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    Focus on Appreciation as a Gateway to Seeing:

     On May 15, Piet sent an email to the entire group in which he laid out a new focus in preparation for the retreat in August:

    In preparation for our first PaB retreat, I will start to engage in appreciation, during every 9-sec pause, four times an hour. Each time I will do so by holding in mind the simple sentence: "appreciate the presence of appearance."

    Since we are 100 days away from our retreat, I will start tomorrow, May 16, which is day 1, while August 23 will be day 100.

    Those of you who would like to join me in a sustained and continuous focus on appreciation and what that can mean on deeper and deeper levels, please feel free to do so, independently of whether you will join us in our RL retreat, August 24-28.

    Theme Sessions:

    The Phenomenology Workshop briefly appeared as a theme session in May before it was decided to take a break for the time being.

    New Guardians:

    Paradise Tennant and Travieso Sella became guardians in May. Hana Hendrassen left the group. The total number of guardians at the end of May was 62.


    Caledonia Heron, Eliza Madrigal, Gaya Ethaniel, Arisia Vita, Maxine Walden, Corvuscorva Nightfire

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