04 - 06 All for one and one for all

    The Scribe for ths period is Mickorod Renard

    Hi Readers’
    Again I have took the easy route and took snippets from the logs and pasted them, lazy me. But it still takes me hours of reading and cutting as well as a whole lot of fun seeing how we all look on life from our own very individual perspectives. Another reason I cut and paste is that I have a few values I tend to adhere to, like why re-invent the wheel or if it isnt broke don’t fix it. That’s me, an individual whome you make feel so included in this wonderful group. But for all my individualness, it appears that we all share more than we may imagine in our thoughts and it is this that appears so evident whilst reading the past logs.

    1 2009.12.04 01:00 - The universe of what we are able to speak about

    Busy, busy, busy...
    by Ed Matlack

    Busy, busy, busy…

     Cut the lawn,

    Trim the weeds,

    Rake the leaves,

    Plant some seeds…

     Wash the cars,

    Sit and watch the stars,

    While smoking cigars,

    And drinking from old fruit jars…

     Walk the mutt,

    Get out of this rut,

    Of being a computer nut,

    Maybe I can work off this gut…

     Though there is something to be said,

    For relaxing all day, letting the sun make me red,

    The day is half over; I just awoke,

    Let me get my ass in gear by drinking some coffee and coke…

    © ed ~ 9/4/05

    A discovery.

    Wol Euler: I took Qt's advice and did a Nine yesterday during a natural break in concentration, and made an interesting discovery
    Pema Pera listens intently
    Wol Euler: Wednesday had seemed like a bad day: only e-mail and phone calls, I got to draw for about 50 minutes in a ten hour day

    Wol Euler: so, that was a bad day. all coordination and communicaton and no drawing
    Wol Euler: hello sophia
    Wol Euler: well, as I was dropping, I noticed that yesterday had felt like a very good day

    Wol Euler: but I had done the same stuff: almost entirely phone calls and e-mail and checking engineers'' drawings, and about an hour of drawing on my own
    Vendy Walpole: excuse me must grab my cup of coffee to be able to think, just woke up...brb
    Wol Euler: so what was the difference, if the work I did wasn't the difference in feeling?
    Pema Pera: :-)
    Wol Euler: it was because I'd spent Thursday *thinking* -- making changes, discussing improvements, finding solutions for problems
    Wol Euler: a good day is a day in which I can think, regardless of which task I am performing
    Wol Euler: and having realized that, I now have a tool for dealing with "bad days". Just find a point where I can apply some thinking.

    Archmage Atlantis: The fate of the manager of technicians of any sort, one has to find a new space in life :)
    Vendy Walpole: (slips back queitly)
    Wol Euler: true, arch, one gets promoted away from that which one likes to do.
    Vendy Walpole: perhaps I missed something, what is the tool Wol, I would need it?
    Archmage Atlantis: That is when growth happens
    Wol Euler: the tool was seeing that the goodness of the day was not what I actually *did* (phone calls instead of drawing)
    Wol Euler: but that I had been able to do some creative thinking during that time
    Wol Euler: whereas the day before had been entirely management tasks, only saying yes or no or 17.3
    Wol Euler: what made that a bad day was not that I spent it doing e-mail and phone calls.

    Vendy Walpole: I am interested to hear how people here experience PaB and what si its role in their lifes

    Wol Euler: well, at the risk of upsetting Pema, I am mostly attracted to the quality of conversation
    Wol Euler: the topics and the depth of discussion, on matters that I can seldom find a RL partner to discuss with
    Vendy Walpole: what you see as quality?
    Wol Euler: that people speak largely from experience or from certain knowledge, rather than fluffy bullshitting about what they saw on TV

    sophia Placebo: the thing about discussions in pab is that we dont go analysing things but more exploring how our status was during diffrent situations , inward outward exploration of reality rather the oppisite
    sophia Placebo: *sorry for bad grammer
    Calvino Rabeni: good description
    Vendy Walpole: I agree with you

