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    2010.01.13 01:00 - consciousness, the universe and a message to the future

    • When I get locked into that kind of thing, not sleeping when I need it, I find meditation a reliable cure for insomnia
    • yes, the state between sleeping and being awake is a good starting point for meditation

    2010.01.13 07:00 - The Appreciative Eyes of the Universe

    • Last night in sleep I found myself thinking... I was thinking about the way we read stories, and view time... and that though we feel we are experiencing things in a linear way (moments, etc) When we are most 'satisfied', perhaps, it is that we get a glimpse from outside of that in a more 'mosaic' manner... A story with overlaps and textures all interwoven... patterns within patterns... that we couldn't have seen coming... surprises. Perfect in a kind of totality... yet still 'fleeting' perhaps. So it is a different 'way' of tasting our moments perhaps

    2010.01.13 13:00 - Cloud hugging

    • Do manners come with enlightenment? Can one be perfectly liberated and still run over others....
    • I'm inclined to say "no" That perfect liberation would preclude behaving in a shitty way to other beings.
    • There are stories in Buddhism in which teachers behave not well but do it with a purpose. Problem is, they don't tell us.
    • Maybe manners would leave place to simple respect. Manners for manners lead to stupid "rites".

    • Sometimes we seem to think that we need to be nice and polite when we get enlightened (if that ever happens).
    • I attended a teaching today in which a person was arguing in an unecessary way ... It caused me to think about natural grace a bit and one's message might be lost if delivered badly... so also a matter of skill.
    • Considering 'wrath', I thought one point is that good manners and 'being 'nice' are two different things.

    2010.01.13 19:00 - Images and Words

    • A place to drift between non-dreaming sleep and awakeness, non-alert awakeness, an empty place - time to lay awake
    • I find posture important in meditative practices. If I had the condition you are talking about I might get up from bed and sit with the lights out.
    • Usually I'm horizontal, I don't do to much sitting/meditating except here and perhaps when I work, productive meditation.
    • When you work?
    • When I am focused on a thought, much of what I do is contemplation on a problem. The solution emerges with time. It's a very close relationship with the issue at hand :) And the issue is ever changing, which keep you focused.
    • Are you systematic or methodical with awareness aspects ?
    • I suspect methodical, the process is always the same, the problem is what changes each time. I view the process as... you start with the universe and end with a door handle.
    • The door handle meaning the concrete result
    • Yes, an end, you select some last thing.

    2010.01.14 01:00 - Rocks and Stones

    • I am reminded of the Zen story of the the Zen master who had no students, so he gave his talks to the rocks and stones. And it is said that the rocks and stones listened very attentively.....

    2010.01.14 07:00 - Taking and Giving

    • It is a very powerful practice that can produce sometime seemingly miraculous results when one has the confidence to submerge oneself in it. The problem with Tonglen, when people start, is often that one does not feel able to take on so much suffering from others. But when one understands how it works, one doesn't feel one ever wants to stop!
    • You mean, because as we take others sufferings, we are burning up our self-cherishing?
    • Yes but we are also increasing our merit which immediately compensates for any extra karma we are taking on. So if we are taught properly, there is no need to be swamped.
    • The fear is still there for me Storm, of being swamped... :-)
    • I know. Therefore we start small. We can set limits. We can start with our own future suffering. We can move to that of a friend, within certain limits... Gradually we gain confidence and widen the limits.

    2010.01.14 13:00 - sparkle Sparkle on iPod

    • NOW Your Soul (coming from Spirit) has identified with Ego, and quite likely your Ego will win during this incarnation. Astrology/Spirituality/psychology can turn this around by helping your to various Awakenings. Like Neo, like Frodo, like Avatar, you can challenge your Ego's control. Learn in simple Basics-2 how-to Guide yourself throught Maize, aiding your Path. Now what is THAT all about?
    • Woot, sounds like they want to sell you something.

    2010.01.15 01:00 - Geek-hood

    • What are some defining characteristics of geek-hood?
    • Glasses :P
    • Infinite curiosity
    • A kind of do-it-yourself attitude. Geeks are also very self-referential :)
    • We hate to do dull and repetitive work if we can see no point in it.
    • Got better things to do, we think.
    • But will be happy to sit for two hours doing the same thing over and over in order to understand something.
    • Yes, not dull and repetitive to *us* Capable of obsessive behavior
    • mmhmm, learning is good, and what you do to learn is treated as good.
    • Will never stop learning. Caffeine is the drug of choice.
    • We are curious about *everything*, we will read *anything*
    • Another characteristic: squeamish
    • Possible hypochondriasis and knows words like that.
    • *collects* words like that

    2010.01.15 07:00 - Whole Envy

    • As a word "Envy" is a strange cross-over word.  I don't think of it as strong as Jealous, etc.  Yet it is not quite a joyous "happy for you" feeling.

    2010.01.15 13:00 - retreat soon

    • I find it a bit tiring if I come too often
    • /me nods.People do "burn-out" here, Zen, so a certain amount of caution and self-observation is advised.

    • David Hockney said "all my good painting started from me wanting to play with colours for a while"

    • It was Eden who revived my interest in Twitter. She writes haiku on it.
    • ah ... i think it is a fascinating phenomenon but as with anything else ... one needs time
    • 'Had we but world enough and time"
    • /me smiles
    • You know it?
    • No but it brings to mind a chat i had on SL yesterday about how we seem to make time our master and what is time and is it just as kant said part of the way we see the world ... etc

    2010.01.15 19:00 - Metta

    • 90 second pause is coming up, do you have anything you want to try together?
    • Would you have a suggestion?
    • mm ... I was just going to practice metta if no particular suggestion :)
    • I think that's perfect :)
    • metta sounds fine
    • :)
    • You know this will probably be the first time since this morning that I can just 'be' for 90 sec
    • wow, enjoy it!
    • :)


    • :)
    • =^=
    • I didn't want to stop...
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