haiku: Of sorrow wide and large
    Storm Nordwind: of hands that talk ... and hearts that touch
    Eden Haiku: Wow!
    Paradise Tennant: and minds that .. know .. all
    Eden Haiku: Minds that know nothing
    Storm Nordwind: in the steady silence
    Paradise Tennant: all and nothing .. one ..
    Eden Haiku: we are the world
    Storm Nordwind: we are Being
    Paradise Tennant: the end :)
    Paradise Tennant: the perfect end
    Eden Haiku: ;-) Nice!
    Eden Haiku: (enthusiastic applause)
    Paradise Tennant: lol
    Paradise Tennant: well I have a get up really early and be fully cognizant at a breakfast meeting .. so I best be to bed .. :) thank you to for sharing ;)
    Storm Nordwind: Thank you for letting me in on your chat! :)
    Storm Nordwind: Sleep well!
    Eden Haiku: The second one is very moving: Of joy beyond and...and within.../Of sorrow wide and large/ Of hands that talk... and hearts that touch.
    Eden Haiku: Bye Paradise, sweet dreams!
    Paradise Tennant: :) yes like them very well :)
    Paradise Tennant: nite nite you two
    Storm Nordwind waves
    Eden Haiku: This lotus flower is very beautiful.
    Storm Nordwind: In this world, but not of this world.
    Eden Haiku: Yes, there is transparency, it almost looks like an equation a mathematical object,
    Storm Nordwind: The beauty of mathematical form may be underrated, or at least go unnoticed by many.
    Eden Haiku: I have been fascinated by mathematics, yet I'm so bad at even calculus...
    Storm Nordwind: The lotus is beautiful especially if you look down upon it from above
    Eden Haiku: Ah...will try
    Storm Nordwind: Stay close in with your camera, and see the drops of water rising to greet you
    Eden Haiku: Smiles
    Storm Nordwind: The feel as though they are splashing my face, before dropping back into the pool
    Storm Nordwind: *they
    Eden Haiku: There was a fountain like this one in the ashram where I used to live. It freshened the whole area.
    Eden Haiku: I was brought bac there for a moment, and smiled with contentment.
    Storm Nordwind: How lovely!
    Eden Haiku: Ebven the places we left are still there in our heart isn'it
    Eden Haiku: Why is it you moved so often as a child if I may ask?
    Storm Nordwind: My mother was ill. My father sent me around the relatives for a while. Then when we got back together we moved every few years anyway
    Eden Haiku: Oh, I see. It kept you on your toes, making new friends as you went on your road?
    Storm Nordwind: Yes. It taught me both the cruelty and the humanity of people.
    Eden Haiku: I have this blindness about the cruelty. Do I know it does exist. Saw it in action too. Yet... I keep seeing the world with rosy glasses.
    Storm Nordwind: Oh sure! But I have never once stopped being the optimist. One can see the bad but still look for the good at every turn :)
    Eden Haiku: Pierre Levy, the French philosopher, in a book called 'Le feu liberateur' says that evil does exist, it is in every fairy tale, yet we pretend it does not.http://bit.ly/6oq6IV
    Storm Nordwind: It is not blindness. I think it is compassion :) 
    Eden Haiku: Thank you, you are kind. But sometimes, I think I should be more aware of whatb is there instead of interpreting it the way I want it to be. I will remain an optimist, I'm sure :-)
    Storm Nordwind: Being aware is good. Discrimination is good, or else we will burn ourselves in the first fire!
    Storm Nordwind: But you have survived so far as an optimist. :)
    Eden Haiku: In India, people can 'read' me very easily and see through my naive outlook. I have to wear a shield of some kind...Have 2 weeks to create it!
    Storm Nordwind: And what do you think they do when they see what you think is your naive outlook?
    Eden Haiku: Last time I was supposed to go to Varanasi and Dharamsala and ended up at the end of my trio staying in a vary boring place in Delhi, crying and complaining about my indian travel agent...
    Eden Haiku: This time, I'm going to make it to Varanasi and Dharamsala I swear!
    Storm Nordwind: Yes!
    Storm Nordwind: Remember that both a teacher and a hustler have to make their business to see through you!
    Eden Haiku: ;-)
    Eden Haiku: Will you be able to take some vacation? You were supposed to take a retreat.