    Vendy Walpole: to me this is the place that calls me to journey and the travelers are very good company, though do not know where we shall end but it is the excitement and the challenge for me
    sophia Placebo: Hi bolonath
    Calvino Rabeni: The universe of what we are able to speak about here is much bigger than usual

    Calvino Rabeni: An enlargment of consciousness is a how that is difficult to describe
    Bolonath Crystal: for me, pab has tremendously widened my mental horizon, to start with
    Calvino Rabeni: (THus for now I shall remain vague)
    Calvino Rabeni: In terms of what, Bolo?
    Bolonath Crystal: well, i met here so many new views of what we call reality

    Bolonath Crystal: i am attending these meetings here since about three months now, and i already find it easier to keep the position of an 'unattached observer' in rl. that's very helpful especially in conflict situations
    Calvino Rabeni: The imagination finds a way to play with new or changed limits
    Calvino Rabeni: What kind of conflict
    Vendy Walpole: I practice the same Bolonath and it helped
    Wol Euler: definitely, yes.
    Bolonath Crystal: any kind, cal
    Wol Euler: PaB has been a great help in dealing wiht RL stress
    Calvino Rabeni: As in imagining a point of view of another?
    Calvino Rabeni: Listens to Wol and Bolo
    Bolonath Crystal: yes, for example
    Bolonath Crystal: but also with inner conflicts
    Calvino Rabeni: Giving a spatial feeling to imagining perspectives


    3:2009.12.04 13:00 - 0,9 sec ultra break and dropping

    Wol Euler: Pema. I'm curious, did you try the 0.9 second ultra-micro-breaks today?
    Pema Pera: not yet
    Pema Pera: I slept since I first suggested it
    Pema Pera: but I'm curious to try :)
    Pema Pera: how about you?
    Wol Euler: ah, yse, that makes sense-
    Alfred Kelberry: it takes a lot of patience, i presume :)
    Qt Core: 0.9 every ? each minute ?
    Wol Euler: before opening an e-mail, was the original idea
    Pema Pera: each 1.5 minutes, if you want to scale it :)
    Eden Haiku: Micro breaks?
    Eos Amaterasu: gapinos
    Pema Pera: well, it all started with Qt's idea, I believe
    Qt Core: does spam counts ? ;-)
    Eden Haiku: gapinos ;-)
    Pema Pera: to take a break not at a fixed time, but when there is a natural opening in your work
    Wol Euler: mmhmm
    Pema Pera: so in between the many emails we all read each day (including spam, sure, why not) perhaps a tiny break?
    Wol Euler: :)
    Eos Amaterasu: transition times
    Eos Amaterasu: something's ended, something else not yet
    Pema Pera: and Being can shine through :)
    Eos Amaterasu: .9 secs is about right :-)
    Aubergine Mint: I like that!
    Eden Haiku: Good idea. But the trick is to remember to do it...
    Eos Amaterasu: :-)
    Qt Core: yesterday i found myself almost having a 9 sec breack... during a concert, with some doubt having been in a semi meditative state for most of it
    Eden Haiku: I still struggle with the 9 secs every 15 minutes...
    Qt Core: (and it surely wasn't meditatve music)
    Alfred Kelberry: i don't get it. is it about "natural breaks" like pema says or fixed intervals that eden suggests?
    Wol Euler: either or, Alf. Or both.
    Pema Pera: all these ideas, regular breaks dictated by time or work, are really only tricks to make a switch, but very helpful tricks.
    Pema Pera: The switch is the important thing.


    3: 2009.12.05 01:00 - A Little Push

    Archmage Atlantis: The topic I was thinking of is the winter solstace
    Gaya Ethaniel: mhm just saw
    Archmage Atlantis: As it is so close and marks the beginning of the sun's return
    Archmage Atlantis: I ran accross this today:
    Archmage Atlantis: This year, the Winter Solstice will occur at 9:47 am in the morning of Monday, December 21, 2009. That will be the local time on the western coast of the continental United States. In other parts of the world, however, local times may be different at that same moment. For example, in England at that moment, the local time will be 17:47 in the late afternoon.

