Chapter 17: Winter 2010

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    January 2010! Play as Being sees a new number at the end of the date, and a new chronicler. This is a continuation of the story of Play As Being... and there are many voices that I hear from the Play as Being group, both in and out of the logs. I am one of many participants… 

    A. January 2010

    B. Sophia Placebo

    C. February 2010

              Resonating Malta Voices



    June 17, 2010

    Dear Guardians,

    Your faithful Play as Being attendee, your chat log poster, your scriber and your wanna-be mystic, now Play as Being Chronicler here.

    I may not be punctual posting my chronicle for the month. I may prefer to gypsy around an ever-changing and mysterious world  - than sit down to write about it.

    But I’m listening. I’m thinking about what you said. I’m trying it on and walking around with it for a while, and letting it come to life in that place far away.
    My chronicles are an outline. A good friend helped me realize the other day that I make things much more complicated than they need to be.  If once in a while I start to get excited and am inspired to write more,  please know that I’m swimming in these waters just as you are, and I’m learning to find the way.

    I’m writing this letter to you long after the date that is listed on this page in the wiki. My world has turned upside down since I agreed to be the chronicler for Play as Being.

    I almost changed my mind.

    But I’m here now. You’ve changed me in ways I didn’t realize until recently, and I’m honored and grateful to do anything I can.




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