How To: Add a year or month

    Adding a new month

    1. Open the page for the year that is missing a month.
    2. Click "New page" button.
    3. type in the month's number for page title. Remember the leading zero for months 1-9.
    4. Select the "Please enrich" text and remove it.
    5. Make sure cursor is positioned where the first paragraph should go.
    6. Click the second from right on top row button from the editor.
    7. Choose "Year and month pages" from the list and click "Insert Template"
    8. You're done, click Save.

    Adding a new year

    1. Open the "Chat Logs" page.
    2. Click "New page" button.
    3. Type in the full year as title. for example, year 2009 would have just "2009" as title.
    4. Follow steps 4-8 from "Adding a new month" steplist.
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