     BBC News picture, Stonehenge winter solstace

    Archmage Atlantis: So 9:47 AM (09:00) is the SL/PST
    Archmage Atlantis: We will all experience it together, no matter where we are in the world

    Calvino Rabeni: WInter solstice is in the middle of summer, if you live in australia
    Gaya Ethaniel: That's true, most of Australians feel it weird to have Christmas in winter believe it or not.
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, quite true.......not exactly winter......Hummm forgot about that part..... so then in the Southern Hemisphere it is the beginning of shorter days and less light........did the native Austraians celebrate in reverse?
    Calvino Rabeni: I don't know, mate!

    Archmage Atlantis: A multi 90 second prose/poem:

    Archmage Atlantis:
    Tempus Whatsit? If only Albert had stayed a clerk If dogs and cats had not liked campfire If rabbits did not build kingdoms If the pharoahs did not built pyramids If snow and weather did not exist If cameras could not adjust perspective What time would it be Or Perhaps What Universe?

    Fael Illyar: Oh, curious poem :)

    Calvino Rabeni: About the poem, and this - it occurs to me, that perspectives are not enough, there needs to be a little push in a particular direction, to have a universe appear
    Calvino Rabeni: Late night philosophy :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Nice thought, Cal, and could be a useful philosophy for me and perhaps others
    Calvino Rabeni: A very small push - but present.
    Calvino Rabeni: Like the SL math breaks down if the direction vectors are zero, nothing can be done.
    Fael Illyar: yes... but what is the push?
    Calvino Rabeni: Infinitesimal movement
    Fael Illyar: ok, what is movement?
    Calvino Rabeni: I suppose, what energy does
    Fael Illyar: hmm... change
    Calvino Rabeni: change plus direction
    Calvino Rabeni: BUt change that doesn't go in any direction - interesting idea
    Fael Illyar smiles.
    Fael Illyar: yes... unless there i change, nothing exists.
    Calvino Rabeni: It reminds me of wu-wei. Action that has no commitment or form.
    Archmage Atlantis: Is to exist is to change, and to not change is to not exist, then Fael?
    Fael Illyar: Arch, yes, that would follow.
    Fael Illyar: but there is nothing that does not change.


    4 2009.12.05 13:00:

    "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength."

    --  Corrie Ten Boom

    Vendy Walpole: It is a well known syndrome - weekend's syndrome
    Calvino Rabeni: Lather, rinse, repeat. :)
    Storm Nordwind has not been allowed to work in his new home until today, and still loves the weekends!
    Mickorod Renard: leaving off doing something,,cos ur worried,,only compounds the problem
    Vendy Walpole: agree, have to work out to solve the worries - to stop them on time
    Mickorod Renard: I will be ok at the weekends when I can comence with my toys,,which are all in boxeds still
    Zen Arado: we need our toys :)
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,we sure do
    SophiaSharon Larnia pictures a big toy box ;)
    Calvino Rabeni: I'd like to hear about the toys :)
    Mickorod Renard: mostly motorbikes and stuff
    Zen Arado: my main ones are computers
    Calvino Rabeni: Good on ye
    Zen Arado: don't know how I would put in my time without one
    Vendy Walpole: I used to read a lot before found out of Second Life, the books were my toys
    Mickorod Renard: I spend too long on computers
    SophiaSharon Larnia: nods
    Mickorod Renard: I still like a book
    Storm Nordwind: Recreation is re-creation. It's essential. :)
    Zen Arado: doing it now :)
    Calvino Rabeni: Same here - it has completely interfered with my TV watching

    Mickorod Renard: yes, I am going through my third childhood
    Zen Arado: :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: laughs
    Vendy Walpole: which is wonderful Mic
    Storm Nordwind gave up growing up a long time ago. It's overrated.
    Vendy Walpole: young spirit, what is better? :)

    SophiaSharon Larnia: for all who just arrived, we were talking about worry
    arabella Ella: ok ty Sophia S
    stevenaia Michinaga: worrying?
    Zen Arado: techniques to overcome worry ?

