2009.10.20 07:00 - PaB Working Group meeting

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    Piet/Pema proposed the following agenda:

    1) New Scribe Initiatives

       Following up on last Sunday morning's plenary discussions, shall we
       send out Pema's draft to the whole group?

    2) Guardian Candidate Selection

       Following our internal discussion, shall we send out Eliza's draft
       to the whole group?

    3) New Guardian Candidates

       Discuss a couple new candidates

    4) When to Delete Parts of a Chat Log

       Discuss recent instances

    5) Retreat policy

       Mark and Saki and Piet discussed retreat policy on the phone,
       and proposed to keep retreat admission very simple: only PaB
       guardians are admitted to retreats, no matter how long or short
       they have been guardians.  At the same time, we will not rush
       to offer anyone guardianship just because they want to attend
       the next retreat.

    6) Coordination Responsibilities

       On page   http://playasbeing.wik.is/PaB_Working_Group  we
       have started to list our individual areas of responsibility;
       Saki wrote the first draft, I made a pass over it, but we
       probabibly want to rephrase things a bit more:

       Eliza Madrigal: Guardians-on-Call/Scribes/Chronicles Operations Coordinator
       Eos Amaterasu: RL/SL Retreat Coordinator
       Genesis Zhangsun: PaB Books Project Coordinator/Editor
       Maxine Walden: Kira Workshops Coordinator/Kira Team Liason
       Pema Pera: Theme Sessions Coordinator
       Storm Nordwind: Platform Development Coordinator

    7) Chat Log Chasing.

       Stephanie and I have had some exchanges about chat log chasing,
       and how to orchestrate that with Scathach, who has done the brunt
       of that work for several months now.  We can be brief about this,
       but it would be good to discuss this in the group, for general
       policy, and then Stephanie and Piet can work out the details

    8) Unrecorded Guardian Meetings

       Pila suggested introducing unrecorded guardian meetings;
       there are clearly many options, as has been mentioned at
       several occasions, such as:
       -- SL retreat sessions of several-hours or even longer
       -- spontaneous groups of guardians setting up their own meetings
       -- organizing specific officially non-recorded guardian meetings
       and in addition we can also suggest setting up a mentor system,
       to give guardians the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

    9) PaB Village

       Are there any suggestions for new events and/or structures in the
       PaB Village, perhaps in relation to retreats (see also (2) above)

    10) RL Retreats in 2010

       We have four retreats proposed for 2010, in Malta, California,
       Hawaii or Nova Scotia, and Germany, in that order.  Are we happy
       with those four, or do we want to suggest possible alternatives?
       And which place to pick for the summer?

    11) Mentor System for New Guardians and New Guardian Roles

       The idea has been put forward to instate a mentor system for new
       guardians, in two versions: one for those who become a general PaB
       guardian for the first time, and one for guardians who take on a
       weekly session for the first time.

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