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    February 14th 2010


    At the Saturday 7SLT session I attended this morning from New Delhi through Sparkle, Pema asked me a very interesting question.

    I have been pondering his question all morning as I was packing (again!) for the next leg of my journey which will take me South for a conference and lecturing in a few Indian universities.

     Pema's question was this: did I notice something unexpected?

     The answer was obvious: no fear. Gone is my fear of India (which has been devouring on my last trip here by myself 4 years ago). Anger is still there though: just got a "phone call" on my Indian cell phone: unasked for cricket scores...

    So no fear (I know the ropes and remain cool even when lost in the fog, literaly and otherwise), quite a lot of anger (at rupees-oriented  obsequiosity mainly) and, yes, LOVE. That is the unexpected. Indian people are so unbelievely kind and loving. I knew that but now I SEE it everywhere, in little gestures. Greed would obscure it from time to time, which is a good opportunity for compassion. But yes, Indian people love each other in a way I never saw before reading "Shantaram". It struck a chord when I read the book, I knew he was right. But I had been so deep in fear and anger, that I was not able to see that before Gregory David Roberts made me see it through his own loving eyes.


    Indian people are so brave, going through their lives even though for so many of them there is no clean air, no clean water, no clean cities and incredible unending traffic jams for everyone. It is almost a miracle anything gets done over here, through all this amazing web of intricacies and difficulties. As I was walking to the Internet cafe, I saw this electrician throwing an electrical wire high across the street, where it landed on a bundle of electrical wires. I'm sure his little bricolage will last...for a while! And yet, they have Wifi access even in some small hotels of Pahar Ganj!



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