    Bolonath Crystal: whenever we worry about something to come, we are not in the here and now
    stevenaia Michinaga: dropping worry
    Vendy Walpole nods 10 times
    Bolonath Crystal drops the silence ;)
    Mickorod Renard: I get rid of as many things I need to do immediately, that helps me
    arabella Ella: is learning not to worry too much a skill one could build i wonder?
    Zen Arado: yes..take action if possible
    Vendy Walpole: Mic, does it always work to you?
    Storm Nordwind: I think it's possible to learn not to worry ara
    Zen Arado: is worry tied in with ego?
    Storm Nordwind: Yes it is in a way , Zen, as it can come from not seeing what is real
    Vendy Walpole: it is tied with monkey mind for sure, and it is ego's mind

    stevenaia Michinaga: wonders how many of us (men) piss up a rope? same thing with worry, just as pointless
    Storm Nordwind is not familiar withe Steve's expression
    Zen Arado: me neither :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: nods, perhaps it's an american saying
    Vendy Walpole: please explain it Steve
    arabella Ella: interesting expression nevertheless ... never heard of it either
    Vendy Walpole: sounds like Chinese to me
    Calvino Rabeni: I never heard it here.
    SophiaSharon Larnia: heard of it before grins
    Calvino Rabeni: SO I guess you're saying - don't bother :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: it's something no one would do, if you get the image of a pointless excecise to "urinate up a rope"
    Mickorod Renard: we have piss against the wind
    Vendy Walpole: ah
    Wol Euler: "don't you piss on my shoes and then tell me it's raining"
    Zen Arado: which is also dangerous :)
    Vendy Walpole: we say - piss against the wind too
    stevenaia Michinaga: I relate to worrying like that
    SophiaSharon Larnia: dropping worry implies a trust,it seems to me
    Vendy Walpole: but aren't worries helpful sometimes?
    stevenaia Michinaga: wonders when?
    Zen Arado: ah yes implies lack of confidence ?
    Storm Nordwind: I think if there is something one can have complete and utter faith in to take care of what is really important in one's life, then worry disappears completely.
    Vendy Walpole: well, if you wish to stay late out in some club before an important meeting, the worries would help bring you home
    Vendy Walpole: (the meeting should be early in the morning here)
    Zen Arado: yes there is also a motivator
    Vendy Walpole: what if we do not worry?
    Zen Arado: but that gets away from the meaning of the word a bit I think
    Vendy Walpole: we could lose the job
    Storm Nordwind: Part of dealing with worry comes from identifying what one's priorities really are. What is really important? What really matters most? That gives a sense of perspective
    Mickorod Renard: I dont think worry actually achieves anything
    stevenaia Michinaga: I agree
    Zen Arado: me too it is poointless mind spinning
    Mickorod Renard: maybe poor health
    stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    Zen Arado: yes can drag you down
    Mickorod Renard: but it is something we all have to deal with in some degree

    " Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear."

      -- Corrie Ten Boom


    2009.12.05 19:00 - Like Being on Top of a Mountain

    Eden Haiku: I can't wait for teleportation in RL
    Widget Whiteberry: I don't think about moving my body , I think about going somewhere, being somewhere
    Storm Nordwind: Oh I can wait. It would be a terrorist weapon very quickly

    The conversation turned to various world problems.

