04-06 - The Whole...Moment

    photo_100.jpg  March 20th, 2009: Solobill's PaB Scrivery Shack

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                                        “The Whole...Moment”

    ‘Tis the first day of Spring. Time, practice, encouragement, and heart spring eternal (as do crocuses and daffodils). This was a very rich set of Play as Being meetings…

    Buzzing mind
    Old Radiobw.jpgA teacher once told me that our minds are usually like a radio stuck in between stations; “kkkkchsthskkkk”...static. Quieting our “mind’s ear” to this white noise is where abides tranquility, equanimity, and indeed the predisposition for awakened awareness. So, do we find just one station?  Do we attempt to turn off the radio entirely?  Do we try to become “one” with the noise?  What do you think? PaB is one way to reach for the radio…

    The influx of new people to meetings always adds such a dynamic. One brought up that this buzzing mind “has been useful in leading me into new realms, but now it’s addicted to thought”. Replied another, “it’s like watching TV in the head all the time”. These thoughts sit squarely in the realm of “what we have”, not “what we are”, and as we watch our own “thought-object” sitcoms or documentaries, we are quite unaware of Being Aware.

    Part of the problem, it would seem, is that “our muscles are so trained to try and push, and not letting go.” Our mind-muscle is quite the same in this regard.

    As we reflect on the nature of time, we can come to glean insights to share:

    • “Judging things is comparing past and present.”
    • “No time means no causality, a very radical idea.”
    • “With the absence of time you would get the inner peace to look at things as they are.”
    • “While in inner peace, time and problems dissolve.”
    • “We can try the radical move of dropping past-present-future time.  Or we can gently stay in Past-Present-Future (PPF) and wear it more loosely, more freely…one gentle way to find more inner peace is to learn to deal better with time; the radical one is like dropping that PPF time.”
    • “I mused over what a simple life I could live, and in actual fact I do, it’s just seeing that.”
    • “Mostly I’ve found problems are more simple than we think, and we complicate them, and that takes a lot of energy.”
    • “Most stressful people, in 48 hours per day, will have double the amount of tasks they have.”

    For more click here: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Chat_Logs/2009/03/2009.03.04_13%3a00_-_A_very_nice_feeling_around_the_shoulders

    A key component of our community of practice is the support that we offer each other.  “I try to be aware as much and often as I can, but especially in stressy RL…” said an attendee.  “Yes, that is why we try to do the exploration regularly, so it becomes a habit, which you can continue even in times of stress.”

    encouragement.jpgAs a new PaB friend shared his struggles with finding the time and new skills with our short meditation practices, many jumped in to encourage: “You’ll get better” said one.  “Yeah, you really do improve at it” added another.

    And as always we share our practice itself: “I normally try to expand my consciousness whenever I manage to more of being aware, not sure how to describe it otherwise.  It is a feeling like the mind growing in all directions”, said one, “The whole… moment. It goes along with concentration, and concentration with relaxation.”

    A friend replied, “A friend calls that ‘be here now’”.

    Added a third, “But that is so hard as to be almost impossible.”

    And therein is where a commitment to practice helps.

    “I like the few moments in life when time stops running, then sometimes I feel awake.”

    “So we drop our sense of self and let the Universe ‘do’, through us.”

    For more click here: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Chat_Logs/2009/03/2009.03.05_07%3a00_-_Watch_out_for_that_tree!!

    We readdressed the explorations offered over the summer of 2008 by Pema: You Seeing Being Seeing (YSBS), and Enlightened Seeing Being Seeing (ESBS), in the form of a Dialogue between Pema and Fefonz. We discussed the concept of emptiness, Being, practice, and the arising of appearance. Perhaps most importantly, we discussed the shortcomings of discursive thought as it applies to the Absolute: “If we throw our nets of words and concepts into the sea of reality, we pull up an empty net.”

    As an interesting outcome of the discussion, an attendee noted that “I can say that having experienced ‘being felt’, that in some ways it is accessible like shifting gears. In this way I 'm not certain whether I am then experiencing my memory of ‘being felt’. And by this, I mean that feeling/knowing of no separation.  Because it has entered my experience as direct knowledge. And I can think of it and feel it.”

    Wherein lies the distinction between “where we are” and “where we think we are”?

