A. September 2009

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    September brings a change of schedules. This month also brought a good deal of discussion about the retreat. Those who remained noticed see a change in the returning guardians. They were eager tot alk of their deep personal experiences.

    Land Reform

    The month led off with an announcemt from Pema that he could no longer support all the land spread out over Until July Kira land was spread out over 17 sims but had been retrenched then to 7 sims. The July entrenchment was mostly enpty land but the September changes included guardian plots, the teahouse, where PaB started, the second pavilion and the Hall of Appearance where the guardian meetings had been held and site of the exhibition "Sacred Art in a Virtual World". A Zen Retreat group took over the teahouse and zen reatreat land. Doug took over the old PaB pavilion. The guardians moved to Bieup where 47 new plots were laid out. The rest of Kira facilities were in BaiKun. A goup of guardians got together under the leadership of Wol, Gaya and Fael and formed a group to save land in those two sims.

    The new concentration of guardian plots was called "Retreat Village". Pema wrote:

    Instead of the previous layout, with solitary guardian huts scattered in the woods and along the beach, we are now thinking of building a retreat village, with room for individual huts, as well as possibly some larger communal buildings and areas.  This village will provide room for individual guardians, and will also give us the opportunity to organize shorter and longer SL PaB retreats, of the type that Adams and others already did last week, in parallel with the RL PaB retreat.

    Storm quickly set up 47 plots in the Retreat Village in Bieup; 24 of them were taken within a couple of weeks. A new meeting house with seating for 78 possible guardians was created by Storm on the north end of the retreat village. The PaB pavilion remained at the southwest corner of Bieup and the new museum was planned in the southeast.

    Dialogs Between Piet and Stim

    Stim and Piet picked up their dialogues again in late August, and met regularly on workday's for a bit.  The logs can be seen at: http://playasbeing.wik.is/index.php?title=PaB_Books/Roots%2C_Not_Fruits:_Reflections_on_Play_as_Being


    Meanwhile Arabella was planning for a January retreat in Malta, January 25-29, 2010 (5 days including arriving/departing, so 4 nites,  or 3 full days). 

    Time Workshop and TSK

    The Kira Time workshop began to study the Time, Space, Knowledge book, by Tarthang Tulku, on Wednesday, September 30.  The plan was to work their way through the book a dozen pages at a time, to finish in half a year, by
    late March 2010. 

    September Guardians

    Pema went down the list of guardians and contacted those who had not been attending sessions. The folowing guardians chose to leave the group: Aurel Miles, Aurora Kitaj, Chiaiu Chiung, Myoko Fhang, Rajah Yalin, Shilv Tigerauge, Sonic Moonites, Travieso Sella, and Vertigo Ethaniel. At the end of the month there were 61 guardians.

    September Scribes

    The scribes for August were Eliza Madrigal, Mickorod Renard, Gaya Ethaniel, Arisia Vita, SophiaSharon Larnia, Corvuscorva Nightfire, and Eos Amaterasu.


    -Adams Rubble

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