    Eden Haiku: really?
    Widget Whiteberry: true, Storm, sadly true
    Widget Whiteberry: but everything is a weapon in the hands of someone wishing to create chaos
    Widget Whiteberry: although some weapons are more powerful than others
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, true Storm, but it may evolve anyway
    Widget Whiteberry pulls her cloak around her
    Eden Haiku: Chilly suddenly...
    Archmage Atlantis: And new "evils" are part of dealing with existence and moving forward
    Archmage Atlantis: I had a conversation today with a friend, the conclusion of which was
    Archmage Atlantis: To exist is to change, to not change is to not exist
    Widget Whiteberry: /request 75
    Calvino Rabeni: How about "being is movement" not stillness?
    Eden Haiku: The small islands of Tuvalu in the Pacific are doomed to be washed out by the ocean. Yet the people there refuse to move to New Zealand. They even say it will still be the land of their ancestors even if it goes underwater.
    Calvino Rabeni: Responding to AA's statement
    Calvino Rabeni: About that, Eden?
    Eden Haiku: I was thinking about «new evils»: terrorism, climate changes...
    Eliza Madrigal: Hm, Eden... complex. It relates a little to something I was thinking today... about superstition.. can be layered/imperceptable, why change seems difficult, etc
    Archmage Atlantis: The last 90 seconds brought another poem to me

    Archmage Atlantis: Exist

      All times may exist at once

      But this me exist in this moment

      The past is a learning

      The future is a choice

      Only the present exists In this universe

    Pema Pera: talking about terrorism and climate change: somebody once said "if only climate change had a mustache" -- it is so much easier to galvanize people to fight against a person as an image than against a global climate effect . . .


    2009.12.06 01:00 - Warm tea and reality

    Calvino Rabeni: Fear is a fundamental thing.
    Calvino Rabeni: But so is eros, the drive to create and expand beyond boundaries.
    Nymf Hathaway: Majority thinks more is good
    Calvino Rabeni: Yes, that is a theme to be reckoned with.
    Calvino Rabeni: What does the majority give up, to let the outsiders seem to be what they are?
    Nymf Hathaway: I wonder.... is life (humans in this case) just a circle on earth..... we discover things... make them science... we loose data...and a few or more centuries later we seem to pick up where we have left
    Calvino Rabeni: Do you mean, are there cycles of knowledge and ignorance?
    Nymf Hathaway: yes and kill knowledge...history is full of it and always fear was the reason for killing it
    Calvino Rabeni: For instance there has always been a dynamic interplay between unification and separation of science and religion.
    Calvino Rabeni: It goes one way, then the other.
    Nymf Hathaway: Knowledge is still for minorities
    Nymf Hathaway: yes seems so
    Calvino Rabeni: Yes it seems to be.
    Nymf Hathaway: I hope the internet will change this


    Two Little Snowflakes

    Way up high in the winter sky,

    2 little snowflakes caught my eye.

    Down to the ground they fell without a sound.

    And before very long,

    It was snowing all around.

    2009.12.06 07:00 - The Art of Using the Mona Lisa

    Eliza Madrigal: "Life is wonderous, as it is"
    Wol Euler: agreed.
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Vendy Walpole: yes, even these virtual snowflakes are wonderful and so calming
    Eliza Madrigal: hm, yes there is a calming effect about them... just falling falling
    Vendy Walpole: with no sound at all
    Eliza Madrigal: easy
    Wol Euler: sound-swallowing, actually, I love the silence of a snowfall
    Eliza Madrigal: Ohh.... a softeness and buffer
    Eliza Madrigal: yes quite nurturing

    painting by Frederic Remington.jpg

    painting by Frederic Remington, 'note,,the horses in full motion,,ridrs quite static'

    Eliza Madrigal: And speaking of details, how is the museum coming along Adams? :)
    Eliza Madrigal: I'm holding myself from walking through, until it opens
    Vendy Walpole: will it be open soon?
    Adams Dubrovna: Hard to say how it is going, I am working hard on it
    Adams Dubrovna: It opens December 14 at 11:00 am SLT


    Now then, I want you all to sing this song just like you were a 6 year old,,,ok?

