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    For those who seek through play the wisdom of being, Ari scribbles...

    Act 1 Scene 1


    Arch gives a wonderful definition of what "absolute freedom" means to him:
    Archmage Atlantis: In my being (soul, essence, etc) I can experience the absolute freedom of the forces of the universe, but my body, behaviour, and other elements of this world must acknowlege the rules, structure, realities of this or any world

    Act 1 Scene 2


    I like Riddle's statement:
    Riddle Sideways: preferences depend on POV [Point Of View] too

    Act 1 Scene 3


    Maxine offers a pearl of wisdom with her intriguing observation:
    Maxine Walden: might be hard to talk and listen to different opinions...when there are no easy answers

    Act 1 Scene 4


    doug starts an interesting discussion by mentioning a phrase from a French philosopher:
    doug Sosa: I've been reading a french philosopher, not well known, who says that all things are equally real: countries, clouds, cats, smiles, atoms. none are privileged except through their connections.

    Act 2 Scene 1


    Act 2 Scene 2


    Act 2 Scene 3


    Act 2 Scene 4


    Act 3 Scene 1


    Wester had some quality quiet time...now this one I understood! :)

    Wester Kiranov: I sat quietly for half an hour, enjoying the birdsong and the lovely fountain flower.

    Act 3 Scene 2


    Paul is working on a manuscript and doug offers a nice suggestion:
    Paul Namiboo: It's on how a long history of existing in small family groups shapes much of what is wrong with the world today.
    doug Sosa: what if we avoid "wrong" and look at it as an interesting but difficult evolution, rather naturral..

    Act 3 Scene 3


    Arch makes an excellent point here:
    Archmage Atlantis: If I may say, sometimes the body and the things of the
    world dominate, usually due to problems or concerns......Escaping through
    through some techique to where the quietness of being is works for many

    Act 3 Scene 4


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