The Spirit of Intentionality

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    For those friends who I have had the pleasure of spending some time with during PaB sessions over the last half year, you may recall some of the topics that I have brought up during meetings: attachment, time, no-thought, faith, and more lately intent.

    These are questions I've asked myself (have you?):  What do I expect out of PaB?  How honest am I with myself with my efforts?  Why am I doing this?  What can I learn?  What can I offer?  What are other people's goals? 

    Well, all I know is what I know (and I certainly don't know what I don't.)  But the basic premise of PaB is to still, drop, and perceive.  This is in accord with myriad traditions.  But it is precipitated, even defined by, practical effort.



    I had written in a note previously that "there is a spirit of intentionality with PaB to nurture exploration, experience, and growth; I've been privy to some amazing examples of that."  This was me treading lightly.  Yes, there is support and camaraderie; a collegial atmosphere of respect.  That is good and so necessary, especially in a feedback-scarce environment such as SL. 

    But, underpinning that atmosphere, there are sober models for achieving that type of experience and growth.  PaB offers one.  With sincere effort - intentionality - of resolutely looking deeper and deeper, with the greater clarity that comes from practice, with the conviction of our ability to perceive here and now "our ultimate nature" - "Being" - or "(substitute your word here)", focused and naturally proto-reactive as a Samurai in life-or-death swordplay, we can indeed Perceive.

    This is experiential perception, achieved through practicing the act letting go of the hard habit of un-perceiving.  The more it is attacked intellectually, the more it is hidden; like the mouse hiding under the cupboards in the corner when the kitchen light is on.

    In being in wonder of Being, I can see the desperate struggle for life, the beauty of a mushroom on a dead tree, the suffering that is the currency of our privilege to spin on the surface of this blue planet, and within all is somehow an inexplicable sublime yet mundane Greatness.  This is IS.  Or perhaps, Just, or more precisely, Yes.




    We can perceive this miraculous oneness as our mind-body raindrop plops into to the ocean of Being, if we nurture this Spirit of Intentionality for ourselves, and each other.

    So, yes, there is a Spirit of Intentionality with PaB (but perhaps this essay is something of a call to arms...)

    What do YOU expect out of PaB?  Why are YOU doing this?  What can YOU learn?  What can YOU offer?  What is YOUR intentionality to still, drop, and perceive?

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    Originally written on 00:43, 16 Nov 2008
    Thank you so much, Solobill, for your gentle and thoughtful call to arms. Yes, to still, drop, and perceive are key points for PaB. I have sometimes called them stop, drop, and see; terms I picked up from Stim over the years. I had to laugh about your mouse image! Indeed, trying to argue does not help us to see. It's exactly the other way around: once we see something, we can talk about it, and talking can help us to share, and sharing can help us to inspire each other, and that in turn can help us to see more. This seeing-sharing circle is what keeps PaB moving. Thank you for sharing with us your spirit of intentionality!
    Posted 16:00, 9 Apr 2010
    Originally written on 04:56, 22 Nov 2008
    Solo: What do YOU expect out of PaB? Why are YOU doing this? What can YOU learn? What can YOU offer? What is YOUR intentionality to still, drop, and perceive?

    Gaya: mm... I don't know... btw love the pictures and me thinks you're a writer ^_^
    Posted 16:00, 9 Apr 2010
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