E. Month of February

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    The exhibition called "Sacred Art in a Virtual World" opened on February 6 in the Hall of Appearance. (see http://sacredartexhibition.wordpress.com/) The project was curated by Adams Dubrovna. He was assisted by Gaya and Scathach (Buddhism), and Hana (Islam) from the PaB guardian group as well as by Storm and Genesis who greased the wheels so to speak.

    At the end of February, Kira and its precocious child, Play as Being, were busy centers of activity indeed.

    February 24 was the twelth anniversary of Kira, PaB's umbrella organization. There was a grand celebration at the Science Park with a full day of lectures and booths. Play as Being had a booth and held a two hour session during the open house. Booths of other activities related to PaB included the Dream Workshop, Ways of Knowing, the Time Workshop, the Philosophy Workshop and the exhibition.

    During this period, Play as Being had another challenge with a regular visitor who perplexed us, and probably himself. He seemed serious about engaging but could not stop himself from picking arguments thus becoming a distraction. He was not able to get the hang of the nine second stopping nor the respect which the group has shown for all traditions. Eventually the visitor decided he would look for a group that better fit his more doctrine-centered approach and the group moved on.


    The scribes for February were Caledonia Heron, Solobill Laville, Storm Nordwind, Lia Rikugun, Wester Kiranov, Adams Rubble, Maxine Walden, Fefonz Quan, Corvuscorva Nightfire and Wol Euler

    New Guardians:

    Lia Rikugun and Myna Maven became guardians in February. At the end of the month there were 45 guardians.

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