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    The twelth month of PaB began on a Sunday with Pema talking guessed it...Being!!! (March 1 07:00):

    Pema Pera: from the point of view of Being (which is no point :) there are neither self nor other as real entities, Being is "doing" everything in a non-doing way
    Pema Pera: but this gets very hard to talk about
    Pema Pera: the more we learn not-doing, the more it becomes clear, in practice

    Piet and Stim had another dialog on APAPB on March 2 07:00 and again the following weeks.

    Stim Morane: So getting back to the "very particular" thing that I personally would emphasize as "the presence of appearance", it would refer to the arising of all things as being within the "unborn"... as actually pointing to the unborn!
    Stim Morane: By "unborn", I mean something that can't be directly "said" but that is central to a spiritual concern, and that is timeless, and the suchness of all time.

    Fefonz and Pema had their first dialog about Being and the YSBS and ESBS exercises begun last July and August on <March 5.

    On March 17 13:00 Wol and Pema did a second role reversal where Wol was Pema and Pema was Wol

    Longer Stops:

    In response to a suggestion from Tarmel, Pema initiated a ninety second stop into the sessions. It would be a 10% tax instead of a 1% tax. Storm scripted a timed announcement, a change of the fountain to be misty, and then another announcement at the end of the 90 seconds.

    Week Before Anniversary

    During the seven days preceding April 1, Pema attending all four sessions a day. These sessions became something special. Pema summed up part of his experience in an email:

    Over the last seven days, I've attended all PaB sessions, 26 so far, and 2 more to go.  I knew there were many, but I realize now, you have to experience it in order to really let it sink in how many meetings we have, and how vigorous they all are!  There may be no other Second Life activity that is as regular and frequent as ours, for all I know.


    The scribes for March were Caledonia Heron, Solobill Laville, Storm Nordwind, Genesis Zhangsun, Wester Kiranov, Adams Rubble, Maxine Walden, Fefonz Quan, Corvuscorva Nightfire and Wol Euler

    New Guardians:

    Arabella Ella, Arisia Vita, Chiaiu Chiung, Eliza Madrigal, Mickorod Renard, Qt Core, Reverielarke Wirtanen, Shilv Tigerauge, Sophia Placebo, and SophiaSharon Larnia became guardians in March. Bertrum Quan  and Trevor Berensohn returned to the group. There were 58 guardians by the end of March.

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