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    Snippets of sharing our 9 seconds in time. 


    2009.09.19 01:00 - Missing

    2009.09.19 07:00 - A Tightrope Only IF You Are Afraid

    Living on the edge.. how this seems risky, dealing with guilt and fear, and 'coming from nothingness'.

    Gaya Ethaniel: Life should be lived on the edge “see every day as a true challenge and then you live your life on a tightrope” (quote from ‘Man on a Wire‘).

    2009.09.19 13:00 - That meditative feeling

    Maintaining a meditative outlook, despite the distractions of daily life.

    Eos Amaterasu: maybe the part that's observing being fazed is itself unfazed.


    2009.09.19 19:00 - Competing with the Adam's and Keeping Up with the Pila's 

    The 9 sec practice, and the joys of the emerging PaB retreat village.

    Pila Mulligan: this evolving group is startling sometimes in its creativity.

    2009.09.20 01:00 - Trip in History

    Unearthed history, war games and its’ representation of self in SL.
    Qt Core: even games are real, but you should be able to realize that they are just games, the more realistic they become the more difficult that becomes.

    2009.09.20 07:00 - Relaxing into Being

    'Waking up into the 9 seconds’ and a sharing of the various experiences of the 9 second pauses.

    Adams Rubble: an interesting topic. Even stopping to see what we are doing is a kind of awakening.

    2009.09.20 13:00 - Bricks and mortgages

    The concrete and abstract elements of what is ‘real’, especially in light of being in the 9 second pause.

    Maxine Walden: the relative realness of bricks and mortgages, in personal perceptual terms.

    2009.09.20 19:00 - A bit of TM, a bit of this and that

    The PaB retreat village, types of meditation, and architecture, including building in SL.
    Paradise Tennant: been really enjoying setting up my little plot .. would never have believed it could be so engaging :)

    2009.09.21 07:00 - Missing

    2009.09.21 01:00 - A New Moon

    Fasting and ethics during Ramadan, and seeing through obstacles.

    sophia Placebo: you see, in each one heart there is a small white dot , if you keep your heart pure , you would can see the right path , if not you would be lost.

    2009.09.21 13:00 - Consumer Enticements

    A Sustainability Project, and consumerism.

    doug Sosa: How things happen.. getting to sustainability, one way or the other.. old chinese saying.. everything has two handles... beware of the wrong one!  

    2009.09.21 19:00 - Identities, children and TV

    How our appearance affects how we are seen by others.

    Eos Amaterasu: I guess the face is one of our most prominent identity brandings…we "face" the world
    Fox Monacular: yes, and even the slightest 'deformities' stigmatize the individual… it's better to have no legs than a strange face... 


                          In another times forgotten space,

                          Your eyes looked from your mothers face,

                          Wallflower seed on the sand and stone,

                          May the four winds blow you safely home

                                   Roll away... the Dew

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