    For more click here: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Chat_Logs/2009/03/2009.03.05_13%3a00_-_Dialogue_Fefonz-Pema_%231%3a_Being

    It's the Questions that Matter

    A visitor - we’ll call him Jeremy - dropped by the Pavilion for a chat and exploration of the Play as Being group. He was in the company of several PaB Guardians, and they discussed questioning…

    Jeremy started, “Lately I've been thinking about the ‘bigger’ picture and why some things are the way they are I guess. Ya know, the regular confused person type stuff.”

    Guardian A responded, “If by considering such things makes you confused, I would not agree.”

    “How so?”, asked Jeremy.

    “Then those who don’t consider those things you would presume would be less confused”, replied Guardian A.

    Jeremy agreed, “Ha! I guess that’s pretty true.”

    Guardian A continued, “I feel seeking... allows for some resolution of questions asked, which, of course, leads to some confusion.”

    Guardian B smiled, as did Jeremy.

    Guardian B offered, “Confusion is a human trait.”

    “My big question:  What is confusion?” asked Guardian A.

    Guardian B looked around in confusion, prompting a laugh from Guardian C.

    Jeremy then said, “I won't disagree with that, everyone is searching for answers to some degree.”

    “Can everything ever be answered?” asked Guardian A.

    Jeremy laughed, but it was a serious question indeed.

    Guardian D spoke up for the first time, “It's the questions that matter, not the answers.”

    Jeremy concluded, “Hmm, that’s an interesting way to look at it. Questions are what matter. Maybe we are supposed to just ask questions because it kind of gives us comfort even though we won’t get them answered.”

    To see our cast of players unmasked click here: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Chat_Logs/2009/03/2009.03.05_19%3a00_-_Crunchy_philosophies

    Picture four friends sitting around a small table in the morning at a local café, sipping coffee and tea…

    Cafe200.jpg  “I thought lately about the ‘heart part’ in our practice”, said the first while
      sipping green tea.  “We talk a lot about being, about phenomenology, about
      appearances, and I fell that I need sometimes to get back to the more
      emotional, human - in a way - part of the path. How or is ‘is’ connecting us
      more to people around us, making us more compassionate and kind?”

      “Can there be a separation?” answered his friend while reaching for a
      shortbread cookie.

      “Do you mean that there is not enough ‘heart’ in the sessions?” asked another.

      The fourth friend offered, “Perhaps it is always there, but we lose sight of it in
      the stratosphere of conceptualizing a lot of this stuff.”

      The cookie-eater continued, “It’s strange, but I find by staying present in
      Being, so to speak, one sees clearly and feels clearly what is called for and
      sometimes its just heart stuff.”


    The fourth friend smiled and responded, “That is not strange at all. I think it is a very natural occurrence… Ultimate naturalness actually.”

    The cookie-eater nibbled a bit, then continued, “Being able to express arising feelings which are different to emotions needs trust.”

    “Can you say more about the different between feelings and emotions?” asked the first.

    She chased down a bit of cookie with a sip of coffee and considered for a moment.  “It’s more about how it arises. It’s like a feeling state that arises from the center of me, and is usually associated with a feeling of openness and vulnerability, here as emotions are where we all experience them, it’s difficult to be that open… when can get swept up in emotions but this 'feels' different; it’s like my whole being is responding and yet remaining objective… One.”

    “And what you describe is connected to our practice?” asked the first.

    “It doesn't happen very often,” was her reply.

    “It sounds almost as though you mean ‘love’ when you say ’feeling’”, said the third friend.

    With another small nibble the cookie-eater replied, “You could call it love in which case it is non-human, or very human, but it relates to the practice because it is triggered by clarity; It’s the missing link I think you are talking about.”

    The first took a sip of tea, and then asked, “So, if I understand you, you say that the practice helps you to open your heart in a way?”

    “Yes. In a non-sentimental way.”

    They all sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the morning, and the company.

    For more click here: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Chat_Logs/2009/03/2009.03.06_13%3a00_-_Metaphorical_Butt-Kick

    The End of the Beginning of the End
    I'll end this months scrivery with a profound question and answer...simple, elegant, and moving.

    “I know this may sound naïve or stupid but…can you guys help me achieve inner peace?”

    “We are all helping each other with that, every day here.”

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