    Storm Nordwind: Ah... I expect not. Never mind! I will study, research a bit... try and find lost books maybe!
    Eden Haiku: Ah lost books for another time, they are the best!
    Eden Haiku: Wondering sometimes about the Alexandria library. Ther recreated it I heard.
    Storm Nordwind: Oh really?
    Eden Haiku: Some Egyptian poet told me so. It must be on Google somewhere
    Eden Haiku: http://images.google.ca/images?hl=fr...ed=0CCoQsAQwBA
    Storm Nordwind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibliotheca_Alexandrina
    Eden Haiku: The new one is very modern.
    Eden Haiku: But then the books are still in akashik records...
    Storm Nordwind: Space for 8 million books
    Eden Haiku: Wow!
    Eden Haiku: I decided I'm going to write the first chapter of my new novel in Varanasi.
    Storm Nordwind: Not that strange. I had 3000 in a tiny bedroom converted to a library. It's less than a hotel's worth by that measurement!
    Storm Nordwind: You are? Wonderful!
    Eden Haiku: I will just sit in the ghats where Valmiki began to write the Ramayana and see what happens,
    Storm Nordwind: Let's hope the start will be more auspicious than "You will find no rest for the long years of Eternity / For you killed a bird in love and unsuspecting"
    Eden Haiku: I would like the structure to be as light and gracious as this lotus flower in the pond here.
    Storm Nordwind: And perhaps, like the lotus, it will be enjoyed on many levels
    Eden Haiku: Yes, writing into mutilayers, I would like that. Like an hologram.
    Storm Nordwind: For its sheer beauty, for the metaphor that it epitomizes, for its utility... and so forth
    Eden Haiku: Yes, like a metaphor of time.
    Storm Nordwind is remembering mooncakes made with lotus seed paste
    Eden Haiku: hummmm yummmmy
    Eden Haiku: Remembering first time she saw a real lotus flower, huge, at Mahlakshmi Temple in Bombay.
    Storm Nordwind: And even mooncakes have time built in, being baked once a year at the mid-autumn festival, and with the implicit cycles of moon built in
    Eden Haiku: Oh, where is that, in Malyasia maybe?
    Storm Nordwind: I had mine in Malaysia, yes, but it's a Chinese delicacy
    Eden Haiku: oh!
    Storm Nordwind: Actually, in Japan they like them so much they sell them all the year round!
    Eden Haiku: I know a Vietnamese woman here in Montreal who has this memory of a field of white lotuses in the morning mist, before the boat people trip that took her here,
    Storm Nordwind: Such a vivid thought... I can almost breathe it
    Eden Haiku: Yes, she talks to me over a mask when she does my nails. She told me bits of her story in a span of 8 years, doing my nails. She is a very good story-teller. And such a loving person, her shop is like a little heaven, everybody smiles. It is like bathing in a Jouvence fountain. .
    Storm Nordwind: And you too Eden, are a very good story-teller! You take me there with your details and images and similes. Jumping between the senses :)
    Eden Haiku: Thanks;-)
    Eden Haiku: have you read Marcel Proust Remembrance of Things Past?
    Storm Nordwind: No I haven't yet
    Eden Haiku: Good project in perspective...
    Eden Haiku: Marcel Proust do write in all 5 senses (an even 6th sense too) It is quite magic.
    Storm Nordwind: It can be overdone. But a good storyteller does not overwhelm their reader and does it with grace
    Eden Haiku: I decided to become a writer when I read 'La petite madeleine' bit.ly/8rPRQ1
    Eden Haiku: Yes, it has to be done in a veryb delicate way, subtle as Proust does.
    Eden Haiku: Boyfriend is telling: 'Midnight says the clock' (there is no clock, but he is right)....
    Eden Haiku: This was very nice sharing with you Storm, thank you.
    Storm Nordwind: He is right indeed... I'll let you go, and I'll go read "Ecstatic spontaneity" about Saraha - since you have inspired me :)
    Eden Haiku: I always appreciate your conversation and your gestures!
    Storm Nordwind: My pleasure Eden. Sleep well! :)
    Storm Nordwind chuckles
    Eden Haiku: Feeling good!
    Storm Nordwind: Namaste
    Eden Haiku: Bye Storm! Enjoy your reading and see you soon ;-)
    Storm Nordwind: Bye
    Storm Nordwind waves
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