    Snowflakes Falling Down (Sung to Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

    Snowflakes falling down

    Falling to the ground

    Big white fluffy flakes

    That do not make a sound

    2009.12.06 13:00 - memories and experience

    Eliza Madrigal: that's something that keeps coming up... balancing intensity of focus, with lightness...both
    Wol Euler thinks of watching children playing. They are very serious, intent, utterly immersed in what they're doing, and enjoying it,
    Geoff Baily: ;)
    Maxine Walden: perhaps we could watch ourselves lightly during the next pause, sort of as Wol has suggested...
    Alfred Kelberry: wol, well, a broken house from cubes is a tradegy to them :)
    Geoff Baily: ok
    Wol Euler: perhaps they're right, alf; perhaps it is, and it's a weakness in us that we don't cry with them over it.
    Eliza Madrigal: oh wow, Wol.. what a heartbreakingly beautiful idea
    Wol Euler: I've been watching my boss' kids, aged 2 and 0.
    Alfred Kelberry: yes.. there's a clear misunderstanding between the two. losing a hundred bucks is not a big deal to them either :)
    Eliza Madrigal still remembers her first popped balloon
    Alfred Kelberry: aww..

    Eliza Madrigal: seems that sense of what is inexpressable is the closest thing to 'truth'... can't be told... presence can be shared perhaps....
    Geoff Baily: yes Alfred I agree
    Geoff Baily: Yes Alfred I agree
    Geoff Baily: yes Eliza
    Maxine Walden: shared, maybe approached in terms of being at one with, but vritually unknowable -- truth and perhaps beauty
    Geoff Baily: and love
    Alfred Kelberry: eliza, that makes me think of a concept of dirty words that label a sacred entity that you can't name, but only feel :)
    Eliza Madrigal: hah, Alfred... sounds like a theme session
    Eliza Madrigal: =P~
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Wol Euler: perhaps htat is the reason for hte prohibition on naming God: to prevent us from thinking htat we have understood him
    Alfred Kelberry: yes, interesting

    Wol Euler: "I" had been sitting here annoyed by the neighbours' music which I could hear thumping away
    Alfred Kelberry: hey! a party!
    Wol Euler: but Being felt joy at it, and everyrhing around. I could feel Being touch each of those sensations and greet it with joy, like a child touches things it walks past
    Geoff Baily: ;)
    Eliza Madrigal smiles widely and gets teary again
    Wol Euler: yeah, me too :)
    Geoff Baily: fresh and new
    Eliza Madrigal: MM, yes
    Eliza Madrigal: and essential.... who is seeling the tree bark with their hands....
    Geoff Baily: and smelling the fresh leaves.....
    Eliza Madrigal: and calling them 'leaves' ?
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Wol Euler: I don't understand how people can be bored, when there is a whole world to be touched and smelled and looked at.


    2009.12.06 19:00 - Play as Being as Music

    stevenaia Michinaga: was thinking earlier about various metaphors that help describer the group dynamic

    stevenaia Michinaga: somewhat related to the questions of the students that visited us last sunday

    Paradise Tennant: listens

    Calvino Rabeni: How so steve?

    stevenaia Michinaga: one thought was our discussions seem parallel to music, the volume and the lulls in conversations but in general a harmonious flow

    Paradise Tennant: good analogy :)

    Calvino Rabeni: How's the dynamic range, or other qualities?

    Paradise Tennant: almost everything can be related to music on some level :)

    stevenaia Michinaga: yes, there is both good and bad results

    stevenaia Michinaga: but perhaps it was the overall sense of harmony that keeps me coming back, every time a new "movement"

    Paradise Tennant: smiles

    stevenaia Michinaga: that was another thought that I was reading in another chat log when one guardian was asked by another, what keeps you coming back

    stevenaia Michinaga: can't say I have put my finger on it in a word

    stevenaia Michinaga: cept... here I am (again)

    Paradise Tennant: hmm I find I learn here .. and the flow of thoughts and ideas is in a way in "rhythm" to my own perspective .. I often feel "in tune" ;)

    stevenaia Michinaga: natural curiosity, yes

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